Amazon Fire TV Stick Launches In The UK For £35

Well we saw this coming: Amazon has launched a Fire TV Stick in a UK.

What we substantially didn’t see entrance however was a cost: For dual days — and if we don’t have Amazon Prime — we can pointer adult to Amazon Prime and get a Fire TV Stick for £7.

To be honest even if we are a Prime member afterwards it’s £19 while for those who only wish to buy it outright? £35.

So what are we indeed removing for your £35? Well it’s radically a cut-down chronicle of a Amazon Fire TV box that a association launched in a UK and is going to be directed during everybody who’s been eyeing adult a Google Chromecast.

amazon glow tv stick

Despite a bite-size wrapping Amazon’s congested a dual-core processor, 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM.

It’ll tide approach to a TV regulating dual-antenna WiFi in 1080p Full-HD. What will it stream? Well it will of march tide all of Amazon Prime’s online calm including films, TV shows and Amazon’s disdainful pilots. Thanks to a Amazon App Store yet it’ll also run Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more.

A neat new pretence a Fire TV Stick has is a ability to record in to WiFi networks that have registration walls, useful if you’re travelling and wish to get by you’re hotel’s WiFi barrier.


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Of march we can’t only have all for £35, so a Fire TV Stick loses a voice control functionality found on a Fire TV and ditches some of a higher-end Android games.

Both aren’t a finish of a universe yet as we can move behind voice control with Amazon’s new app for Android and iOS while a chances are you’re phone can substantially run all of a high-powered games anyway.

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