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Cloudflare done headlines by introducing a new, quick Domain Name System (DNS) resolver, that boasted softened confidence and faster greeting times. But, is Cloudflare’s unequivocally faster than OpenDNS, Quad9, Google Public DNS, and a other open DNS services? Let’s look.

When it comes to speed, a lot depends on how tighten we are to a given DNS resolver. If you’re only down a highway from a datacenter hosting Norton DNS, it will be a fastest DNS resolver. Your brother, who lives in Australia will have wholly opposite results.

To find out that one is unequivocally a fastest for you, we contingency check them yourself. To exam DNS resolvers, we need a Unix-based BIND puncture command. If we can’t run dig, we can use a Geektools Dig webpage.

From a Unix/Linux shell, you’ll wish to run puncture with a following syntax: puncture @IP residence of DNS router test.site.com. So, to see how quick Google Public DNS responds to a DNS ask for zdnet.com’s IP address, you’d run:

dig @ zdnet.com

That’s it. What we caring about in a formula is a line giving we a “Query time”. This measures, in milliseconds, how prolonged it takes for a DNS resolver to give we a answer. The reduce this number, a better.

If you’re regulating Linux, there’s a new bombard program, dnsperftest, that can fast give we formula for a dozen of a many renouned DNS resolvers.

In my case, from Asheville, NC, a fastest DNS server was Cloudflare, with an normal time of 18.9 milliseconds (ms) over my 100Mbps wire internet connection. Cloudflare was followed by Level3, a corporate DNS provider, that supports Verizon’s DNS services, during 20.5ms; and Google Public DNS, 23.1ms. At a bottom, we found AdGuard, 110.8ms; UltraDNS, 154.4ms; and Yandex, 164ms. As we can see, while we might not be means to tell a disproportion between a best, we can positively tell a disproportion between a tip and bottom DNS providers.

Nykolas Z, who frequently writes about DNS, recently benchmarked some of a many renouned DNS resolvers from sites around a world. He found “Cloudflare was a fastest DNS for 72 percent of all a locations. It had an extraordinary low normal of 4.98ms opposite a globe.”

Google Public DNS and Quad9 took second and third place. However, “Quad9 was faster than Google in North America and Europe, though underperformed in Asia/South America.” The Russian-based Yandex consistently achieved a poorest.

So, that is a best for you? Well, clearly we should check out Cloudflare, though to unequivocally know what’s what for your home or company, we contingency do your possess testing.

Me? After years of regulating should OpenDNS and Google Cloud DNS, I’m regulating Cloudflare now.

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