AR Startup Kwest Launches Crowdfunding & Livestream Event

Kwest currently announced that their building Augmented Reality height Kickstarter debate is live during

Kwest currently announced that their building Augmented Reality height Kickstarter debate is live during and are celebrating with an all-day Livestream eventuality during with special guests, art jam, Dungeons Dragons, and product/player accessibility discussions.

Guests embody Steve Spohn from AbleGamers, Eisner Award winning artist Janet K Lee, and a group behind a renouned podcast “We Fix Space Junk.”

The Android and iOS concordant AR diversion has already had a successful sealed release, with scarcely 4000 particular story scenes played, and 97% of surveyed players stating certain practice with a game.

After Kickstarter’s fee, and a cost of earthy rewards shipping, a remaining supports will be spent only on a growth and prolongation of Kwest. Though a idea of $40,000 seems high for a mobile app, it is an intensely medium bill for a kind of knowledge that Kwest is creating.

Michael Gibson, Kwest CMO: “We wish everybody on a group to have tenure as we pattern and build this knowledge together, and to that end, one of a primary uses of a crowdfunding increase will go directly to a coders and artists that have worked to make this diversion happen.”

Kwest is a Location Based, Augmented Reality storytelling diversion – immersing users in real-world scrutiny around episodic account adventures.

Users will be means to play in their favorite story worlds (from their favorite books, TV, shows, movies, etc.) as a categorical impression in an interactive account journey – with their city as a setting. Compelling account is delivered by voice, music, and sound effects. Players make choices that mold their possess singular outcomes. And characters in any story are brought to life in their city streets, by a lens of protracted reality.

Players can pointer adult to stay in a know about Kwest during and hit a group during or find them on amicable media during @KwestApp on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kwest is leveraging technical creation to work with mixed calm creators and media markets to inspire faster adoption of AR overall, relocating a attention forward.

With Kwest, everybody can discover… It’s All Real.

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