6th Annual Kurogo Mobile Conference Celebrates Higher Ed’s Digital…

We’re vehement to horde a 6th annual Kurogo Conference, reflecting Roosevelt University’s care in modernizing aloft education.

The Kurogo Conference, a premier discussion for mobile record in aloft ed, will be hosted by Roosevelt University and Modo Labs, a heading mobile focus height in aloft ed, in downtown Chicago Jun 11-13. The discussion will prominence mobile creation during college campuses opposite a world, featuring speakers from Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), University of California, Berkeley, University of Central Florida, and Portland State University, among many others.

Now in a 6th year, a discussion is an event for aloft ed professionals and record experts to share perspectives on how they are reaching different tyro bodies with mobile. The 3-day bulletin opens with a keynote by Phil Komarny, VP of Innovation during Salesforce, and Phil Long, Senior Scholar during Georgetown University and Founder of RHz Consulting, on a destiny of aloft ed technology, including blockchain, AI and blended environments. Over a march of a conference, attendees will learn about accessibility as a technological priority, delivering resources to at-risk students, and collection that boost grade march and execution rates.

With attendees from over 100 institutions and 25+ sessions, a Kurogo Conference is a largest mobile aloft preparation discussion of a year. Stewart Elliot, CEO of Modo Labs, said: “The Kurogo Conference brings together a people who are heading digital creation to support tyro success and advancement. Higher ed institutions partner with Modo Labs, a horde of Kurogo, since they know we are experts in digital and mobile engagement, and commend a value of a height that meets a high expectations of a subsequent era student. This year, we’re gratified to partner with Roosevelt University to showcase how mobile creation can renovate a tyro knowledge and move together communities opposite campus to promote tyro success.”

Neeraj Kumar, Chief Information Officer during Roosevelt University, said: “We’re vehement to horde a 6th annual Kurogo Conference, reflecting Roosevelt University’s care in modernizing aloft education. The infancy of Roosevelt University is enclosed in a complicated 33 story skyscraper. As a usually straight campus in a U.S., Roosevelt is unapproachable to offer students cutting-edge technologies that allege and support their success opposite a whole college journey. The digital mutation of a tyro resources reflects a mutation of a earthy campus and of downtown Chicago.”

Roosevelt University and many other institutions in assemblage have deployed Modo’s height to emanate mobile campus apps that yield a centralized heart of information for students, communicating need-to-know sum on march enrollment, fee and more. Throughout a conference, institutions like Indiana State University and Harvard University will denote how they support tyro success as a village and showcase how mobile’s forlorn ability to personalize communications has enabled them to strech and rivet with students where normal communication methods are failing.

The discussion is sponsored by Mist Systems, Amazon Web Services, GreyHeller, and Density, and will underline an interactive scavenger hunt in partnership with Badgr by Concentric Sky.

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