Android Wear Software Review

What is Android Wear?

Android Wear is Google’s handling system
optimized for wearable tech and privately smaller screens like the
ones we find on smartwatches.

Inspired by facilities already
present in a smartphone and tablet-friendly chronicle of Android, Google
is pinning a hopes that Android Wear will be a pivotal to giving
smartwatches genuine appeal.

The LG G Watch
and a Samsung Gear Live are a initial Android Wear watches to go on
sale, with a Moto 360 to follow after in a year, nonetheless Asus are
among a companies rumoured to be jumping on a Android Wear

We’ve spent a good understanding of time with a handling complement for a LG G Watch review
and a initial few days removing to know a Samsung Gear Live (review
coming soon) and a core of Android Wear unequivocally impresses, yet it’s
still a small severe around a edges.

Android Wear: How does it work?

Wear is all about branch a likes of a G Watch and Gear Live into
companion inclination for your smartphone. It’s never going to reinstate your Samsung Galaxy S5 or Moto G
yet it does wish to give we a information we need in a watchful way
and yield some of a same functionality yet we carrying to reach
into your slot each time.

It’s value indicating out that
Android Wear is not concordant with iPhones or Windows Phones and will
only work with Android phones regulating on Android 4.3 JellyBean upwards.
That does meant it covers a broader operation of handsets than Samsung’s
Tizen-based smartwatches, nonetheless those with Android phones regulating an
earlier chronicle of a handling complement have means to grumble. In
contrast, Pebble smartwatches now play good with both Android
phones and iPhones.

Connecting a smartphone to smartwatch is
done over Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy so when we are out of operation of your
phone or vigilance drops, we are left with unequivocally singular functionality. You
won’t be means to see a Google Now cards or notifications, yet we can
use simple smartwatch facilities like a stopwatch.

You need to
download a Android Wear focus to your phone to settle the
connection between a dual devices. It’s also a place to customize
settings for notifications and crop concordant apps. Apps are built
into a Google Play Store yet as distant as we can see they are only
searchable around a Android Wear app.

Downloading apps is done
through a phone and should afterwards seem on a smartwatch although
that’s not always a case. Re-syncing apps to a smartwatch (which is
done around a Android Wear app) customarily does a pretence yet we struggled
to get apps to seem on a Gear Live. We indeed had to tough reset
the watch to modernise a commissioned apps. This is one of a few teething
problems in an differently hassle-free setup.

Android Wear: Design and Interface

manufacturers can put their possess spin on a hardware, Google has kept
control over a demeanour of Android Wear. There’s not a riot you
find with opposite manufacturers’ versions of Android. Google wants
Android Wear to be consistent.

It’s a demeanour that’s largely
inspired by Google Now, a intelligent digital partner that’s
accessed on Android smartphones customarily by swiping left on the
homescreens or doing a same movement adult from a home button. The same
clean, primarily white UI has been adopted for Android Wear scaling
down a distance of a information cards to improved fit a smaller

Google Now always felt like a good fit for a smartwatch
and when we finally see it in movement it’s easy to see why. It’s
simplistic and anything some-more formidable simply would never have worked.

of a areas a likes of Samsung and LG do have some control over is
your choice of watch faces and both offer a approach to customize a always
on display. No doubt a Google Play store will shortly be good stocked
with watch faces, and Google has given reliable that a tradition watch
face API is on a way. For now, a G Watch and Gear Live does give you
some options to get started. LG now offers a improved preference to
choose from yet both could advantage with some bolder, some-more visible

While Android for tablets and smartphones competence not be
as easy to use as iOS, it’s going in a right direction.
Disappointingly we can’t contend that Android Wear provides an intuitive
user knowledge usually yet. For starters, we have to live yet a
notification dump down to fast entrance settings or launch apps from
homescreens. These options are dark divided during a bottom of Google Voice
Search and if we don’t wish to hunt for them by voice, it can make
navigating to find them a restive process. It breaks a upsurge of an
otherwise sharp handling complement and hopefully this will be addressed in
after versions of Android Wear.

Android Wear OS review

Android Wear: Google Now

Now is one of a pivotal components of how Android Wear works. It uses
location and hunt information to broach information that you’ll find useful
for that accurate moment. That could be plotting your tour home,
recommending places circuitously to eat or anticipating out a latest football
scores. Google continues to supplement larger functionality including features
like parking showing and formulating product reminders when we walk
past a shop. This should in speculation all filter down to Android Wear

At a impulse it doesn’t feel like a full Google
Now experience. Weather updates have a permanent mark on Android Wear
while transport updates take some time to adjust to accurately pin point
your commute. Calendar appointments come by during a commencement of the
day so we can get a good thought of what we have designed and we even got
unchanging updates on a cricket nonetheless they are presented as football
scores for some peculiar reason.

There were some cards we had selected
in Google Now that didn’t make an entrance like a links to news
stories shaped on new hunt story or a places circuitously cards.
Google Now clearly still needs to take time to learn about the
information we unequivocally wish or need yet from what we’ve seen so distant it’s
a many engaging underline we’ve found, not usually in Android Wear, but
opposite all smartwatches.

LG G Watch resized

Android Wear: Google Voice Search

doesn’t take unequivocally prolonged to realize that Google’s Voice Search is a major
partial of how we correlate with Android Wear smartwatches. That’s right.
Prepare to go by a awkwardness of vocalization to your wrist and
asking it if we have any meetings tomorrow or to launch Google Play

In a box of a LG G Watch there’s no buttons and the
Samsung Gear Live has a singular symbol to spin a watch on and off. You
don’t have a keyboard nonetheless as absurd as it sounds, app
developers are creation them. You’ll need to pronounce to your watch to make
notes, foreordain emails and content messages.

To activate it on a G
Watch and Samsung Gear Live we can double daub on a shade or simply
say ‘OK Google’. Then you’ll be presented with examples of commands you
can ask your phone about.

It works in a same approach as Google
Voice Search does on your phone so we are giveaway to ask flattering much
anything you’d routinely go to Google for. Whether that’s something
trivial or looking for an address, Android Wear can hoop it.

of a many engaging uses is navigation and a ability for Android
Wear to beam we to a destination. This could be good for cyclists for
instance who can’t strech into their slot or someone who is simply
lost and doesn’t wish to travel around with their phone constantly in
their hand. Disappointingly, it doesn’t unequivocally work. Relying on your
phone’s GPS it takes an age to calculate routes and will inevitably
force we to go behind to your smartphone and use Google Maps in the
conventional way. Pebble’s OS works a lot improved in this respect.

Gear Live and LG G Watch have opposite microphone placements, but
voice approval is generally accurate opposite both. As ungainly as we
feel articulate to a tech in public, this is one partial of Android Wear
that works unequivocally well.

LG G Watch resized 9

Android Wear: Gesture controls

no pinch, wizz or multi-touch to worry about, yet when we are not
talking to your Android Wear smartwatch there’s a few gestures we need
to get accustomed to assistance nevigate your approach around. These gestures will
work opposite Android Wear smartwatches so once we know it, we are good
to go on any Wear device.

The initial one to learn is swiping down
on a time face to perspective a date, battery standing and tongue-tied or unmute
notifications. You can appropriate down to corkscrew by screens which
entirely depends on how many notifications or alerts have come through.
Swiping right on a shade will boot alerts or swiping left will
give we a options to act on a notification.

Considering the
size of a screen, gripping these gestures down to a smallest creates sense
nonetheless it now lacks an easy approach to burst behind to a categorical watch
screen, that would be a useful addition.

Android Wear:  Notifications

thought of receiving notifications has shaped a elemental partial of what
the initial era of smartwatches like a Pebble and a Samsung
Gear are means to do. In Android Wear there’s what Google calls Bridged
and Contextual notifications. Bridged notifications are a form you
find popping adult in a drop-down presentation bar on your phone and the
contextual notifications describe to Google Now updates. You can also see
stacked notifications, like a one in a design above, that can show
mixed notifications from one application.

Android Wear won’t
let we make calls and justly so as a unequivocally thought of carrying a full
blown review on a watch is usually ridiculous. You can see when calls
and messages are entrance by and can understanding with these notifications
on a smartwatch. It does meant regulating voice hunt to do it, yet it is
possible. What we can do with a presentation wholly depends on the
nature of it as well.

In many instances you’ll have to swipe
right for a choice to send it to phone yet for emails and messages
which can be stretched and review on a watch it’s a underline good suited
to Android Wear watches. One emanate we will confront is that it’s all
too simply to accidently appropriate divided a presentation we haven’t had time
to read. It’s a identical unfolding when we accidently send an unfinished
dictated message. Google needs some form of stop opening like flashing adult a
message that says, ‘Are we sure?’ to forestall this.

Android Wear: Google Fit

as Apple launched a HealthKit height paving a approach for a own
assault on a aptness wearables market, Google announced Google Fit.
The concept, many like HealthKit, is to harmonize all a tracking
information from mixed aptness data, either that’s running, cycling
or anything else sporty and eventually mislay a need to possess a separate
dedicated activity tracker.

At a impulse Fit is unequivocally simple and
much of that has to do with a miss of aptness or health apps currently
accessible for Android Wear. Both a LG G Watch and a Samsung Gear
Live have a suit sensor record to be means to lane stairs while
the Samsung additionally includes a heart rate monitor. All of that data
is stored and can be noticed in a Fit application.

The thought of
bringing all of this information into one place and not carrying to worry about
using opposite apps to lane opposite things is a good idea. However,
during a impulse it’s distant too obsolete of a underline to know if Google’s
approach works.

LG G Watch resized 5

Android Wear: Apps

line, there’s not a lot of Android Wear apps. When we cruise that
Pebble smartwatch apps series in a thousands, Google has some catching
adult to do. We’ve left into some-more fact about what we finished of a quality
of apps in a LG G Watch review
and while it’s a brew bag there’s good accumulation of high form Android
apps. Tinder, Runtastic, Philips Hue Control, Golfshot Golf GPS, Google
Keep, Duolingo, The Guardian, American Airlines and Google Hangouts are
among a initial collection to get a Android Wear treatment.
app developers on house is going to be essential to make Google’s vision
for Android Wear work. Similarly formulating a right form of
functionality in those apps that make clarity on a smartwatch is going to
be critical to a success of a handling system.


extravagantly transparent that nonetheless Android Wear is discriminating in some areas,
it still needs refining. The
interface looks good yet it needs to turn discerning and easier to
use true out of a box. The miss of apps is a problem too, and leaves
many of a pivotal Android Wear facilities mostly untapped.

seen adequate to advise Android Wear provides a many constrained case
that smartwatches could have a place in a day-to-day lives. Google
Now’s bite-size information unequivocally impresses and can usually get better. As
many as we hatred carrying to use voice search, that is by and vast how we correlate with Android Wear, it is during slightest accurate and gives we what you

Much will rest on Google staying committed to helping
Android Wear evolve, usually like it has finished with a customary version
of Android. It’s not usually about Google though. Hardware manufacturers
need to give a handling complement an appealing place to live and ensure
it has a energy and some-more importantly a battery life to give it the
best possibility of success.

Pebble’s OS stays a many established
platform yet Android Wear has all a mixture to build the
smartwatch we will unequivocally wish to own.

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