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…would like to appreciate Takahiro for his implausible efforts and accomplishments while during Aruze…

Aruze Gaming America, Inc. and Aruze Gaming Ltd. (Hong Kong) (“Aruze” or “the company”) now announces that Mr. Takahiro Usui has told a Board of his goal to renounce as Chairman of a Board and CEO on Jun 30, 2019, citing personal reasons. During Mr. Usui’s 14-year reign during Aruze, he played an instrumental purpose in progressing and advancing Aruze’s position and repute as a heading dignitary in a gaming industry.

“The Aruze Board of Directors collectively would like to appreciate Takahiro for his implausible efforts and accomplishments while during Aruze and we wish him good in all his destiny endeavors,” says Rich Pennington, Vice Chairman of a Board of Directors. “Each of us on a Board of Directors, as good as many within a company, demeanour brazen to a continued personal attribute with him as he is a good crony to all of us.”

Additionally, Aruze’s Board of Directors announces a graduation of Mr. Masumi Fujisawa, Aruze’s stream Vice President of Product Development, to a position of Chairman of a Board and Chief Technology Officer.

“This graduation reflects a company’s faith that success in a gaming attention is driven by particular products that outperform those of a competition,” settled Rob Ziems, President/Global Chief Legal Office, Secretary, and Member of a Board of Directors. “Masumi’s care and product creation contributions to Aruze have resulted in Aruze winning tip container product awards as good as carrying 4 of a tip 25 behaving games in a new diversion opening research in a US publication. His continued care in a new roles will safeguard a association continues to surpass in a tellurian gaming marketplace.”

Aruze announces a graduation of a Group CFO/CSO, Mr. Yugo Kinoshita to a position of Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Kinoshita will sojourn a Member of a Board of Directors. Mr. Kinoshita, a proven executive in a gaming industry, has been with Aruze given 2012, portion as SVP of Corporate Strategy and Group COO. Prior to operative with Aruze, Mr. Kinoshita worked with organizations such as Nike Japan and Albirex Singapore, Pte Ltd. Mr. Kinoshita brings a clever credentials in selling and product government and warranted an MBA in Management from Babson College.

“It is with good respect that we accept a purpose of Aruze’s new Chief Executive Officer. we am vehement for a destiny of a association and demeanour brazen to stability a movement of success that a classification is now experiencing,” pronounced Mr. Konishita.

Finally, a Board of Directors is unapproachable to acquire Ms. Hiromi Okada as a Member of a Board of Directors for Aruze. “We are gratified Ms. Okada has supposed a position on a Board of Directors. She will supplement a uninformed viewpoint and change that each house needs to stay in front of a creation curve,” settled Mr. Fujisawa, Aruze’s new Chairman of a Board.

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Aruze Gaming designs, develops, and manufactures container machines and gaming inclination for a tellurian casino market. With affiliates in America, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Macau, Philippines, and Japan, Aruze Gaming produces innovative gaming products, including high-resolution video and stepper container machines, community gaming products, and multi-terminal devices.

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