A New Partnership Between GradeHub and Canvas Unlocks Testing Data…

GradeHub is designed to assistance contrast centers and IT teams yield a complicated examination scanning use that is welcomed by instructors and students,

Educators have a smarter proceed to class scantrons with a low formation between GradeHub, a cloud-based grading complement to class paper answer sheets, and Canvas by Instructure, a training government complement used (and loved) by millions of ardent students and educators. GradeHub and Canvas are partial of a flourishing trend of educational record companies assisting preparation change from sealed hardware and program applications to open cloud services where information can be used to urge enlightening efficacy and learning.

The partnership between GradeHub and Canvas streamlines examination scoring and strengthens information confidence for colleges and universities regulating paper answer sheets to class multiple-choice exams.

GradeHub creates, scores, and analyzes answer sheets firmly on a cloud-based “hub.” And, contrast centers save time, and teachers get judicious reports to surprise instruction. All contrast centers or instructors need to use GradeHub is a unchanging scanner and web browser. That means instructors can class exams and perspective reports from anywhere, during any time, on any device that has internet access.

“GradeHub helps move grading and opening research processes into a twenty-first century,” pronounced Melissa Loble, clamp boss of partnerships and height during Canvas. “This formation brings much-needed programmed grading capabilities to Canvas for a business who use contrast centers and paper scoring sheets.”

Seamlessly integrated, GradeHub allows instructors to create, print, grade, and investigate multiple-choice tests taken on GradeHub–Answer Sheets all within Canvas. Classes, rosters, exams, and grades are all automatically synchronized to discharge errors, save time, streamline administration, urge security, and foster timely feedback to instructors and students.

“GradeHub is designed to assistance contrast centers and IT teams yield a complicated examination scanning use that is welcomed by instructors and students,” settled Mark Espinola, Co-founder + CEO of GradeHub. “Our formation within a Canvas Ecosystem serve simplifies and improves a grading routine for students, instructors, contrast centers, and IT teams.”

To learn some-more about GradeHub for Canvas and knowledge a demo, revisit GradeHub’s blog and video and Canvas partner page.

About GradeHub

At GradeHub, we have come together to assistance educators with a smarter proceed to class scantrons. So, we’re building an easy apparatus for we to administer, score, and investigate exams regulating a modern, cloud-based approach. Our group has painstakingly focused on simplicity, convenience, and minimizing expertise intrusion all while radically modernizing a record to measure and investigate paper answer sheets facilely and securely. Learn some-more about GradeHub during gradehub.com.


Mark Espinola