AOC PDS241 Monitor

What is a AOC PDS241?

The PSD241 is AOC’s try to rouse a common bureau guard to something some-more stylish. It takes a form of a sincerely customary 24-inch IPS row and a rather reduction customary support and mount design. However, it does rather feel like it won’t be right for everybody.

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AOC PDS241 – Design and Features

Turn on a guard and you’ll be greeted by a trademark of a pattern studio obliged for a PDS241: FA Porsche. There’s copiousness to like here, with a skinny cosmetic bezel, lead china support and skinny top, right and bottom bezel. It’s also magnificently slim nearby a tip when noticed from a side, yet it becomes thicker towards a bottom.


The mount is where FA Porsche has warranted a salary, with a square of made steel behaving as a bottom for a PDS241; it’s presumably desirous by guard cabling. It looks flattering good, yet with only a single, comparatively skinny square of steel balancing a screen, it can be a bit rootless if a table it’s station on bears a brunt of knees knocking opposite it.

There are no ergonomic adjustments aside from brazen and retrograde tilt, that boundary a in-office practicality.

This dumb mount pattern also formula in compromises as distant as inputs go. It connects to a dermatitis box around a mini HDMI wire that carries both energy and video, while on a dermatitis box finish there’s a energy connector and full-size HDMI port. And that’s it.

Not everybody will need a guard with mixed inputs, and given how common HDMI is these days, it isn’t a disaster by any means. But a miss of DisplayPort, DVI or VGA does feel a small mean. There is during slightest a 3.5mm headphone jack underneath a bottom bezel, that is a accessible addition.

The advantage of a dermatitis box is that it can be dim from perspective completely, with only a singular wire trailing from it to a guard stand. But was this ever unequivocally a problem? Most monitors come with some form of wire government to track a several wires into a singular clump, all yet expelling any sense of untidiness.

AOC PDS241 2

The on-screen arrangement is tranquil around a singular symbol – again, to lift by a elementary design. Using a singular symbol for navigating menus is tedious, yet there aren’t many options to change (brightness, contrast, volume, overdrive, blue light filter and language) so you’ll substantially spend small to no time in these menus anyway.

AOC PDS241 – Image Quality

The PDS241 uses a Full HD IPS panel. IPS screens tend to offer both improved colour correctness and observation angles than conventional, cheaper TN screens. On a reward product, it would have been good to have a higher-resolution 1440p choice – yet as it stands, Full HD is all you’ll find on both a 24- and 27-inch models.

It’s a good panel, though, means to arrangement a full sRGB colour progression and an considerable 81% of a Adobe RGB space as well. That’s good both for bureau users and photographers, who will have a improved operation of colours to play with and a some-more accurate perspective of what photos are ostensible to demeanour like.

Delta E, that tells we how accurately any colour is displayed – and where a reduce measure is improved – was totalled during 1.53. This is decent, nonetheless not during a turn of pro-photography monitors. Still, for a income it’s flattering good. The same goes for observation angles, that are far-reaching in both a plane and straight planes, definition a miss of adjustability is reduction of an emanate than with cheaper panels.

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At limit brightness, this shade can arrangement adult to 280cd/m2, that is glorious for an bureau guard and about as splendid as you’ll wish a indication to be anyway. Black levels, where a reduce a figure a deeper a blacks, was totalled during 0.23cd/m2, that is good yet not outstanding.

Brightness unity is excellent. There were no conspicuous dim or light rags on a screen, that hints during a peculiarity row and good build quality.

Motion fuzz was during a smallest when scrolling by pages of text, yet there’s adequate benefaction to suggest that twitchy gamers equivocate this screen. You’ll wish something distant faster, such as a gaming guard with during during slightest a 120Hz modernise rate.

Should we buy a AOC PDS241?

The AOS PDS241 has copiousness going for it, nonetheless it’s rather hobbled by a admittedly appealing yet somewhat unreal stand. For £200, a high colour coverage is a clear perk, yet if we don’t need top-notch colours, a 23-inch LG 23MP68VQ will do a pursuit for £50 less.


A classy-looking guard charity decent picture quality, yet it isn’t quite practical.

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