Apple Watch Must Be Banned for Drivers

The prolonged awaited Apple Watch launched this week to a common tech attention fanfare. Smart watches have been around for a integrate of years though now that Apple are concerned wearable tech is about to go mainstream.

But this presents a vital problem – it is now ideally authorised to expostulate a automobile while regulating a intelligent watch, and nonetheless they are some-more dangerous to use when pushing than a handheld phone.

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Department For Transport Have No Legislation for Smart Watches
Mobile phones were criminialized in 2003 from use while in assign of a automobile though there is no legislation to forestall use of intelligent watches. And with a ubiquitous choosing entrance adult shortly, that’s not expected to change for utterly some time.

In a meantime thousand some-more motorists are expected to be regulating Apple Watch when they go on sale on 24 Apr and new investigate showed that they will boost motorist response times threefold.

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Driver Distraction is Three Times Worse With Smart Watches
The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in Wokingham, Berks showed that a motorist reading a summary on a intelligent watch would take 2.52 seconds to conflict to an puncture manoeuvre, since a motorist articulate to another newcomer would conflict in 0.9 seconds. It was even found to be some-more distracting than regulating a handheld mobile (1.85 second delay).

For that reason automobile reserve organisation SmartWitness are job for a Department of Transport to place an evident anathema on a use of intelligent watches by drivers. We don’t wish to sound like kill-joys and a health and reserve military though there’s no doubt that regulating intelligent watches while pushing will means critical accidents.

And with new apps and wearable record being devised all a time there are going to be some-more and some-more distractions for motorists and it’s going to be tough for legislation to keep adult with. It’s now time for a DfT time to put a sweeping anathema on all drivers accessing messages and calls while in assign of a vehicle.

A new consult showed that over 500,000 motorists are still pushing while regulating their mobiles, and in 2013 mobile phone use was a cause in 22 deadly collisions.
So if that’s what’s function when they are banned, only consider about what’s going to occur when intelligent watches are effectively giveaway to use when driving.

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Driver Mode Function Needs To Be Added

We need to have a Driver Mode combined to a intelligent watches and intelligent phones, most in a same approach there’s an Airplane Mode symbol that switches off messaging and calls during flights – and we need legislation to make it differently there could be a poignant boost in critical highway accidents and even fatalities caused by intelligent watches.

Correction: An progressing chronicle of this post wrongly settled a Apple Watch was used in a TRL greeting test.

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