Acer K750 Projector Review

What is a Acer K750?

The K750 could be a destiny of
projection. In one fell swoop it hopes to banish a lifespan problems
of normal UHP lamps, a responsibility and liughtness issues of LED
lamps, and a eyesight reserve concerns compared with laser-based
lighting. How? By formulating a DLP projector with a hybrid light system
that combines red and blue LEDs, with a blue laser reflected from a
phosphor ‘disc’ to furnish green.

Deflecting a laser off the
phosphor front reduces a power adequate to forestall it deleterious eyes
that competence incidentally demeanour down a lens, and requesting it to a green
colour component should also assistance boost a projector’s overall

It all sounds unequivocally clever. But does a K750 avoid a performance
issues we’ve formerly seen trustworthy to laser-based projection

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Acer K750

Acer K750 – Design and Features

K750 is severely attractive. It combines a high-gloss tip row with
an embossed china Acer trademark and grille-riddled matt grey edges, while
its dull corners give it soft, living-room-friendly finish. The K750
isn’t pitched exclusively as a home cinema projector, though; it’s
reckoned to be adult to information duties, too.

Given a K750’s
affordable price, it’s remarkably complicated and dynamically built, hinting at
some peculiarity inner componentry. Unless this is only a arrange of
weight and build peculiarity we get as customary with an effective hybrid
projection system.

Connections are a tiny on a rudimentary
side, comprising dual HDMIs, a 3mm audio in/out loop, a VGA input, an
S-Video submit (yes, these still exist), a combination video port, and an
RS-232 pier for complement integration.

We’re starting to pattern USB
sockets and even Wi-Fi on complicated information projectors these days, yet we
guess we could see a approach to forgiving their deficiency on a K750 if its
new-fangled projection complement delivers a pattern goods.

some-more beef on a skeleton of what a hybrid projection complement in a K750
unequivocally means in unsentimental terms, maybe a many eye-catching spec is a
claimed flare life of 20,000 hours. This is between 5 and a whopping
10 times as prolonged as we can pattern with normal projection lamps – and
you shouldn’t knowledge anywhere nearby a same rebate in picture
quality over that time as we get with UHP lamps, that can remove as much
as 50% of their liughtness after a year’s standard use.

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Acer K750

for a volume of liughtness on offer, Acer claims 1500 Lumens. This
isn’t indeed as high as a total claimed for some UHP-based budget
projectors, yet it is splendid by LED standards.

At initial peek we
were also wowed by a K750’s claimed contrariety ratio of 100,000:1. But
on thoughtfulness we think this figure will spin out to be some-more of a
reflection of a heated liughtness delivered by a laser partial of the
optics than a guarantee of shining black levels.

The K750 enjoys a
Full HD 1920 x 1080 local fortitude and sports a fulsome apartment of
picture-calibration aids that endorse that Acer’s projector has
(unusually) equal intensity as both a information and a home cinema projector.

other pivotal underline is Acer’s ColorBoost II technology, that combines an
“optimised” 6-segment RGBCYW colour circle with picture estimate and
light strategy to broach what’s claimed to be a some-more healthy colour
operation – generally for video sources – as good as an ultra-vivid look
to unequivocally colourful collection of a image.

There is one underline the
K750 doesn’t have, though: 3D playback. This is hapless given that
we still reason a spluttering fire for a good-quality 3D experience, but
we think 3D’s deficiency won’t be a understanding breaker for too many other
people these days.

Acer K750 – Setup

The K750 offers a
reasonable volume of visual wizz to assistance we get a picture in a right
place on your shade or wall, and all 4 of a tabletop legs can be
screwed down to opposite heights to assistance we get your angles right.

a bit disappointing, though, to learn that a K750 doesn’t carry
any visual true picture shift, definition that we might find it very
difficult to get a edges of your picture true yet regulating keystone
improvement – a record that radically distorts cinema to
achieve a ideal rectilinear shape.

Acer K750

It’s also critical to note that a K750’s lens is utterly a long-throw affair, and so won’t fit tiny rooms.

K750’s menus are a bit longwinded in their pattern and are fiddly to
navigate around a scarcely vast yet inconsistently manageable remote
control. They do, though, embody a good preference of set adult tools.
These embody a Movie preset as good as information options, a energetic contrast
mode, a black turn extender, a DLP Brilliant Colour complement for
enriched colour response, and a full apartment of colour government tools.

categorical setup recommendation would be that we start with a Movie preset but
increase a liughtness by dual or 3 notches to try and improve
shadow fact response. Leave off a Black Extension feature, change
the colour heat to CT1 from a rather yellowy CT2 default, and
run a projector on a Eco environment when examination a film to both suffer a
some-more natural, cinematic picture and revoke fan noise.

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