Alienware Alpha PC Review

What is a Alienware Alpha?

Valve combined headlines when it previewed a call of Steam-powered PCs to take on consoles, nonetheless a intrigue was postponed, with hardware manufacturers left in a lurch. That hasn’t stopped Alienware rising a latest desktop. The Alpha was announced as a Steam Box, nonetheless it now runs a custom, controller-friendly UI built around XBMC.

This pint-sized PC is directed precisely during a vital room – it’s smaller than a PS4 nonetheless matches it and a Xbox One for performance. Alienware even includes a wireless Xbox 360 controller as partial of a package. It’s an effective, good value package, nonetheless we’d suggest opting for a faster quad-core Core i5 and 8GB RAM chronicle if we can means it.

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Alienware Alpha: Design, Build Quality and Connectivity

The Alpha looks a part. Its sides are coated with silken plastic, and a front has a intense Alienware energy symbol alongside dual USB 2.0 ports. The tip has a matte finish and is divided with a contingent of centred lines, and one dilemma is cut-away to uncover off some-more LEDs.

Alienware’s latest looks good adequate to lay alongside a PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s smaller than a vital room rivals. The Alpha is 200mm wide, 200mm low and 56mm tall; a PS4 is 3mm shorter nonetheless is 305mm far-reaching and 275mm deep. The Xbox One, meanwhile, is many incomparable during 333mm prolonged and 79mm tall.

The Alpha’s 1.54kg weight creates it demeanour svelte alongside Sony’s 2.8kg box and a 3.2kg box from Microsoft. They’re considerable figures, nonetheless bear in mind that there isn’t an visual expostulate – and that a Alpha uses an outmost energy brick.

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The Alpha compares good to PC rivals, too. Its pattern is some-more mature than a Syber Vapor I, and a Syber is bigger and heavier – 358mm far-reaching and a whopping 5.5kg.

The Alpha undercuts rivals for distance and weight, and still manages to compare a foe for build quality, with a generally stout feel and no creaking joints. It’s a bit of a dust-magnet, nonetheless we’ll pardon that.

It might demeanour like a console, nonetheless a Alpha has got PC DNA. Its internals are accessible: mislay 4 screws and a bottom row pops off, afterwards a cosmetic lid and sides lift away. The interior is dominated by cosmetic shrouds that empty a prohibited atmosphere from a CPU and GPU. They’re easy to mislay – a integrate of cosmetic clips concede them to cocktail off – providing entrance to a chips next as good as a rest of a internals.

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The essential pattern means many components can be changed. Our representation has a memory container free, a tough hoop is a 2.5-inch model, a dual-band 802.11ac wireless label connects to a mini-PCI-Express block and a processor sits inside a customary LGA 1150 socket. The usually member that can’t be changed, sadly, is a many critical – a graphics core is soldered to a motherboard.

That wireless tie is a good start, and connectivity is reasonable elsewhere. The Alpha has Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0, and a front has dual USB 2.0 connections. The back has dual USB 3.0 ports, submit and outlay HDMI plugs, and an visual S/PDIF connector. Underneath, behind a flap, is a fifth USB hollow designed for Valve’s USB controller receiver and other identical hardware.

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Alienware Alpha: Software

Alienware’s Alpha UI is designed to work with a bundled Xbox 360 controller. It’s elementary compared to Windows 8.1: a Settings menu offers elementary options for networking, audio and video alongside collection to change a colour of a system’s LEDs. The Power menu has options to reboot or close down a system, and a couple to open a customary Windows desktop.

Steam’s Big Picture mode distils a desktop app to 3 categorical menus – a store, a library and your form page. Games and a store are navigated regulating a plane menu, with smaller links to friends and a browser.

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Alienware Alpha UI

Alpha UI creates it easy to entrance games, nonetheless it’s not perfect. The order between Valve’s program and Alienware’s UI is apparent interjection to opposite fonts, navigation and colours, even if a latter can be changed. There are unsentimental variations; content entrance in Alienware’s program is rubbed with a customary on-screen keyboard, while Steam serves adult a some-more perplexing dial-based system. Neither are as discerning as a correct keyboard.

Alienware’s program isn’t quite quick, and there are intensity motorist issues – Nvidia’s GeForce Experience program can’t be used to download updates, and Alienware hasn’t nonetheless simplified how or when this appurtenance will accept softened drivers.

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Alienware Alpha UI 5

The Alpha’s use of Valve’s program means we usually have entrance to a Steam library while regulating a Alpha UI. That’s still thousands of games – many some-more than consoles – nonetheless it’s value remembering that if we wish to use Origin, UPlay or anything else you’ll have to conduct to a desktop and bond a keyboard and mouse.

This does mangle a Alpha’s console illusion, nonetheless it’s not indispensably a bad thing; it means even some-more games are available, and it also means a Alienware can be used for work, web browsing and some-more – functions that aren’t simply accessible on a consoles.

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