AMERGINT Technologies Completes Successful Modem/BBU Compatibility…

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Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) Mar 17, 2015

The tests were conducted to denote full operational harmony of a satTRAC Modem/BBU with satellites done by SSL and flown by Intelsat. Over a 3 days of contrast satTRAC determined connectors to both comparison and some-more recently launched SSL 1300 satellites.

“We are intensely happy with a opening of AMERGINT’s program modem”, pronounced Scott Steinberg, Manager, Mission Engineering Operations, during SSL. “This demonstration, as good as contrast we have already finished on satellites now underneath construction, establishes satTRAC as a baseline belligerent unit. The economies gained from AMERGINT’s design and palliate of formation done gift of satTRAC a constrained priority.” 

“AMERGINT is beholden to SSL and Intelsat for their contributions in achieving this vicious milestone. It is conspicuous how fast this bid came together. It is a covenant to a engineers during SSL and Intelsat as good as a proof of a palliate of formation of satTRAC with existent satellites and infrastructure,” remarked Jeff Papenfuss, Vice President of AMERGINT’s Waveform Products Group.

“Intelsat was a judicious choice to perform a contrast as we have a right personnel, comforts and on-orbit satellites to accomplish a effort. Intelsat is a heading provider of satellite services and we are tender with a capabilities demonstrated by satTRAC,” remarkable Luis DeSilva, Director, Satellite Operations Intelsat.

satTRAC is a pristine program telemetry, ranging, and autocratic modem/BBU with all waveform estimate achieved in structured re-usable program modules powered by AMERGINT’s softLINK(TM) architecture. The operational hardware is generic, economical, and rarely reliable. Moreover, satTRAC modem/BBUs are some-more simply cyber-hardened for increasing operational security. satTRAC offers satellite manufacturers and operators a complicated pristine program design delivering increasing trustworthiness and reduced sum life-cycle cost.

satTRAC modem/BBUs do not need an trade permit for general sales.

About Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

SSL has a prolonged story of delivering arguable satellites and booster systems for blurb and supervision business around a world. As a heading provider of blurb satellites, a association works closely with satellite operators to yield booster for a extended operation of services including radio and radio distribution, digital audio radio, broadband Internet, mobile communications, and Earth observation. Billions of people around a universe count on SSL satellites each day. For some-more information, revisit http://www.sslmda.com.

About Intelsat

Intelsat S. A. is a world’s heading provider of satellite services, delivering high opening connectivity solutions for media, bound and mobile broadband infrastructure, craving and supervision and troops applications. Intelsat’s satellite, teleport and fiber infrastructure is unmatched in a industry, environment a customary for transmissions of video and broadband services. From a globalization of calm and a proliferation of HD, to a enlargement of mobile networks and mobile broadband access, with Intelsat, prognosticate your destiny network, bond regulating a heading satellite record and renovate your opportunities. Envision…Connect…Transform…with Intelsat. For some-more information, revisit http://www.intelsat.com.

About AMERGINT Technologies

AMERGINT provides software-defined signal/protocol processing, telemetry, and autocratic solutions for space/satellite belligerent infrastructure, test, launch, simulation/emulation, and information merger markets. For some-more information or to arrange a satTRAC demonstration, hit Jeff Papenfuss directly during 719-522-2812. AMERGINT Technologies is an worker owned association formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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