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According to a SEC’s updated Feb 2018 rules: “Controls and procedures should capacitate companies to brand cybersecurity risks and incidents, (and) consider and investigate their impact on a company’s business . . .”

Arx Nimbus, a heading provider of financially-literate Cybersecurity risk quantitative research around its’ Thrivaca™ platform, has now expelled a Thrivaca Solutions Navigator. The initial mercantile gratefulness of cybersecurity solutions’ enterprise-value impact is now accessible in ubiquitous recover as a pivotal member of a Thrivaca™ platform.

With this pivotal technology, business and their advisors can now pinpoint a approaching risk rebate formula of implementing specific record solutions, and a compared financial cost liberation compared with rebate in cyber risk carrying cost.

Utilizing Qualys and Microsoft technology, Arx Nimbus’ Thrivaca height brings insurers, managed use providers, veteran use firms and craving a initial actuarially-based financial risk gratefulness height addressing a whole enterprise. Enterprises advantage by Thrivaca’s law mathematical algorithm-driven formula permitting quantitative-based prioritization of cybersecurity initiatives and investments. By focusing efforts on areas of biggest risk-driven cost to a enterprise, enlargement of monetized risk rebate is now attainable.

Developed in conference with vital universities and protected actuaries, Thrivaca is used in Health Care, Financial Services, Higher Education and a DoD. Arx Nimbus distributes a Thrivaca SaaS height by systems integrators and resellers including Tech Data. Thrivaca is a CARTA cybersecurity resolution used to yield insurance-grade gratefulness of minute risk drivers.

Thrivaca operates in suitability to regulator-driven cybersecurity frameworks including NIST 800-53, FFIEC, FERC, HIPAA and others. Many regulators and other sources titillate companies to obtain a quantitative-intelligent basement for identifying and addressing cyber risk of a form represented by Thrivaca:

According to a SEC’s updated Feb 2018 rules: “Controls and procedures should capacitate companies to brand cybersecurity risks and incidents, (and) consider and investigate their impact on a company’s business . . .”

According to a FFIEC Examiner Handbook, Management should use “risk dimensions processes that weigh a fundamental risk of a institution. The risk dimensions routine should be used to know a institution’s fundamental risk and establish a risk compared with opposite threats. Management should use a dimensions of a risks to beam a recommendations for and use of mitigating controls.”

According to Gartner: “Risk is always present. It’s a miss of prominence and intelligent government of risk that can be catastrophic”

According to EU GDPR regulations: “Risk should be evaluated on a basement of an design assessment”

Arx Nimbus CEO R. David Moon, stated: “We’re vehement to move this first-of-its-kind quantitatively driven record of Solutions Navigator to a business and channel partners. Today’s craving is struggling to accommodate regulator mandates for truly objective, financially-literate research of cybersecurity risk. Now, insurance-grade risk research is accessible by Thrivaca, to beam prioritization of vicious investments and initiatives to aim a biggest costs in cybersecurity risk. We’re unapproachable to move this modernized resolution to all those seeking to know their cybersecurity risks and their impact on a enterprise.”

The Thrivaca ™ cybersecurity risk profile, including Solutions Navigator and a 15-day giveaway hearing is accessible during or by contacting Arx Nimbus during info(at)

Arx Nimbus is a SaaS Software association that provides quantified research of cybersecurity defense, governance, correspondence and risk rebate for organizations in each industry. Our goal and passion are to move believe of cybersecurity risk to each craving worldwide. We mix low knowledge in defense, logistics, financial services and record sectors with well-developed educational credentials, versed with extensive standards-based quantitative methodologies. Through its’ Thrivaca product, Arx Nimbus provides eccentric insurance-grade research of accessible options in addressing cybersecurity threats, risks, vulnerabilities and capabilities.

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