AI.Reverie Emerges from Stealth Mode and Officially Launches…

AI.Reverie, a heading provider of fake information to sight appurtenance training algorithms, currently emerged from secrecy mode by strictly rising a exclusive make-believe height to assistance businesses urge their appurtenance training algorithms. In addition, a association cumulative Seed appropriation led by Resolute Ventures with appearance from Vulcan Capital, Compound and Locke Mountain Ventures.

The direct for AI applications has resulted in an omnivorous craving for data, that during scale is mostly proprietary, expensive, and time immoderate to manually prepare. AI.Reverie believes that a best approach to understanding with these hurdles is with fake information — information combined in a practical universe rather than collected from a genuine universe during a fragment of a cost. By simulating a genuine world, a practical universe creates fake information that is as good as, and infrequently improved than, genuine data. As a practical universe becomes some-more photorealistic, a utility for training appurtenance training algorithms dramatically increases.

Key advantages of AI.Reverie’s height include:

  • Offering a apartment of information and prophesy APIs – Helps businesses that do not have a in-house AI expertise.
  • Scaling by regulating geospatial information – Not singular by a normal bottlenecks of formulating simulations.
  • Addressing corner box scenarios – Real universe information has limitations, though fake information opens adult opportunities.
  • Implementing opposite many opposite industries – Allowing all verticals to advantage from a enrichment of AI.

“We trust that make-believe and fake information will turn a de facto scalable resolution to yield a large amounts of information compulsory to urge a opening of prophesy algorithms,” pronounced Daeil Kim, owner and CEO of AI.Reverie. “Our goal to turn a marketplace personality is driven by a ability to beget photorealistic fake information to support a prophesy needs of many opposite industries during scale and low cost. We are respected to benefit a support of attention heading investors as we govern a plan of significantly advancing AI by regulating a platform.”

“AI.Reverie has a group and height to propel AI given a poignant need for information to ideal prophesy algorithms. With a exclusive fake database and make-believe platform, AI.Reverie will be means to accelerate a opening of prophesy algorithms opposite many straight markets, during scale and low cost and we are vehement to be their partners,” pronounced Raanan Bar-Cohen, Co-Founder during Resolute Ventures.

About AI.Reverie:

AI.Reverie is a make-believe height that trains AI to know a world. We offer a apartment of fake information and prophesy APIs to assistance businesses opposite opposite industries sight their appurtenance training algorithms and urge their AI applications, so that together, we make cities smarter, farms sustainable, homes safer, tasks easier, and life fuller. To learn some-more about AI.Reverie, revisit

About Resolute Ventures:

Resolute Ventures is a lead financier for founders during a really commencement of their journey. Founded in 2011, Resolute manages over $165 million and invests in seed theatre founders opposite a operation of industries including consumer services, e-commerce and craving technology. Our past and benefaction founders form a clever and intent network committed to assisting any Resolute Founder succeed. Resolute is formed in Silicon Valley, with a participation in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Canada – and has corroborated such companies as Bark Co, Clutter, Greenhouse, Open Door, Signifyd, and AppZen. To learn some-more about Resolute Ventures, revisit

About Vulcan Capital:

Vulcan Capital is a private investment arm of Vulcan Inc., a association founded by Paul G. Allen in 1986 to conduct his business and munificent initiatives. Vulcan Capital is focused on generating long-term value appreciation opposite a multibillion dollar portfolio, that spans different attention sectors and investment item classes, trimming from early-stage try investments to open equity value investing, leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, and unsettled situations. To learn some-more about Vulcan Capital, revisit

About Compound:

Compound is a try collateral organisation that invests in bleeding-edge record being built by outliers.


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