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451 Research confidence analysts will be during a RSA Conference USA 2018 in San Francisco from Apr 16-20, 2018. Our new Voice of a Enterprise investigate shows continued expansion in confidence spending, second usually to investment in a cloud. Join a 451 Research researcher group during a contention as they plead how both these trends and some-more will have a thespian impact on confidence in a future.

Fernando Montenegro, Senior Industry Analyst during 451 Research, will be presenting dual sessions:

  • Economics of Security – Incentives, Behaviors and More

Wednesday, Apr 18, from 7:00-7:45am PDT – this event will residence a daily obstacles that information confidence professionals face and what collection to use to solve them.

  • Endpoint Security: A Marketplace of Silver Bullets

Thursday, Apr 19, from 3:00-3:45pm PDT – in this session, Fernando will plead a expansion of endpoint confidence and what such offerings should require. He will cover stream trends including record and threats, as good as businessman groupings, formed on 451 Research’s latest Market Trends.

At RSA Conference, 451 Research will horde a breakfast for clients on Wednesday morning during a Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, where a confidence analysts will plead where a confidence marketplace is today, a dilemmas confronting investors and specific views of a destiny of security. Doors will open during 7:30am PDT and a row contention will start during 8:30am PDT. Contact [email protected] for some-more information.

The RSA Conference will cover a confidence courtesy as it pertains to concentration security, cloud security, cryptography, hacking, ransomware, DevOps, governance, confidence plan and new technologies.

451 Research analysts will also be vocalization during AGC Partners’ West Coast Information Security Conference, Apr 16-17, 2018, during a Hilton Union Square in San Francisco:

  • Scott Crawford, Research Director during 451 Research, will lead a row of courtesy executives from vital cloud properties to innovative startups on Monday, Apr 16 during 8:15am PDT, deliberating intrusion in a confidence market: how to commend it, how to constraint a market’s attention, and how to gain on it.
  • Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst during 451 Research, will be moderating a “What’s a Deal with Web Security?” event on Monday, Apr 16 during 4:15pm PDT. The row will cover a stream state of web confidence and how to strengthen privacy.

For some-more information on these conferences, revisit a RSA Conference page and a AGC Partners’ page. To report a briefing, hit [email protected]

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