AKG N60 Headphone Review

What are a AKG N60?

The AKG N60 are headphones resolutely directed during those who are out and about. They’re portable, light and also underline active sound cancellation, that helps to drown out ambient sound such as annoyingly shrill conversations on a tube or a rumbling of a craft engine.

At £220, a closed-back on-ears are by no means an incentive purchase. Having tested them on a transatlantic moody and for a integrate of weeks of subterraneous and overground commuting, however, we can absolutely contend that they’re good value a money.

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AKG N60 – Design and Comfort

The initial thing you’ll notice when picking a N60 headphones out of a box is only how light they are. Weighing 150g, they’re extremely reduction massive than a Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones. They’re tiny as well, that means they will absolutely fit inside a front slot of a carrier or weekend bag.

For £220, we also get a unequivocally attractive span of headphones. The N60s are a inheritor to a AKG K 495 NC headphones, despite with a distant sleeker, high-end design. From a a leather-covered wipe to a aluminium steel trim and black steel on a ear cups, it’s a kind of understated, minimalist demeanour that will mount out a lot reduction than a span of Beats headphones.

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The many considerable partial of a pattern is how compress a headphones can become. You can overlay a ear cups and hinges inside of a body, timorous them to a same distance as a tiny bottle of water. They simply trip into a small, zip-up tote that’s included, with copiousness of room remaining for a bundled moody adapter, woven detachable wire with built-in mic and 3.5mm to USB charging cable.

The N60s are gentle to wear as well. The magnificently light nonetheless plain support means they don’t slip around, nonetheless we wouldn’t advise holding them out on a sweaty run. The memory-foam cushions lay cosy opposite a ear, though pulling adult too firmly, charity copiousness of grip. Even with a wipe extended, we’d contend a N60s are improved matched to smaller heads, though there’s no pointer of any vigour on a tip of a conduct to make them worried to wear for prolonged periods.

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The headphone jack and charging pier are dark divided to assistance contend that neat profile. Both are situated around a left ear cup, where you’ll also find a detachable headphone wire and a noise-cancelling switch. The headphone jack doubles as a pier to assign a built-in battery that powers a active sound cancelling.

This brings us to one of a unequivocally few criticisms we have about a N60 headphones: a choice of a USB port. This pattern doesn’t always click satisfyingly into place and so we’d have elite AKG opted for a some-more traditional-style USB connector.

AKG N60 – Sound Quality

Sound peculiarity on closed-back, on ear headphones can change immensely, even during this price. However, this isn’t something we need to worry about with a N60s.

These are headphones that broach full-bodied sound. Bass is a pivotal evil here, that excels in a mid-bass region. This is complemented by a surprisingly well-spoken treble, that ensures vocals aren’t overpowered. While we could positively find improved clarity for a cost elsewhere, a N60s arrangement adequate refinement to safeguard this won’t be an issue.

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The sound theatre is surprisingly far-reaching for headphones of this size. Plug a N60s into a inscription or phablet to watch a film, and you’ll find them good matched for giving we that combined clarity of immersion. We played a few films on Netflix by an iPhone and an iPad Mini, and a formula were unequivocally enjoyable.

But what about a noise-cancelling feature? Well, it’s flattering fantastic. AKG employs active sound cancellation, requesting a possess exclusive record to retard out ambient noise. Thankfully, this is powered by USB, so even when a battery goes flat, you’ll still be means to suffer your song in pacifist mode. Inevitably you’ll remove a sound cancelling, though a sound peculiarity stays satisfyingly good.

We were advantageous adequate to get a reason of a span of a N60 headphones only in time for a long-haul moody from a US to a UK, giving us a ideal event to see what they were done off. We’re greatfully to contend they upheld with drifting colours. Whether inside a depart loll or in a craft cabin, a N60s impressively managed to cut out conversations and other mid-frequency sound – such as a purring of a craft engine – to broach good sound quality.

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Next we took them on a daily commute, and here too they achieved superbly. Flicking on a ANC switch formula in restraint out all a nonessential gibberish around you, though not to a turn where we skip any critical announcements.

Even with a sound cancelling incited off – in pacifist listening mode – in an sourroundings where there’s only a small ambient noise, a N60s still perform well. There is slight emanate with sound leakage, though with few people around we this shouldn’t unequivocally be a problem.

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Should we buy a AKG N60?

The AKG N60s offer all we could wish from a set of headphones to take on your travels. The noise-cancelling underline is impressive, and importantly, works though inspiring audio performance. They advantage from a compress pattern and are gentle for use on longer journeys.

At £220, a closest opposition on a cost front is substantially a Philips Fidelio NC1 (£184.99), whose sound termination we weren’t too tender by when we reviewed them progressing progressing this year. The closest Bose headphones are a QuietComfort 25, that are still costly during £270, while a Parrot Zik 2.0 are also £30 some-more expensive.

The N60s will be an costly squeeze for most, though when compared to their closest competitors, a cost is fair. If we don’t have a supports for a set of Bose noise-cancelling headphones afterwards we really won’t be unhappy if we opt for a N60s instead.

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The unstable pattern and a considerable sound termination make these great-sounding on-ears a commuter’s best friend.

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