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AsReader Camera Type Pointer with iPhone or Android

AsReader, Inc. announces a newest product today, “AsReader CAMERA Type,” a new, International Patent-pending solution, with a mixed of next-gen program and a hardware laser-pointer that will change a universe of barcode scanning forever. Featuring high-speed, high-precision barcode reading that uses usually a built-in camera of a smartphone with opening that truly binds a possess opposite dedicated terminals.

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AsReader CAMERA Type allows smartphones to be used as veteran barcode readers with modernized new program and by attaching a laser-pointer/aimer, enabling a user to now name only a preferred barcode(s).

Asterisk, Inc. (headquartered in Osaka Japan, CEO: Noriyuki Suzuki) is a primogenitor association of AsReader, Inc. (Tustin, CA USA) and a creator, developer, and manufacturer of AsReader products that spin smartphones into veteran IoT devices, regulating both barcode and RFID.

This AsReader CAMERA Type product is a software-based barcode scanner for both Apple iOS and Android OS that achieves veteran reading performance, allied to that of dedicated barcode readers.

Released in Summer of 2018, this laser-pointer/aimer connection allows a user to aim and indicate barcodes though looking during a smartphone’s screen, permitting a barcode scanning knowledge identical to that of regulating a dedicated depot with super high-speed scans.

Development Background:

Smartphones and tablets have spin remarkably worldly in new years. The built-in cameras in smart-devices have grown to a indicate that some people assume compress digital cameras might disappear.

Despite earthy advancements in higher-resolution (CMOS) sensor opening and a F-stop values of lenses, barcode decoding/analysis program did not rise during a same rate.

As a result, sites that attempted to use smartphone cameras for barcode scanning were terribly disappointed, stating, “I suspicion that a smartphone’s built-in camera could be used for barcode scanning, though it was invalid – it’s distant too delayed and a reading opening was awful!”

Asterisk therefore set out to accommodate these needs, relying on a years of expertise from production involuntary approval equipment. The recover of this product is a perfection of some-more than dual years of investigate and growth to broach an ultra-high-speed, high-quality product. Until now, there were dual categorical weaknesses in regulating a smartphone’s built-in camera for reading barcodes:

1. The slow-speed that images from a smartphone’s built-in camera were processed.

2. The need to demeanour during a smartphone’s shade while scanning barcodes.

Ergonomically, it is formidable to indicate a target-barcode while looking during a phone’s screen. It is most easier to indicate while looking during a object we wish to indicate with a AsReader CAMERA Type’s laser-pointer/aimer. (International Patent Pending)


AsReader CAMERA Type simply scans barcodes with a smartphone’s built-in camera due to these dual particular features:

1) Ultra-high-speed reading

Existing barcode applications take too prolonged for scans and are formidable to use.

Asterisk spent over dual years to rise this new program that can grasp ultra-high-speed barcode scanning from a built-in smartphone camera.

(For example, a research time compulsory for scanning a JAN13 barcode is reduction than 1 millisecond.)

2) Laser-pointer for aiming

Another waste of scanning barcodes with a smartphone’s built-in camera is a need for a user to demeanour during a phone’s shade to align a picture of a barcode while perplexing to indicate barcodes.

An advantage of a old-fashioned, dedicated barcode readers is that they authorised a user to demeanour during a tangible barcode for scanning, not a screen.

In sequence to solve these issues, Asterisk grown improved program and a laser-pointer/aimer procedure attachment, for targeting barcodes.

Asterisk has been disrupting a dedicated depot marketplace for years with a AsReader sleds and jackets that spin Smartphones in to veteran readers in several fields, including manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare. Now, adding this Camera-type to a AsReader line-up, an boost in utilizing smartphones’ built-in cameras for barcode scanning is approaching boost dramatically worldwide.

AsReader now offers both form of solutions, for several use cases. The barcode readers’ facilities can be altered depending on a form of connection that is comparison and a specific environment. Different options can embody a applications to be used, a type/quality of barcodes in a work-flow, a participation or deficiency of a earthy trigger-buttons, a continual operation time mandate (battery-life), etc. The finish user’s choice between AsReader Sleds/Jackets and Camera-Type will vary, depending on their possess sourroundings and needs.

The AsReader CAMERA Type can also be used “as a set” with a smartphone-mounted RFID AsReader, creation it a multi-functional “Combination” device that supports both barcode scanning and RFID reading/writing from one device.

Beginning in Apr of 2018, we can see this AsReader CAMERA Type in-person during exhibitions around a world.

AsReader CAMERA Type Overview:

[Product name] AsReader CAMERA Type

[Category] Barcode scanning complement of program + hardware pointer module

[Sales] Scheduled for placement from summer of 2018 (worldwide release).

[Features] Fastest category of program scanner with a Class 2 laser-pointer/aimer module.

Capable of scanning bad quality, damaged, and winding barcodes, even in dim environments.

[Supported Barcodes]

1D Barcodes: JAN8, JAN13, CODE39, NW7, ITF, GS1Databar, and many more.

2D Barcodes: QR Codes, PDF417, DataMatrix, and many more.

Simultaneous scanning of mixed barcodes is also possible.

Contact Information:

AsReader, Inc.

14451 Chambers Rd., Suite 250 Tustin, CA 92780-6976 U.S.A.

Tel. +1(949) 438-7577


Corporate Business Overview:

· Design, development, and sales of Sled/Jacket-type and Gun-type AsReader inclination (1D, 2D, RFID, NFC) that are connected to iOS iPhone / iPod hold / iPad and Android OS intelligent devices.

· Development of business solutions, focused on mobile devices.

· Contract growth and production of customized business devices.

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