AKG N60 NC Wireless Headphone

What are a AKG N60 NC Wireless?

The AKG N60 NC Wireless are a span of on-ear noise-cancelling headphones that come from good stock. The connected AKG N60 NC, expelled in 2015, are a glorious set of cans – and losing a earthy tie customarily serves to make them better.

Aimed during travellers and commuters alike, a N60 Wireless can’t utterly contest with Bose levels of quiet, though broach a well-balanced sound and a lightweight, unstable pattern that creates them a good on-the-go companion.

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AKG N60 NC Wireless – Design and Comfort

Although there are similarities during initial glance, a N60 Wireless have had their pattern delicately polished from that of a strange N60.

The finish outcome is a some-more durable, though also some-more elegant, hinge structure for collapsing a headphones down, a wider and some-more padded headband, and altogether a sturdier feel. Even a enclosed USB charging lead and 3.5mm audio handle are some-more solidly finished.

The N60 Wireless aren’t going to give a Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless a run in a impression stakes, though their on-ear pattern is intelligent and understated, with aluminium accents violation adult a differently all-black design.

AKG N60 NC Wireless headphones

Playback controls are housed orderly around a right earcup, and are simply discernible and serviceable when you’re wearing a headphones. The shifting energy symbol doubles as a pairing controls, with a identical rocker subsequent to it for lane skipping. There are sold buttons for volume control along a top.

The left earcup is where you’ll assign a N60s around micro-USB, and also where you’ll hardwire if we so wish. The N60 Wireless will offer 15 hours of wireless noise-cancelling (ANC is always on in wireless mode), or 30 hours when wired.

If we run out of battery entirely, a N60 Wireless will work passively too, so you’ll never be stranded though music.

AKG N60 NC Wireless headphones

At 200g, a N60 Wireless are sincerely lightweight, that not customarily creates them good for carrying around, though also for longer wear. However, while a memory froth earcups do a good pursuit of cushioning my ears and gripping them cold and comfy during longer listening sessions, a hold some-more stuffing on a wipe would have been welcome. After a few hours, we could feel them resting a small complicated on my head, and we had to reposition them for comfort.

The altogether fit is flattering good, however. On-ear headphones in sold have a clever change to strike between not being too parsimonious while also staying put, and a N60 Wireless conduct to stay on a right side of snug.

They come with a soothing neoprene lift box to strengthen them when they’re folded down in your bag, and you’ll get an aeroplane adapter for those airlines still regulating them.

I’d customarily cite a tough box for a best protection, though a softer pattern plays to a N60 Wireless’ strengths of being slim and compress for those parsimonious on space.

AKG N60 NC Wireless – Sound Quality

AKG N60 NC Wireless headphones

AKG has offset a N60 Wireless unequivocally well, and it’s here in their sound peculiarity that they unequivocally come into their own.

The mid-range sits ever-so-slightly forward, that helps these headphones sound transparent and fluent from a get go. Vocals are textured and detailed, though are never away from a instruments that approximate them, that are given equal courtesy and insight. In fact, all ties good together opposite a magnitude operation so song sounds cohesive from tip to bottom.

Bass is good handled: full-bodied, though never over-powering. For all of a abounding low-end rumble, they’re surprisingly flexible too, putting copiousness of punch behind drum beats while remaining discerning adequate on their feet to keep adult with faster-paced tracks.

AKG N60 NC Wireless headphones

At a other finish of a scale, a three-way packs copiousness of bite, adding to a N60 Wireless’ poignant and eager character. While excellence can infrequently remove out in these instances, a N60 NC Wireless keep a good hoop on it, so a high finish never shows any pointer of hardness.

They’re a well-balanced span of headphones, then, though a N60 Wireless are distant from an methodical listen. They’re indeed a lot of fun, while still organising song with an roughly fundamental turn of precision. This means that instead of sounding concerned in their accuracy, it’s a natural, roughly free sound that will work for only about any form of music.

AKG N60 NC Wireless headphones

There’s a decent volume of space for a span of closed-back cans, too, so dynamics have a possibility to shine. Even large orchestral pieces have a space to build into a crescendo and behind down again, with a N60 Wireless conveying dash and volume shifts though hesitation. For all a fad these headphones are able of, they also know when to dial it down.

As for their noise-cancelling abilities, a N60 NC Wireless do flattering good for a span of on-ear cans. You’re not going to get Bose QuietComfort 35 levels of assent and quiet, though they do a decent pursuit of restraint out lifeless ride sound and ubiquitous bureau hullabaloo to leave we in assent with your music.

AKG N60 NC Wireless headphones

There’s a really slight noise-cancelling hiss that we notice when in wireless mode, though once song is playing, it’s roughly wholly undetectable.

Finally, while regulating a enclosed 3.5mm handle seems a small counterproductive for a span of headphones billed for their wireless capabilities, it’s value addressing a differences in sound.

Listening connected pulls all only a small some-more firmly together, adding an additional turn of punch and digging out a turn of pointed fact we won’t hear over Bluetooth. That’s a stipulations of a record rather than any error of AKG, though it’s value deliberation for those times we don’t need to be wireless.

AKG N60 NC Wireless headphones

Should we buy a AKG N60 NC Wireless?

Shop around and we can find a strange AKG N60 NC for as small as £200 now, definition there’s a £50 reward to remove a wire. That seems reasonable for a additional tech and combined convenience, not to discuss a subtly upgraded design.

Of course, their £250 cost tab is still distant from slot change, though you’d have to demeanour to a £300+ symbol – for a set such as a £330 Sony MDR-1000X – to urge on what a N60 Wireless offer.

They’re punchy, minute and good organised, and while they can’t utterly contest with Bose for noise-cancelling smarts, a N60 NC Wireless positively have a flattering good go for a span of on-ears.

And it’s that on-ear fit that might really good pull people to them over other bulkier competitors. Lightweight and simply portable, they’re a challenging small package that’s positively value considering.


Super-portable noise-cancelling cans, a AKG N60 NC Wireless offer a fun and eager sound – all though wires.

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