AMD Beema and Mullins APU Performance – 3rd Generation APUs

AMD Beema and Mullins APU

AMD Mullins Discovery

During CES 2014, AMD announced their growth of their subsequent era low powered APUs being designed for tablets, notebooks and tiny form cause systems.  Detailed information is finally accessible for their new “Beema” and “Mullins” APUs.  Beema is being targeted during a notebook, ultrabook and tiny form cause form systems, while Mullins is geared towards inscription usage.  For this era of APU, AMD has achieved integrating an ARM Cortex A5 for height confidence processor, quad Puma+ GPU cores, obscure energy use for CPU, GPU and I/O, augmenting a frequency, and augmenting a memory bandwidth.  In Apr 2014, AMD invited Legit Reviews to their corporate bureau to have some hands-on time with their Mullins APU.  Before we take a demeanour during what we found, let’s get some credentials on a a APUs.

AMD Mullins Discovery Roadmap

The AMD APU formed on a Temash chipset was expelled in Summer 2013 for inscription and ultra-low powered systems, reduction than a year after a new generation, Mullins, is now being announced.  The Temash chipset was a initial x86 quad-core SOC APU for tablets and also enclosed AMD’s Graphics Core Next instruction set.  Mullins expands those facilities and doubles a opening per watt when compared to identical processors. Intel is only commencement to enter this marketplace with their Baytrail solution.

AMD Discovery User Experience

AMD includes many combined facilities to raise a user experience.  The Mullins APU includes AMD Quick Stream that will prioritize a network bandwith over other network streams from a device to make certain a preferred knowledge is well-spoken and uninterrupted.  Their Picture Perfect creates streaming video improved by shortening shaking, boldly augmenting a fortitude to urge a altogether quality.  For a user interface, they have accelerated gesticulate control and facial login.  AMD has also partnered with BlueStacks to yield a sandbox for Android applications, permitting your Android applications to run as if they were on your Android formed mobile device.


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