Andrew Nikou Foundation Partners with and Invests in MobLab Inc. to…

MobLab Inc. (“MobLab”), a provider of interactive economics and behavioral games that assistance students learn and personalize their preparation decisions, announced now that a Andrew Nikou Foundation (“ANF”) of businessman Andrew Nikou, is partnering with and investing in MobLab. The new partnership and investment will enhance MobLab’s height to yield some-more students with entrance to an educational believe that works for their training character and needs. This investment mirrors a impact and idea of ANF that values amiability and scalability.

“I’m desirous by scalable ideas that assistance people maximize their full potential, that is because I’m investing in MobLab,” common Andrew Nikou, ANF Founder. “With MobLab record accessible to some-more people, we can prognosticate assisting a extended operation of people, such as students in underserved communities who can get believe in what it’s like to run a tiny business, or bringing to life mercantile concepts for immature people who dream of portion their communities with that knowledge.”

“We unequivocally demeanour brazen to operative with Andrew and his group in regulating preparation as a absolute approach to overpass educational gaps—and eventually—inequality gaps,” pronounced Walter Yuan, Founder and CEO of MobLab. “With a support of a Andrew Nikou Foundation, a group is now versed to enhance a portfolio of interactive behavioral and mercantile games as a direct-to-consumer product to urge mercantile bargain and financial preparation for immature children worldwide.”

About MobLab

MobLab Inc. is an EdTech startup focused on regulating interactive behavioral games to assistance students learn economics, business management, and a amicable sciences in general, both in and out of classrooms. Its founders and core members are from Caltech and Stanford, that are famous for their pioneering work in initial and behavioral economics. The MobLab app now includes 70+ diversion templates covering many renouned amicable and mercantile interactions and a height has been used by thousands of schools around a world. Recently, by mixing a behavioral information with a team’s domain imagination in behavioral science, cognitive psychology, diversion theory, appurtenance learning, and diversion development, a group has been building predictive analytics to assistance students personalize their preparation decisions. For some-more information, greatfully revisit a site during

About a Andrew Nikou Foundation

Committed to village and philanthropy, a Andrew Nikou Foundation is a apparatus for large ideas to urge a lives of people who are disconnected, oppressed, and left-behind. Through vital investments and partnerships, a Foundation works side by-side with people who are pushing solutions to make a difference. The Foundation’s idea is to commission immature people to perform their untapped intensity even when systems are operative opposite them. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

About Andrew Nikou

Andrew Nikou is a seasoned businessman who believes in a significance of hospitality to tackle some of a world’s biggest problems. Andrew is a Founder and CEO of OpenGate Capital, a tellurian private equity organisation determined in 2005, formed in Los Angeles, California and Paris, France. The organisation focuses on appropriation business groups from larger, multinational companies around a universe that need tellurian collateral and operational transformations in sequence to strech their full potential. Andrew guides OpenGate Capital with a trained investment plan focused on appropriation underperforming or non-core businesses that are many mostly groups of Fortune 1000 companies, infusing them with a tellurian and financial collateral indispensable to reinvigorate a business, and urge their altogether opening and value.

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