Allegis Global Solutions Wins 2018 Stevie Award

“IGNITE has been transformative in a approach that a business bond with candidates, quite within a APAC segment … The Stevie Award unequivocally reinforces AGS’ continual joining to innovation, both in Asia Pacific and around a world.” – Alfonso Nunez, AGS Managing Director, APAC

Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), a heading provider of tellurian talent merger and workforce solutions, announced currently that it has been awarded a Stevie Award for Innovation in B2B Products in a APAC segment in approval of a IGNITE solution.

This rarely prestigious attention respect recognizes IGNITE as being among a many innovative – and disruptive – recruitment and employer branding solutions in an increasingly swarming and rival marketplace. This endowment also outlines a initial time AGS has been respected with a Stevie in a Asia-Pacific region, underscoring a presentation of AGS as one of a tip talent solutions providers within this essential region.

“We launched IGNITE in response to what we were saying in a marketplace: possibilities increasingly treating jobs like products; they investigate companies and positions by mixed sources and build their notice of a association from a accessible information they have. IGNITE disrupts that shift,” pronounced Emma Austin, Director, Research and Sourcing, APAC.

The IGNITE resolution is a vital recruitment selling height designed to yield recruiting teams with slicing corner collection and technologies for attracting, enchanting and converting tip talent opposite a whole employing process, from initial hit to onboarding and beyond.

IGNITE programmatically interprets, develops and amplifies employer brands, assisting companies emanate rarely compelling, rarely targeted recruitment selling campaigns and applicable messaging to strech impending possibilities opposite manifold platforms, networks and mediums, from video and amicable media selling to pursuit posting distributions.

Powered by absolute code apparatus kits, one recruitment selling campaigns, extended pursuit descriptions, career microsites, customized communication and digital onboarding portal, IGNITE seamlessly delivers consumer class digital selling practice to pursuit seekers, ensuing in softened claimant practice and improved recruiting outcomes.

“IGNITE has been transformative in a approach that a business bond with candidates, quite within a APAC region” pronounced Alfonso Nunez, APAC Managing Director of Client Services for AGS. “It’s given us a approach to assistance companies go over simply posting jobs and stuffing reqs to indeed revelation stories, enchanting with talent and positioning a clients as employers of choice some-more tip employees choose. The Stevie Award unequivocally reinforces AGS’ continual joining to innovation, both in Asia Pacific and around a world.”

About The Stevie Awards:

The Stevie® Awards are a world’s premier business awards combined in 2002 to respect and beget open approval of a achievements and certain contributions of organizations and operative professionals worldwide. In brief sequence a Stevie has turn one of a world’s many desired prizes. There are 7 Stevie Awards programs, any with a possess focus, list of categories, and schedule.

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are open to all organizations in a 22 nations of a Asia-Pacific region. Winners of this year’s APAC Stevie Awards were announced during Stevie Award Ceremony in Hong Kong on 1st June.


About Allegis Global Solutions:

Allegis Global Solutions is a personality in tellurian talent solutions. To date, we support clients in some-more than 60 countries by informal hubs, relating a good people with businesses seeking to optimize their permanent and fortuitous workforce.

We broach scalable, stretchable and customized solutions, made around your singular business mandate and culture. We pull on decades of attention imagination and marketplace discernment to pattern strategies that work. We rise innovative tools, products and processes that broach a formula we seek. And we do all this improved than anyone else.

Our passion for talent is a pushing force behind all we do. We live to compare well-developed organizations with superb people. By formulating a enlightenment clinging to good talent, we can broach client-focused solutions that make a disproportion for your business.

To learn some-more about Allegis Global Solutions, revisit or follow @AllegisGlobal on Twitter.

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