Acer Aspire Switch 11 Laptop Review

What is a Acer Aspire Switch 11?

The Aspire Switch 11 is an 11-inch Windows hybrid, a difficulty that blurs a lines between laptops and tablets. The inscription partial binds a shade and a lion’s share of components – it attaches to a keyboard bottom around a hinge, in this box magnetically. The Aspire 11, graphic many of a rivals, has taken a hinge pattern further, definition it can be positioned in 4 graphic modes.

From £330, it’s an affordable appurtenance ideal for budget-conscious students, or consumers in a marketplace for something versatile that can be used for infrequent web browsing and multimedia consumption. It’s not a many elegant, however, so isn’t a best choice if you’re strict about design.

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Acer Aspire Switch 11 – Design

The Acer Aspire Switch 11 isn’t pleasing as a laptop or as a tablet. It lies somewhere on a spectrum between ordinary-looking and ugly, though closer to a former. The pattern is uninspired during best. At rest, it’s a corpulent small grey box with thick edges and awkward curves. The brushed china finish on a behind side of a inscription component provides some service from a lifeless prevalence of plain grey plastic, though it frequency gets a beat racing.

When non-stop adult as a laptop, it looks somewhat better, roughly like a MacBook Air’s squat, many reduction attractive cousin. The whole section weighs 1.46kg, though it feels heavier than that when we lift it from a front of a base, as a heavier inscription shred creates it feel unbalanced.

This top-heavy build is many blatantly unprotected when we pull a shade behind as distant as a hinge allows – a whole appurtenance loses change and tips over backwards. This is an emanate that affects a lot of hybrid devices, even those that have a combined weight of a delegate battery within a keyboard dock, though it’s still value mentioning.

In full-on laptop mode, a appurtenance measures 298 x 205.4 x 25mm, while a inscription alone is 10.6mm thick and 760g. That compares agreeably with a Asus Transformer Book T200TA, that has a 12mm-thick inscription weighing over 750g, that stacks adult to 33mm and 1.54kg while trustworthy to a base. For reference, a much-lauded iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm thick and 437g.

While a Switch 11 is sincerely good proportioned for a large, bill inscription and gentle in a hand, it’s not light adequate to be reason for an extended duration of time, that is where a clever, Lenovo Yoga-esque hinge comes into play. Dubbed ‘Acer Snap Hinge’, it allows we to use a Switch in 4 apart modes, that Acer identifies as: Notebook (traditional laptop), Pad (keyboard folded prosaic behind for inscription use), Display (with a shade confronting divided from a keyboard) and Tent (an upturned V shape).

The initial dual need no explanation. Display mode is good for when we wish to use a Aspire 11 as a inscription though don’t wish to reason it, with a keyboard extending behind as a stout stand, while Tent mode is decent for a same reasons though generally when we don’t have many space to place a device on, like on a disorderly kitchen worktop. It’s easy to switch between a opposite modes, and a captivating hinge produces a satisfyingly loud, Surface-esque click when we reattach a inscription to a keyboard.

That’s a calming pointer and a section as a whole looks chunky, though sadly it doesn’t feel reassuringly audacious as a result. You can indeed flex a front partial of a cosmetic bottom if we put some bend douse into it, and a section we tested wasn’t wholly uniform from a outset. The front right-hand dilemma – on that you’d rest your right wrist – tailed adult slightly, definition that a bottom section wasn’t flat, and it rocked as shortly as any vigour was practical to that sold area.

The preference of ports on offer isn’t generally generous, or indeed wide-ranging. The inscription facilities a microSD slot, a Micro USB 2.0 port, a Micro HDMI outlay and a mains tie on a right side, while a left side binds a power, Windows and volume buttons, alongside a headphone jack. Between a hinge sockets on a bottom corner sits a advancing port. The bottom unit, meanwhile, packs a USB 2.0 pier and zero else, that is disappointing. An SD label container would be useful.

Acer Aspire Switch 11 – Screen and Sound

The Acer Aspire Switch 11 packs an 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 IPS display, stable by Gorilla Glass 3, that is standard for a hybrid during this finish of a market. It might not be a sharpest shade you’ll find, though it’s good and manageable and, deliberation a price, it’s a good display.

Image peculiarity is generally solid. Contrast is decent, with black levels in sold utterly good, though it struggles to uncover a pointed differences in colour in a brightest areas of pictures. Viewing angles aren’t terrific, though 3 people will absolutely be means to watch a film around it though picture peculiarity dropping off. Colours aren’t aren’t wholly accurate, though they are clear that creates this a good shade for examination films and TV on.

So far, so good, though this screen’s categorical debility is brightness. We feel like there should be during slightest a integrate of notches aloft than a brightest accessible setting, and you’d onslaught to use a Aspire Switch 11 outdoors. Acer claims that a ‘Zero Air Gap’ arrangement record eliminates reflections, though we’re not shopping that. Smooth, silken potion is reflective. It will work excellent indoors, though anywhere with splendid light will infer a challenge.

A span of front-facing speakers sits only underneath a screen, though they’re not quite considerable either. The sound they furnish lacks energy and is simply cleared out by credentials sound – in a case, a soaking appurtenance in a subsequent room.

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