​Red Hat buys hybrid-cloud, data-storage association NooBaa

With Red Hat, IBM to turn a heading hybrid cloud provider
This understanding is a biggest Linux and open-source merger ever.

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From Linux to Cloud, because Red Hat matters for each enterprise

From Linux to Cloud, because Red Hat matters for each enterprise

Today, Red Hat dominates craving Linux. Tomorrow, it wants to order a cloud. Don’t gamble opposite it.

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After IBM acquired Red Hat, we suggested IBM paid $34 billion for a Linux energy so it could turn a hybrid-cloud power. With a news that Red Hat will acquire NooBaa, a hybrid-cloud, data-storage company, it’s turn clearer than ever that a IBM-Red Hat understanding is all about a hybrid cloud.

NooBaa is a software-defined storage company. Its primary module of a same name is open-source software, that puts a practical covering over private and open clouds storage resources.

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It’s done adult of 3 components: First, there’s an entrance node, that handles a information chunking, deduplication, application and encryption between storage resources; next, there’s a storage daemon, that presents server storage as storage nodes; and finally, there’s a practical appurtenance (VM) formed core for information placement, self-healing, and monitoring. The Access nodes and storage daemons make adult a information plane, while a core provides a control plane.

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So, what does all meant for customers? It’s multi-cloud storage management, that enables allows we to manage, deploy, and quit information storage opposite private and vital open clouds. This includes Alibaba, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

It’s easy to see because Red Hat values this. It gives their business a approach to conduct storage but sweating a sum opposite mixed platforms.

As Ranga Rangachari, Red Hat’s clamp boss of Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure, pronounced in a statement:

“Data portability is a pivotal needed for organizations building and deploying cloud-native applications opposite private and mixed clouds. NooBaa’s technologies will enlarge a portfolio and strengthen a ability to accommodate a needs of developers in today’s hybrid and multicloud world. We are anxious to acquire a technical group of 9 to a Red Hat family as we work together to serve indurate Red Hat as a heading provider of open hybrid-cloud technologies.”

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