Arcam Solo bar and Solo underling Audio Review

What is a Arcam Solo bar Solo sub?

The Solo bar outlines Arcam’s initial incursion into a sepulchral soundbar marketplace and as we competence design it’s directed precisely during audio connoisseurs. With lush build peculiarity and components subsequent from Arcam’s high-end AV receivers, it aims to broach a some-more fulfilling sound than a infancy of soundbars on a market.

Inevitably, such oppulance comes during a cost – utterly if we supplement a wireless Solo subwoofer for an additional £500 – nonetheless if a opening lives adult to Arcam’s common high standards it could be income good spent.

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Arcam Solo bar Solo underling – Design

Arcam has fashioned a fine-looking soundbar with build peculiarity that simply justifies a money. The plain aluminium enclosing boasts a arrange of heft and acerbity blank from bill soundbars, assisting to forestall and diffuse resonance.

Arcam Solo bar
Arcam Solo bar
It’s not a lofty soundbar by any means, nonetheless exudes sophistication from tip to bottom. Viewed from a front, dual immeasurable orator grilles side a executive quarrel containing a quarrel of buttons and a immeasurable dot-matrix arrangement that spells out inputs, volume levels and audio formats. The panel’s silken black finish and china strips supplement a hold of elegance, while a big, curvy back-end gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money.
Arcam Solo bar
On a downside a massive measure place some-more final on your space than some soundbars, and during 130mm high it covers adult a TV’s IR sensor when placed on tip of a mountain – nonetheless there’s an IR repeater duty to fight this.
Arcam Solo bar

The bar measures 1000mm wide, that looks ideal in front of a 55-inch TV nonetheless stupid with anything next 40-inch. You can mountain it on a wall regulating a keyholes on a back.

Arcam Solo bar

Sheltered in a recess on a behind is a really inexhaustible choice of sockets, including 4 HDMI 1.4 inputs – a many we’ve seen on a soundbar – and an ARC-enabled output. They pass by 3D and 4K signals, and interestingly will support 4K adult to 60Hz during 4:2:0 colour space. Arcam says it’s a usually soundbar to offer this, as other bars usually pass 4K video during 30Hz 4:4:4 colour space.

Arcam Solo bar

These HDMIs are assimilated by coaxial and visual digital inputs, a 3.5mm minijack submit and a subwoofer outlay should we cite to offshoot adult a Solo underling (or another sub) around cable. A hollow is supposing for a granted microphone, partial of a built-in involuntary setup system, and there’s a USB pier that is for updates only. The position of a recess allows all cables to hang down when a bar is wall-mounted.Arcam Solo bar

The Solo underling is styled with equal panache, sporting a dim grey matte finish and winding corners. Its tall, commanding distance creates it tough to censor away, nonetheless it’s so stylish we wouldn’t mind carrying it out on display.
Arcam Solo bar

On a behind you’ll find a stretchable operation of controls to optimise it for use with a Solo bar or a opposite amplifier (it’s not usually designed for use with a Solo bar). They embody volume, crossover and crossover Q dials, and a symbol to upset a proviso setting.

Arcam Solo bar Solo underling – Features

Arcam creates a many of a endless HDMI connectivity with hi-res Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master decoding, charity a best probable sound peculiarity from Blu-ray discs. This is a singular underline among soundbars.

Arcam Solo bar

Built-in Bluetooth with aptX means we can tide song from phones and tablets, as good as promulgation sound from a bar to Bluetooth headphones – ideal for late-night listening.

Arcam Solo bar

The Solo bar is a stereo event and uses 4 4-inch mid/bass drivers (two on any side) and dual 1-inch tweeters, that are pointed outwards to grasp a far-reaching dispersion. The mid/bass drivers accept 40W while a tweeters accept 10W, ensuing in a sum energy outlay of 100W. The underling is versed with a 300W amp and a down-firing 10-inch woofer.

Processing is kept to a minimum. There are Movie and Concert modes, a latter adding some spatial effects, nonetheless a Arcam is all about clear, true stereo sound.

Arcam Solo bar Solo underling – Operation

Some soundbars rest on mysterious blinking lights to explain information nonetheless a Solo bar’s front arrangement quarrel gives we a clearer denote of a status. It houses a full setup menu, where we can try HDMI, EQ and complement settings.

You can also launch a automobile setup underline here. The Solo bar uses a granted microphone and exam tones to set a suitable orator levels and crossover magnitude with a sub, as good as rectifying musical frequencies in a room regulating filters. Again this is a rarity.

The underling doesn’t span automatically when we glow it adult – we have to couple it in a setup menu (a light on a behind of a underling glows plain blue when connected). Once paired, a underling reconnects whenever a Solo bar is incited on.
Arcam Solo bar
There are dual ways of determining a Solo bar. The aged fashioned proceed is to use a granted remote, that is slim and black with a tiny preference of block rubber buttons. Helpful symbol chain and transparent labelling allows for discerning navigation by a setup menu.

Arcam Solo bar   

The other process is to download a Solo bar app onto your Android or iOS phone and use a practical controls. It’s a sharp and appealing app, nonetheless in terms of functionality there are no advantages over a earthy remote as it simply replicates a buttons.

Arcam Solo bar Solo underling – Performance

After spending a while in Solo’s association with a preference of cinema and music, we were generally tender by a sound quality. It bears a hallmarks of Arcam’s abounding audio heritage, presenting each source with probity and permitting sounds to emerge clearly nonetheless any organisation of frequencies holding priority over another.

This formula in a smooth, well-balanced sound nonetheless with adequate punch to make cinema stimulating and involving. Crank adult a volume and a Solo bar fills a room with a immeasurable soundstage, nonetheless resorting to distracting approximate estimate (which frequency works anyway). Arcam’s no-nonsense stereo proceed gives we a approach and focused output. The Movie and Concert modes supplement small – hang with Stereo and you’re onto a winner.

Arcam Solo bar

With Guardians of a Galaxy on Blu-ray, a intergalactic conflict scenes are a genuine treat. As a Guardians invade a Dark Aster, outrageous spaceships wizz around a room and swallow we adult in their resounding engines. Effects pierce quickly and accurately opposite a front, explosions are plain and discourse is consistently clear. Solo also teases out copiousness of detail, from a ethereal beeping and clicking of spacesuits to a rough hardness of Drax’s voice – all of that creates for an interesting listen.

You can also spin a volume shrill nonetheless any vital signs of onslaught – usually one of a advantages of shopping an £800 soundbar. Plasticky bill bars are disposed to colouration and sepulchral during shrill volumes, nonetheless a Arcam’s plain cupboard and high-quality drivers keep such exaggeration during bay. 

Arcam Solo bar

Any negatives? Well if we’re being picky, we weren’t blown divided by a Solo’s drum outlay when personification movies. Arcam says we can use a bar nonetheless a subwoofer, nonetheless though one it fails to broach a low low frequencies so essential to a home cinema experience.

Sure, a drum opening knocks any TV or bill soundbar into a standing shawl and it’s superb for music, nonetheless we approaching some-more – utterly as opposition soundbars from a likes of Paradigm and Q Acoustics broach richer, meatier drum nonetheless a underling in tow.

That means a subwoofer is essential, nonetheless we’re not totally sole on a Solo underling either. When connected to a bar wirelessly, it lends weight to movement scenes nonetheless stops brief of chest-thumping, subterranean bass.

We attempted experimenting with opposite positions, tweaking a volume and branch a automobile EQ off, nonetheless zero we did utterly strike a spot. By proceed of comparison we fraudulent adult a Monitor Audio Silver W-12 underling we had fibbing around a exam room and there was a poignant step-up in impact and scale.

However, a eureka impulse came when we switched a Solo underling to a connected connection. Bass records became thicker and punchier, ensuing in harder-hitting explosions and a incomparable soundstage. What’s more, it’s good integrated and a woofer follows fast gunshots with consultant timing. All of that is good news, nonetheless it means we scapegoat a preference of a wireless connection.

There are no problems when personification song nonetheless – it shortly becomes apparent that Arcam designed this soundbar bar as a song actor first, film appurtenance second. Its neutrality pays dividends, charity a finessed and true facsimile of a MP3 collection around Bluetooth.

Vocals are healthy and detailed, while instruments that sound skinny and stretched on obtuse soundbars, such as pale trumpets and saxophones, are purify and realistic. The underling thatch firmly to basslines and flog drums nonetheless sepulchral or overhang. This is one of usually a handful of soundbars we’ve listened that broach hi-fi sound on a standard with a dedicated two-channel system.

Arcam Solo bar

Should we buy a Arcam Solo bar sub?

The Solo is positively a good soundbar, ticking each box probable feature-wise and delivering a healthy and stimulating sound, that is utterly befitting to music. It also looks a partial in a curvy black cabinet, that is built like a tank to keep inflection during bay.

Its 4 HDMIs are a many we’ve seen on a soundbar and a inclusion of HD audio decoding is a godsend for fans of hi-res film sound. For these reasons, a Solo bar justifies a lofty seeking cost and is rarely endorsed for those who can means it.

However, a subwoofer is essential for film playback and we’re usually not assured that a Solo underling is a best option. The wireless tie is available and a drum is pretty weighty, nonetheless it fails to broach a deep, thumping low-frequencies we expected. It does, however, urge over a connected tie and is most improved matched to song playback, lending a tight, flexible substructure to any tune.

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Arcam’s grand soundbar backs adult a stimulating opening with bags of facilities and high build quality, nonetheless we competence wish to examine some choice subwoofers before striking out.

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