A Boy and His Kite – Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Detailed

The Unreal Engine 4 demo was initial showcased during a GDC event, during a exhibit of a Geforce GTX Titan X from Nvidia. It was using on as singular Titan X GPU, and it demonstrated a ability of Unreal Engine 4 to describe large open universe environments.

Titan X

Today Epics has suggested a pivotal tech facilities that are implemented in a demo. “A Boy and His Kite” facilities physically-based rendering, 100 block miles of terrain, ray-tranced stretch margin soothing shadows, full stage HDR reflections, high peculiarity suit fuzz and DOF, as good as stretch margin ambient occlusion.  Other facilities embody 15 million pieces of leaflet and a two-sided leaflet shadowy model. Additionally it features  photometric sampling of genuine universe information and energetic tellurian enlightenment from heightfields.

Temporal anti-aliasing was also employed as good as procedural item placement, subsurface pinch and 500 sculpted blendshapes. Epic Games has done an updated chronicle of a demo accessible that can be noticed below.



The Kite open universe demo combined in Unreal Engine 4 facilities a different and beautifully satisfied 100 block mile landscape. Everything is generated totally in real-time during 30fps and includes entirely energetic approach and surreptitious illumination, cinematic abyss of margin and suit blur, and procedurally placed trees and foliage. Get Unreal and get going for giveaway during www.unrealengine.com.


We will move we any new information on Unreal Engine 4 projects as shortly as it becomes available.


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