A2 Web Hosting – Review 2020

There are many web hosts opposed for your dollar, so it takes a special use to mount out from a swarming margin and infer itself estimable of your money. Web horde A2Host does so interjection to a considerable packages, superb uptime, and smashing patron service. In fact, A2Host’s high-quality WordPress skeleton propel a web horde to a front of that WordPress hosting pack, notwithstanding some comparatively high prices and 0 Windows server options.

Shared Web Hosting

If we wish to launch a site though spending a lot of money, common hosting should be on your radar. Shared hosting places your site on a server with many other sites, so we share server resources and reduce your altogether hosting fee. It’s a plain form of inexpensive web hosting, though it isn’t utterly powerful. The categorical obstacle is that a other sites that share your server can slow—or even take down—your site, if they pile-up badly or get a vast trade spike.

A2Host offers 3 tiers of Linux-based common web hosting: Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Lite (starting during $7.99 per month) has total storage and monthly information transfers, though you’re singular to a singular domain and only 25 email addresses. Swift (starting during $9.99 per month) builds on Lite by charity total email addresses and domains. Turbo (starting during $18.99 per month) tops a other dual by adding preconfigured site caching for faster bucket times.

These are plain plans, though they’re a step behind what’s charity by HostGator ( during HostGator) . The Editors’ Choice for common web hosting services boasts total storage, monthly information transfers, and email addresses with any common hosting plan. If we wish to try common hosting, HostGator is a place to start.

VPS Web Hosting

As with a common hosting plans, A2 offers mixed Linux-based practical private server (VPS) packages. VPS hosting is like common hosting in that mixed sites exist on a same server. The difference? VPS hosting offers some-more resources per site. There are distant fewer sites on any server, and any is removed from a server mates.

A2’s Unmanaged VPS (starting during $5.00 per month), a tier designed for gifted web site admins who have their possess IT staff, has a scant, baseline 512MB of RAM, 2TB of monthly information transfers, and 20GB of storage. That said, if we go for a Elite tier, a RAM and storage totals boost to 1GB and 50GB, respectively. You aren’t sealed into those specs, however. A2 lets we spec out a Unmanaged offerings with adult to 9TB of monthly information transfers, 32GB of RAM, and 250GB of storage.

Managed VPS (starting during $49.99 per month) offers a bottom Power+ devise that boasts 4GB of RAM, 75GB of storage, 2TB of monthly information transfers. A2’s top-tier Pinnacle+ devise has 8GB of storage, 150GB of storage, and 4TB of monthly information transfers. The skeleton come with HostGuard Management service, so we don’t have to get your hands unwashed with under-the-hood happenings. Additionally, a Core VPS (starting during $49.99 per month) has a same specs as Managed VPS, though it grants base entrance for finish website control. These managed plans, that see A2 hoop a server care, don’t concede we to boost a RAM, storage, or monthly information send totals.

Hostwinds ($3.29/Month during HostWinds) tops those packages to sojourn a Editors’ Choice for VPS hosting. It has we lonesome with 10 tiers of VPS hosting in a Budget VPS, Premium VPS, Windows VPS, SSD Windows VPS, and SSD Linux VPS offerings.

For example, Tier 1 Premium VPS starts during only $13.50 per month (for 1GB of RAM, 50GB of hoop space, total monthly information transfers, and total email), while Tier 10 beam adult to $105 per month (for 15GB of RAM, 200GB of hoop space, total monthly information transfers, and total email). The SSD Linux devise starts during $13.50 per month (for 1GB of RAM, 25GB of hoop space, total monthly information transfers, and total email) and maxes out during $129 per month. For that, we get 18.5GB of RAM, 130GB of hoop space, total monthly information transfers, and total email.

One surprising VPS note: Hostwinds also has Minecraft (yes, as in a video game!) VPS server hosting. Like a customary VPS hosting, Minecraft hosting has a slider that lets we fast name a pre-configured server. The entry-level tier ($8 per month) is designed for a limit of 10 people; a high-end tier ($160 per month) can horde a limit of 350 people.

Hostwinds also offers a choice of Linux- or Windows-based hosting, that is something that A2’s VPS services lack. Hostwinds’ flexible, absolute VPS skeleton dwarf those of a rivals, creation it tops in a category.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated servers are a many absolute web hosting offerings around, as your website shares 0 server resources with other sites. If we design a vast volume of website traffic, we should open for dedicated hosting.

A2 has many Linux-powered dedicated server packages. The managed (starting during $169 per month), unmanaged (starting during $119 per month), and Core Flex (starting during $169 per month) servers all have during slightest dual CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, 10TB of monthly information transfers, and dual 500GB tough drives. They generally differ in their abilities to let we obtain base entrance and use HostGuard Management.

Those are appealing offerings, though a feature-packed AccuWeb is a Editors’ Choice for dedicated web hosting. AccuWeb gives we a choice of customizable or prefab Linux- or Windows-based dedicated servers, starting during $105 per month for 8GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, and 20TB of monthly information transfers. If we need some-more dedicated power, there’s also a $385 per month devise that comes with 16GB of RAM (customizable adult to 512GB), 250GB SSD, and 20TB of monthly information transfers.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is apropos increasingly common. It differs from normal hosting in that it spreads resources opposite mixed servers, since normal hosting pulls energy from a singular server. A2, like many other web hosts, offers mixed tiers of cloud hosting; unfortunately, they’re singular to only a Linux handling system.

A2’s $5.00 per month Entry devise comes with 512MB RAM, 20GB of storage, and 2TB of monthly information transfers. The company’s $10.00-per-month Mid devise ups a RAM and storage to 1GB of RAM and 30GB, respectively. The Elite devise ($15.00 per month) increases a storage to 50GB.

A2’s packages are good, though DreamHost (2.59 Per Month during DreamHost) is a co-Editors’ Choice for cloud hosting services. DreamHost’s Linux-or-Windows-based packages start during $4.50 per month (for 512MB of RAM, 100GB of storage, and total monthly information transfers) and tip out during $48 per month (8GB of RAM, 100GB of storage, and total monthly information transfers). If your website requires enterprise-class cloud hosting, 11 Ionos has we covered. The co-Editors’ Choice has a specs and prorated skeleton that vast businesses crave.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress. It’s a name synonymous with web hosting, and a use that powers scarcely 30 percent of a web. It’s easy to see why: WordPress is easy to use, and has a abounding WordPress thesis and WordPress plug-in ecosystem to let we tweak a calm government complement as we see fit.

If we wish to go a WordPress route, A2 has we covered. Its 3 Linux-based WordPress hosting plans—Lite, Swift, and Turbo—are matching to a company’s common web hosting skeleton (A2 also offers some-more costly managed skeleton that give your designation a white glove treatment). In fact, even a pricing is a same. The advantage of regulating A2’s WordPress hosting devise is that a optimized sourroundings enables faster page loading than a normal common hosting package (the association claims that it’s 6X faster than normal hosting).

A2’s WordPress boasts total storage and monthly information transfers during any tier. All that helps A2 disintegrate prior leader TMDHosting, that gifted critical uptime issues in a many new tests. A2 is a tip collect for WordPress hosting.

if you’re new to WordPress, take a few mins to get adult to speed with a square on how to get started with WordPress hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting

If you’re looking to get into a web hosting business, though don’t wish to understanding with infrastructure matters, check out A2’s reseller hosting packages. The plans, starting during $19.99 per month, exaggerate total email and adult to 200GB of storage and 2000GB of monthly information transfers. A2 offers a good brew of Linux-based servers, too, in a shared, dedicated, and VPS categories. In addition, A2 lets we request your possess branding to a servers we rent, and it reserve 24/7 tech support.

That said, A2’s reseller packages aren’t utterly as strong as Hostwinds’ offerings. The category’s Editors’ Choice leader has a accumulation of glorious packages that are certain to greatfully anyone meditative about removing into a reseller business.

E-commerce and Security

If we devise to sell products, A2 has we lonesome with countless e-commerce tools. You can use AbanteCart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, or another apparatus to erect an online store. All offer a one-click setup that lets we get started sincerely easily. Magento, a common and renouned e-commerce app, lets we simply drag and dump elements to emanate a store.

Naturally, you’ll need a Secure Socket Layer certificate to go along with that store. It encrypts a information between your emporium and customers’ browsers for protected online transactions. A2’s SSLs start during $49.95 per year for a one-year certificate and 256-bit encryption.

Excellent Uptime

Website uptime is a critical component of web hosting. If your site goes down, clients or business will be incompetent to find we or entrance your products or services. It’s in your best seductiveness to find a arguable web horde that can keep your site adult and running. Otherwise, business competence go elsewhere—and they competence never come back.

To weigh reliability, we use a website-monitoring apparatus to lane my exam site’s uptime over a two-week period. Every 15 minutes, a apparatus pings my website and sends me an email if it is incompetent to hit a site for during slightest 1 minute. The information exhibit that A2 was impossibly fast during my testing. In fact, it didn’t go down once! As I’ve schooled from my uptime tests, a website is customarily down for during slightest a few brief durations over a march of a month. Based on my testing, we can count on A2 to be a rock-solid substructure for your website.

Excellent Customer Service

If you’re ever in need of technical assistance, A2’s aptly named Guru Crew is accessible to lend a assisting hand. Available 24/7 around phone or live chat, a Guru Crew is one of a best patron support teams I’ve encountered in a web hosting space.

I contacted a group on a weekday morning to learn that skeleton offer Windows-based hosting (none do!) and how to implement WordPress. we waited only a few seconds before a Guru Crew member fielded my questions. A2’s patron use patrol ranks adult there with GoDaddy’s ($5.99/Month during GoDaddy) as a best in a business.

A2 offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee that grants we a full reinstate if we cancel your comment within a 30-day window. Sure, many web hosts offer that form of refund, though A2 one-ups them by charity a prorated reinstate if we motionless to container it adult after 30 days.

A Very Good Web Host

A2 has scarcely all you’d approaching from a peculiarity web host, including superb uptime and associating and accessible patron use representatives. The hosting packages are notable, too, generally a WordPress skeleton for that it is a new Editors’ Choice.

For some-more on removing started online, review a tips on how to emanate a website. You competence also wish to check out a story on how to register a domain name for your website.

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