Acticheck Assure Review

Hands-on with a personal alarm smartband

At a time when it feels like we’re being swamped by aptness trackers and smartwatches, it’s lovely to find a wearable that goes approach over counting stairs or revelation we your final waggish twitter only got retweeted.

The Acticheck Assure is a wrist-worn rope packaged with sensors that guard your wellbeing. If it detects uncharacteristic poise it warns we around an alarm and alerts puncture contacts by content and email. It can even dump a phone call to family, friends or work colleagues.

Additonal pivotal details, such as plcae and applicable medical info, will also be relayed to a contacts to make certain they have all they need to yield a many effective help.

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The Acticheck Assure seems ideal for gripping a closer eye on an aged relative. There are products already accessible that do a identical job, though a Assure looks set to be a initial we can wear all a time and not have to worry about charging it.

Acticheck also believes it could be profitable in other scenarios, like a fraudulent cycling invert or even a long-distance run.

Currently, a Assure is during a operative antecedent theatre and doesn’t have a ability to duty divided from a dedicated home bottom station, though Acticheck is branch to Kickstarter to account an app that will concede a rope to be used out and about.

The two-toned phony band, that is somewhat wider than a Fitbit Charge and a bit plain looking, is done out of cosmetic on a prototype. The final chronicle will be done from soft, hypoallergenic silicone, creation it some-more suitable for 24/7 wear. It will also be waterproof to extent a array of times we have to take it off.

The rope runs a array of ‘wellness’ checks each 15 mins and a built-in sensors can detect when a user has
fallen or guard heat to heed either it’s being worn.

There are dual buttons on a sides that, when pressed, act as a personal panic alarm. This sets off a moving warning and phone warning where a user will need to strike a array on a keypad to endorse either they’re okay.

A removable pod sits inside a rope and hosts a customary button-cell battery that’s means to final for dual years. The reason it can go for that prolonged is down to restricting a volume of sensors enclosed – there’s no heart-rate guard or GPS, that would significantly empty a battery. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to bond to a bottom station, charity a operation of 50-120ft that equates to normal home Wi-Fi coverage.

The home bottom hire is used to lane a rope and can pull user information stored on Acticheck’s servers, that is fast with a 128-bit encryption technology. It’s powered by USB, so we can block it into a laptop, and requires a fast Internet connection. The 3 large orange lights during a front give we an denote that all is connected.

The final square of a nonplus is a browser-based program to store sum of a user and their designated ‘carers’ or puncture contacts. From here Assure users can record simple information along with any specific medical or plcae details, that are sent out to contacts when an alarm is raised.

There’s no extent to a array of puncture contacts we can include, and a program allows we to prioritise a sequence in that they’re contacted. If a user isn’t wholly tech savvy, we can allot other admins to adjust information and check changes in poise over time.

First impressions

Seeing a Acticheck Assure demoed in a tranquil sourroundings is an wholly opposite awaiting to a kind of scenarios in that it should infer many valuable. However, a band’s response time in alerting puncture contacts promises to be only seconds.

Having a messenger app to make a rope serviceable divided from a bottom hire is a one thing that’s unequivocally blank here. If Acticheck can get a supports to make that happen, and can keep a whole setup next £200 as it hopes to do in time for the summer launch, afterwards it has each possibility of being a life-changing square of wearable technology.

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