AEG Fantasia Coffee Machines Review

What is a AEG Fantasia coffee machine?

Part of a operation of compress coffee machines launched this year that are concordant with Lavazza’s A Modo Mio capsules, a Fantasia is a largest of a four. It also packs in a many features, with 36 settings to capacitate a ideally tailored cappuccino, lungo, espresso or latte, from a volume of coffee in your crater to a frothiness of a divert foam.

AEG Fantasia 9

However, it’s some-more than usually a coffee machine. Thanks to a detachable divert jug, it has a capability to stew both comfortable and cold divert to a well-spoken tawny texture, creation it ideal for indulgent prohibited chocolates, milkshakes and cappuccinos. Plus, if we wish to enhance your repertoire, it also comes with some splash recipe ideas, from iced cappuccino to cioccolata and espresso Viennese.

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AEG Fantasia coffee appurtenance – Design and features

While there are a series of coffee machines that incorporate a milk-frothing duty that’s some-more than a wand, cappuccino and latte addicts will be informed with a unchanging soaking that’s compulsory to keep a tools that come into hit with prohibited divert spotless. Where a Fantasia differs is that a ‘plug and play’ divert jug, lid and steam siren can all be popped in a dishwasher after use.

In a same suggestion of convenience, a enclosure inside a appurtenance collects adult to 10 used capsules, so a Fantasia doesn’t have to be emptied on a daily basis. A generously-sized H2O tank also creates for usually occasional refilling, nonetheless we’d like it if a lid was hinged instead of being separate. There’s also a descale warning light, a ability to adjust your appurtenance to your area’s H2O softness and a choice of a H2O filter for a tank.

AEG Fantasia 13

Smart facilities haven’t been prioritised over a extraneous design. The lines are well-spoken with seemly curves, if a small infrequently made towards a rear, where a breadth of a H2O tank extends over a body. Its drinks options are tranquil around an array of touch-sensitive buttons, and a drinks height can be set during 3 opposite heights to fit your cup, nonetheless far-reaching mugs are a bit of a squeeze. The wire length is also versatile during 80cm, definition it can be located roughly anywhere in your kitchen, and it’s accessible in 3 colours, Rubin Red, Creamy White and Ebony Black.

AEG Fantasia 21

Drinks height during lowest position

AEG Fantasia 23

Drinks height during tip position

AEG Fantasia coffee appurtenance – What’s it like to use?

Slightly slower to feverishness adult than allied machines, a Fantasia is prepared to decoction after around 35 seconds – however if we wish your coffee faster, there’s a choice to name your splash during pre-heating and it’ll start dispensing true away.

The touch-sensitive buttons willingly light adult a accessible selections, for instance if a divert jug isn’t attached, a options for divert aren’t illuminated. Using a buttons requires a small practice, as they can be a small temperamental, nonetheless unchanging use creates this easier. The silken finish is also disposed to disorderly fingerprints, though this is simply resolved by gripping a soothing cloth to hand.

AEG Fantasia 19

A Modo Mio capsules are extrinsic during a tip of a machine, a slim push rotating retrograde to exhibit a capsule-shaped slot, afterwards forwards to puncture and close it in place. There are dual preset coffee amounts to select from – espresso or lungo – though both of these can be altered to fit and saved for subsequent time. We opted for espresso, that dispensed fast and efficiently. Once finished, a push can afterwards be rotated behind again to recover a used plug into a enclosure inside.

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Next, we attempted seething comfortable divert for a cappuccino. Using cold divert to fill to a line noted on a jug and joining to a machine, we comparison a additional stew choice and a Fantasia used steam and a drive to renovate it to a inexhaustible volume of fluffy prohibited stew in around 75 seconds. It poured out smoothly, formulating an authentic cappuccino. Rinsing a parts, we also used it to stew cold milk, that was faster though no reduction creamy. If left unused, a appurtenance will switch itself off after 9 mins though this can be set to 30 mins if required.

AEG Fantasia 39

AEG Fantasia 45

AEG Fantasia coffee appurtenance – How good is a coffee?

The A Modo Mio plug preference competence usually camber 10 blends, one of that is decaff, though any of them tastes usually as good as creatively belligerent when dispensed from a Fantasia. The coffee we brewed was glorious peculiarity and came with a thick savoury crema, well-spoken ambience and copiousness of depth, ideally surfaced by comfortable divert foam.

AEG Fantasia 35

AEG Fantasia 47

AEG Fantasia 7

Should we buy a AEG Fantasia coffee machine?

The Fantasia is one of a smartest plug machines we’ve seen, stealing a need for powdered divert capsules or a cleaning slight that borders on a obsessive. While it costs somewhat some-more than a simple pod machine, a series of facilities it boasts creates it impossibly good value. It’s a small singular is by choice of capsules, though given a array of splash options supposing by a Fantasia, this is a teenager quibble.

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A transparent prohibited drinks hero, as a ideal mix of preference and choice, a Fantasia is tough to beat.

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