aboutGOLF Announces aG Links 2019/2020 Membership Program

Responding to a changing attention with increasing approach for customization and flexibility, aboutGOLF, marketplace personality in golf simulator and opening technology, announces their 2020 aG Links Membership Program. aboutGOLF (aG) presented a aG Links module height for a Modern Golfer during a 2019 PGA Merchandise Show this past Jan in Orlando, Florida.

The association is releasing a 2020 Membership Program for a business now with incentives to join a module in 2019. “As we have seen among a tip record and party companies, like Hulu, Microsoft, and Apple, membership module models yield business a ability to expostulate their possess experience. We wish to move that same control to a golf industry, permitting a business to name from an array of membership options and customized add-on’s.” – Brett Campbell, CEO of aboutGOLF.

aboutGOLF is a module focused association dedicated to a formation of record and golf, a new membership module advantages business with faster module updates, creation cycles, new features, and a coherence to change membership levels.

This module has been designed to element both aG’s Business and Home offerings. The aG Links height and a aG Locker App (available for IOS and Android), commission golf fan by providing approach entrance to their information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With aG, a Modern Golfer, has a ability to urge their pitch and altogether accuracy, gaining entrance to disdainful courses with best-in-class record for unconstrained entertainment.

aboutGOLF’s low roots as a world’s series one all-time distributor of mechanism golf make-believe module and concentration on operative with businesses to urge income streams and ROI, are differentiators that set aboutGOLF detached in a golf simulator market.

aboutGOLF’s simulators are already renouned during many indoor golf centers, golf clubs, resorts, bar wise centers, restaurants, hotels, bars, universities, and private residences. With an upgraded aG Links solution, a normal simulator is towering to a subsequent turn permitting a complicated golfer to truly “be in a game” no matter a location.

“Exciting how distant we have come in a golf attention and saying firsthand a impact module has on advancing a sport. The aG Locker app allows entrance to use data, lessons, pitch videos, and more, from indoors to a course. This is good for those on a go essay for improvement, accuracy, and an interactive experience.” – Randall Henry, CGO of aboutGOLF.

Benefits of a 2020 membership module include:

Technical Resources and Updates: Different tier memberships concede clients to benefit a support turn best matched for their needs, a aG Links module height is also combined for easy ascent and new releases, identical to other module platforms a updates are finished directly in a platform.

Access to New Content: Along with a new aG Locker app, a membership program, on a aG Links platform, provides a engorgement of calm in a march library and connectors to module platforms including Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and more. aG simulators are some-more than golf, they are a full multimedia party system, with picture-in-picture capabilities. Watch movies, shows, bond to aptness apps, and more. Great for parties, corporate events, trade shows, conventions, golf clubs, and more. With aG Links business can watch a large diversion with picture-in-picture while personification their favorite march or diversion with a family.

The new aG Links height is invariably elaborating and provides unconstrained opportunities for people and business owners.

aboutGOLF is a Platform for a Modern Golfer. Providing unmatched record with unconstrained entertainment. aboutGOLF is moulding a destiny of indoor golf opening experience. Taking on hurdles presented by a new call of golf enthusiast. aboutGOLF is committed to investing in new innovations for even a many zealous golfers to benefit present entrance to a diversion they love, while delivering a opening and correctness indispensable to improve. aboutGOLF has warranted a pretension as a universe personality in golf simulator record after 20 years in a industry. aboutGOLF is ceaselessly operative to innovate, urge reach, and raise patron experience. aboutGOLF® is a purebred heading of aboutGOLF, Maumee, Ohio.

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