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We have crafted a rarely rival prolongation sourroundings concentration IT, OT, and CT, to emanate a intelligent robotics attention ecosystem realizing severe Future Factory implementations.

ADLINK Technology, a tellurian personality in Edge Computing, has assimilated army with Fair Friend Group (FFG) to rise a new ROS2 toward Converged 5G for Factories of a Future project. The partnership integrates wireless 5G network technologies with ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2) platforms to yield complement design enabling real-time control and arguable communication. Igniting a subsequent call of expansion for a network communication sector, a plan can expostulate Industry 4.0 ecosystem expansion to move on a capability series for Factories of a Future.

With Industry 4.0 doing growing, intelligent prolongation has modernized to a high turn of automation. Manufacturing regulating AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and COBOT (Collaborative Robots) is quick apropos standard, with a outcome of increasing final on network systems and interface standards for communication between machines.

5G-enabled industrial wireless communication is able of support for wide-ranging needs outset from communication between humans, machines, and sensors, with high reliability, low latency, prolonged delivery distance, mixed focus scenarios, and optimal portability for mobile equipment. ROS2 provides high-efficiency middleware for information sell and is quick apropos a API customary for intelligent robotics development. ADLINK has serve grown a uniform information sell sourroundings for factories regulating DDS (Data Distribution Service) as a backbone.

“Taiwan’s prolongation attention has strong capabilities that are good famous by a world. By mixing leading-edge 5G network technologies with open source ROS2/DDS platforms, we have crafted a rarely rival prolongation sourroundings concentration IT, OT, and CT, to emanate a intelligent robotics attention ecosystem realizing severe Future Factory implementations,” pronounced Jim Liu, ADLINK’s CEO.

FFG will build a world’s initial demo prolongation line for Factories of a Future, implementing quick and arguable ROS2-based information exchange. FFG CTO Dr. Ren Luo explained that, “Factories of a Future incorporate countless portable, flexible, interconnected, and boldly tractable elements to accommodate customized prolongation with optimal efficiency. The formation of 5G communication technologies and ROS2/DDS platforms during this time will comprehend high-performance implementation.”

With ever-growing final for rarely customized products, Factories of a Future need top-speed real-time information delivery opposite operations lines. Production line design contingency increasingly support impassioned flexibility, interconnectivity and energetic adjustability, with a far-reaching accumulation of connected elements, machine-based and otherwise. Accordingly, dedicated wireless networking is critical.

ADLINK and FFG formerly participated in an EU investigate plan with common goals, environment them adult for multinational partnership on several forward-looking industrial record developments, with total serve cross-sector achievements generating ICT (information and communications technology) straight focus products for Factories of a Future. ADLINK will incorporate AI technologies to rise drudge controllers with vision, detection, pointing control and real-time communication capabilities as open source tools, thereby generating new intelligent prolongation standardization of ROS2 as a common height for mobile robots. ADLINK looks to deliver some-more than 200 innovative intelligent robotics products by 2025, serve consolidating Taiwan’s position of tellurian care in a field.


ADLINK Technology is a tellurian personality in Edge Computing. Our goal is to promote a use of modernized technologies to assistance optimize a business opening of a customers. We yield strong boards, platforms and user interfaces; real-time information connectivity solutions; and focus enablement for state-of-the-art industrial computing, such as appurtenance training around AI-at-the-Edge. Together, these also capacitate innovative end-to-end IoT solutions in support of operational value or new income streams. ADLINK serves business opposite straight markets including: manufacturing, networking and communications, healthcare, infotainment, retail, energy, transportation, and supervision and defense.

ADLINK has a flourishing eco-system of attention heading record partners; we are a Premier Member of a Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, a vital embedded partner of NVIDIA, and an active writer in many standards and interoperability initiatives, including Eclipse, ETSI, OCP, OMG, OpenFog, PICMG, ROS-I and SGeT.

ADLINK’s products are accessible in over 40 countries, possibly directly or by a worldwide network of value-adding distributors and systems integrators. ADLINK is ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485 and TL9000 approved and is publicly traded on TAIEX (Stock Code: 6166).


Fair Friend Group (FFG) was determined in 1979 with a first beliefs of reliability, growth, continual advancement, best in quality, and essay for excellence. FFG consists of 3 vital groups of businesses: (1) Machine Tool Division,(2) Industry Equipment Division, and (3) Green Energy Division. Products ranges from CNC appurtenance tools, energy collection apparatus , forklifts , construction machinery, parking garage equipment, pneumatic equipment, printed circuit boards, LCD monitors TV, solar dungeon conductive adhesives, LED lighting , magnesium amalgamate forging, and contrast apparatus for semiconductor LED wafer. FFG has 96 prolongation and operational bases worldwide collaborating together to share a group’s tellurian resources. Transforming from play to manufacturer and from normal attention to high-tech attention enabled FFG to allege not usually in government and record though also in a peculiarity of products and services that accommodate or transcend general standards.

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