Acer XB270H Monitor Review

What is a Acer XB270H?

Nvidia has hyped adult a G-Sync record given a 2013 launch, yet this is a initial time we’ve had one of these screens on a test-bench. Acer’s XB270H doesn’t customarily have Nvidia’s latest tech in draw – it’s got a 144Hz modernise rate, too.

This might be a initial G-Sync shade we’ve reviewed, yet it already faces unbending competition. It’s outnumbered by gaming panels yet this technology, it’s pricier rivals, and foe from AMD is in a pipeline.

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Acer XB270H: Specs Design

Nvidia G-Sync creates elemental changes to a approach monitors and PCs promulgate to broach smoother gaming. Traditional screens are sealed to a certain modernise rate – traditionally 60Hz – that means they infrequently can’t scrupulously respond to a frames being constructed by a PC’s graphics card.

Nvidia’s hardware removes this organisation 60Hz limit, instead forcing a shade to run during a same support rate as a graphics card. The matched modernise and support rates meant ripping and stuttering is eliminated, as there are no delays or bottlenecks between a PC and a monitor.

This intelligent pattern creates gameplay smoother, and here it’s interconnected with a tip modernise rate of 144Hz. That means a shade is means to redraw frames during some-more than twice a rate of customary 60Hz panels – another underline designed to emanate fluid, well-spoken gameplay.

G-Sync explained

G-Sync in a genuine universe in delayed motion

This, then, is a initial 27in shade to muster a non-static modernise rate during adult to 144Hz, that is a recipe for some of a world’s slickest PC gameplay. There’s no denying a silky gameplay we celebrated during a exam games, yet a Acer’s pivotal offered points won’t always be obvious. Pro players and FPS gamers will conclude a softened performance, yet if we customarily play Football Manager or Civilization afterwards a additional facilities customarily aren’t necessary, as those titles are too delayed to unequivocally take advantage – and mainstream gamers of all stripes will still find customary screens ample.

There are hardware considerations with this kind of screen. Monitors with 144Hz modernise rates can support twice as many frames, that means graphics cards have to do twice as many work. The 1080p fortitude means any support consists of fewer pixels than panels with aloft resolutions, yet you’ll still need a high-end GPU in sequence to furnish well-spoken gameplay over 60Hz.

There are other intensity pitfalls. Understandably, G-Sync customarily works with Nvidia hardware, and G-Sync screens now work since of a dissimilar procedure inside a row – a pattern preference that increases cost and decreases a series of G-Sync products on a market. Nvidia is creation inroads in this department, with leaked drivers indicating that a record can work yet a additional module, yet it’s still in development.

AMD is throwing a tool into Nvidia’s works, too. Its FreeSync technology doesn’t need additional hardware, so it’ll entrance on a wider operation of screens, and it uses record that already exists within DisplayPort, so support could be patched into existent shade firmware. As with G-Sync, FreeSync will customarily work on certain graphics cards, privately some-more complicated AMD models.

Acer XB270H

The XB270H is done from a TN row with an LED backlight – a many common hardware among stream G-Sync screens. TN screens customarily have brief response times, that creates them good for gaming, and they’re famous for high liughtness levels, yet colours and observation angles tend to suffer.

The 27in row can pitch into mural mode, and that’s not a finish of a versatility. The shade can be slanted from -5° to 35°, and it’s got 60° of left-to-right swivel. The stand’s tallness is adjustable, too, to a balance of 150mm. It’s a identical volume of composition to a ViewSonic VG2401mh, and it’s apart improved than a limiting Samsung S24D590PL, that substituted flexibility for style.

It’s got DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DVI and D-SUB inputs, dual audio jacks and 4 USB 3.0 ports, with another USB 3.0 pier to bond to a PC. It’s a improved preference than possibly opposition screen, even if all bar dual USB 3.0 ports face downwards – not a easiest place to reach.

Acer XB270H

We like a versatility, yet we’re reduction penetrating on a looks. The shade is surrounded by a chunky, silken bezel that collects dirt easily, and a guard is too wobbly. The round bottom is glossy, with an orange ring around a stand.

Little excites about a Acer’s audio. The speakers are quiet, tinny and distant, with nothing of a oomph, volume or clarity we need when personification games. Use a headset or block in apart speakers.

Acer XB270H: Setup

The Acer compulsory a tiny bit of construction, yet it’s not tricky. The mount snaps into a behind of a shade regulating 4 tool-free tabs, and a round bottom attaches regulating a singular screw and a span of running holes – from box to table took about one minute. The shade moves adult and down on a mount smoothly, and swivels and tilts are customarily as simply accomplished.

Control is rubbed by 5 tiny buttons in a right-hand corner. They’re poignant and fast, yet there’s no denote about their functions until they’re pulpy – for first-time users it’ll be confusing.

Acer XB270H

An initial press unveils quick-select options, with Eco mode, orator volume, shade mode and submit all selectable with a singular click. The categorical menu is well-organised: a Picture menu allows brightness, contrariety and colour heat composition as good as RGB tweaks, and another menu allows for a on-screen arrangement to be moved. The Settings menu has some-more paltry options, from inputs to a bureau reset.

It’s judicious and quick, yet it’s not accurately pretty. Acer’s menu is ugly, pixelated, and doesn’t have a same aptitude as a systems on Samsung’s monitors.

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