AEG DB6120-U Review

What is a AEG DB6120-U?

The AEG DB6120-U is a plain steam iron. It’s not a many absolute on a block, though it packs usually adequate steam to get a pursuit done. It’s also accessible in a integrate of colour ways: tedious blue and white or lairy neon green.

We were tender with a many neat pattern touches, such as a trade lights that tell we when you’re prepared to iron. But if we are looking for pristine ironing energy afterwards demeanour elsewhere.

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AEG DB6120-U – Design and Features

Browse a cinema that accompany this examination and you’ll see dual radically different-looking irons. One is blue and white and boring. The other is black and neon green, and anything though boring. We tested a latter and weren’t outrageous fans of a colours, generally a approach it’s practical in tiny rags of a reservoir, so it looks like little people have been paintballing inside. All a same, it finished a lovely change from a pattern of many irons, that hasn’t altered many in decades.

The pattern is followed by with courtesy to fact in many places. For example, a cord (neon green, naturally) attaches to a iron physique around a tiny round during a behind of a heel. The round contains a two-colour indicator light that turns red or splendid green, for stop or go. If you’re one of those people who can never remember either a light comes on when your iron/oven/whatever is prepared or when it’s not ready, you’ll know what a godsend this trade light complement is.

Controls are elementary and well-placed: buttons for both steam shot and H2O mist lay underneath your thumb, good positioned though it’s tough to see that is that sometimes. While a physique of a iron is home to a feverishness control dial and an anti-calc button, a arrange where we feverishness a iron and afterwards unplug it and press a symbol (over a sink) to flush out any limescale deposits. Unusually, there’s no control for a turn of consistent steam, instead this is automatically set when we name a iron’s temperature.

The AEG also has an auto-off function. The iron turns itself off automatically when unattended. It senses transformation and switches off after 30 seconds when left still in plane or laterally position, 8 mins when vertical.

AEG DB6120-U – What’s it like to use?

The AEG has a tiny fill hole underneath a flap, so it comes with a jug. This is a one area that’s a let-down in terms of pattern since ours came with a white jug that looked out of place alongside a love-it-or-loathe it splendid immature and black.

Aside from that, a pattern facilities are well-thought out. As good as a trade light system, we favourite a fact that a auto-off duty beeps for a moment, to let we know that it is powering down: a good sign to stop checking your Facebook messages and get on with a ironing.

Ironing opening is mediocre. It doesn’t offer as absolute a steam opening as some irons. So it gets a pursuit done, though it doesn’t do all a work for you, you’ll have to work a bit harder than we would with a some-more absolute model. But it’s tiny and agile, and feels agreeably light in a hand.

The pattern includes a good slit above a soleplate for ironing around and underneath buttons. The usually distrurbance comes during a final hurdle: a energy cord wraps orderly around a bottom of a iron when you’re done… though there’s no shave to reason it in place, so you’ll have to tuck a block in, not good adequate for an iron during this price.

Should we buy a AEG DB6120-U?

Maybe. The AEG is tiny and agile, like a Mini: not a best performer though absolute adequate to get a pursuit done. If you’re after a workhorse, cruise a Bosch TDA7060GB or Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9640 instead, these are a SUVs of a ironing world.

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A lightweight, flexible steam iron with a love-or-loathe it design, also accessible in tedious blue and white.

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