Anon: 5 things about a new thriller from a author of The Truman Show

Starring Amanda Seyfried and Clive Owen, Anon is a post-Cambridge Analytica liaison sci-fi dystopia of your nightmares.

The film borrows heavily from a ideas of Black Mirror and Minority Report to build a universe in that people have frankly commissioned chips in their smarts to both record all they see and to broach an protracted existence existence so modernized it creates a Hololens demeanour like a Fisher Price fondle in comparison.

On a good day a record will uncover we your colleague’s name before we forget it for a fifteenth time, or will assistance a troops accumulate justification to solve a crime, though flattering shortly things start going sideways, with a hacker (played by Seyfried) utilizing available memories and protracted realities to go on a crime spree.

We sat down with executive Andrew Niccol (who wrote The Truman Show behind in 1998 and destined Gattaca a year previously) to find out all we need to know about a arriving movie, that is being expelled on May 11 in UK cinemas and on Sky Cinema.

It’s not set in a future, it’s set in a together present

The thought of record being means to directly record from a eyes competence seem flattering futuristic, though it’s conceptually not that distant divided from what many of us already do with a phones and wearables.

Instagram and a cohorts inspire us to sketch and live-blog a lives with such rule that we competence as good be recording, and inclination like Snapchat Spectacles inspire us to record directly from usually in front of a eyes.

“We’re all life-logging right now,” Niccol says, explaining since he doesn’t consider of Anon as being a unconventional film during all.

“I consider we’re in it now, that’s since we don’t contend it’s a unconventional film, it’s a some-more a together present,” he says, “I deliberately didn’t make it sincerely unconventional in coming since we don’t wish we to emotionally check out and say, ‘this has zero to do with me.’”

Although this has terrifying implications for us as viewers, Niccol admits it done his pursuit a lot easier, permitting him to mislay a exegesis that was benefaction in progressing drafts of a script. He didn’t invent any new technology, he explains, he’s usually done what we already have, “cooler”.

There’s a lot of fact in a on-screen text

Part of a advantage of Anon receiving a coexisting recover in cinemas and in a home is that pausing becomes an option, rather than carrying to watch a film in one undeviating sitting.

In Anon we competence wish to postponement a film a small some-more often. There’s a lot of on-screen content to digest, and Niccol teased us with a integrate of engaging tidbits that keen-eyed viewers competence be means to mark in a trailer above.

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For example, it’s usually by interlude to review this on-screen content that we schooled that a film’s cars are all powered by hydrogen cells. There are also engaging sum to be schooled about any of a characters in a film from their bios.

“The prostitute has a unequivocally engaging one,” Niccol remembers, “She gives a troops discount… there are some other good luscious sum in her bio.”

It’s maybe not something we should do during your initial watch (seriously, there’s so most content on-screen it’d take we hours), though there’s copiousness there to keep we entertained by a second viewing.

Niccol isn’t pro or anti-technology, it’s all about how it’s used

Given a desperate design of a universe Anon presents, we approaching Andrew Niccol to have a most bleaker perspective of technology’s potential, though when we asked him directly if he was for or opposite it as a whole, he embellished a most some-more neutral picture.

The approach he explains it, tech is a tool. “No record is all good or bad, it’s how we use it or abuse it,” he explains.

“You can have chief energy that in some respects can be purify though afterwards we have a chief weapon. The record is not going away. we can’t consider of a record we’ve invented that we’ve destroyed.”

Given that Niccol already thinks we live in a universe that’s tighten to what’s shown in Anon, it’s maybe calming to consider that we can control what we’ve created, even if destroying it wholly is no longer a possibility.

There’s not a singular shade in a whole movie

This one’s a small harder to notice a initial time we watch it, though via a entirety of Anon there’s not a singular normal shade visible.

It creates clarity as shortly as we consider about it. After all, with everybody means to see digital information projected directly into their eyes, aged fashioned screens turn totally redundant.

Nowhere is this some-more apparent than in one stage set in a stock-broker’s office, where quarrel on quarrel of bankers lay during desks though a singular mechanism guard in sight.

Given a quality, Niccol remarks that “It’s roughly suitable in some way” that a film would see a Netflix recover in and with a cinematic debut.

Used in a wrong way, tech erases a humanity

Before we let yourself get too optimistic, record does have a intensity to erase a amiability — during slightest according to Niccol.

At a best, record eliminates small “happy accidents” that supplement farrago to a tellurian knowledge and lead us to learn new things. Niccol uses a instance of a bookshop that would deliver people to books they competence not differently have read. Now, since we can go approach to a book’s digital page on Amazon we’re not dreaming in a same way, and we’re reduction expected to have a horizons broadened.

But during a worse, record can literally means us to remove elements of a humanity, Niccol claims. In Anon we see characters remove a memories that they’ve entrusted to technology, though in genuine life a impact is some-more subtle.

“Someone mentioned recently that since of GPS we’re losing a ability to navigate usually as tellurian beings.” he says, “That was a tellurian ability! Now, since we’re relying on GPS we’re indeed losing something human.”

Anon is expelled to UK Cinemas and Sky Cinema on 11th May.

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