Asus PB287Q Monitor Review

What is a Asus PB287Q?

The Asus PB287Q is a initial in what we pattern to be a teenager bolt of ‘cheap’ 4K monitors from famous brands, including Dell, AOC and Samsung. They’re all formed on cheaper TN row record and explain low 1ms response times, that ought to make them ideal for those looking to play a latest games during 4K. What, after all, is a indicate of a graphics label that can do 4K if we don’t have a 4K monitor?

The Asus PB287Q is arguably one of a improved featured of these monitors during benefaction as it has a flicker-free backlight and includes height, focus and focus adjustment. But this comes during a cost of a £599 cost tab that’s £100 some-more than rivals. Does it clear a additional outlay?

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Asus PB287Q 16

Asus PB287Q: Specs and Design

We should understanding with a few critical points first. The Asus PB287Q does support 4K during 60Hz, yet in common with many early 4K TVs and many 4K monitors it can usually conduct 60Hz over DisplayPort and 30Hz over HDMI. You’ll also need a DisplayPort 1.2 outlay to get 60Hz, so check we do before we buy. Most new graphics cards will, yet some comparison ones (and laptops) won’t.

This 60Hz support is apparently flattering critical for games, as is a claimed 1ms grey-to-grey response time. Other bottom specs embody a claimed local contrariety of 1,000:1, 300 nits rise liughtness and a flicker-free backlight that will interest to anyone utterly disposed to eye-strain. All of that make it sound utterly identical to a likes of a Dell UP2414Q and Dell UP3214Q, a other 4K monitors we’ve reviewed, yet they both use aloft peculiarity IPS panels. As ever, a specs don’t tell a full story here.

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Asus PB287Q 13

There’s usually a one DisplayPort 1.2 port, and dual HDMI 1.4 ports with MHL support. More new 4K TVs, like a Sony KDL-65C9005B and Samsung UE65HU8500, now lift HDMI 2.0 ports that support 60Hz 4K. No HDMI 2.0 is an issue, yet it’s maybe not utterly as critical as we competence suspect given PCs (most of that lift DisplayPort) are among a few inclination that can outlay 60Hz 4K. Indeed, if anything it would be good to have another Display Port (perhaps a Mini Display Port) instead of dual HDMIs?

But this is nitpicking really, utterly deliberation a glorious mount design. The Asus PB287Q has a inexhaustible volume of tallness adjustment, adequate that we won’t have to review to any other means of boosting a height. The focus works fine, too, yet we’re small indeterminate as to how useful this is in a TN-based guard — a row record not famed for good straight observation angles, that are really critical for mural use.

As for how a guard looks, it’s black and monitor-like. That’s excellent with us. The bezels aren’t offensively far-reaching and Asus has kept labels to a reasonable minimum, that we like. Well finished Asus.

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Asus PB287Q 11

Asus PB287Q: Setup

If usually we could contend a same about a Asus PB287Q on-screen arrangement (OSD) and controls. We’re not suggesting for a impulse possibly should be determining factors in what guard we buy, yet Asus has constructed to make what a likes of a Dell UP2414Q and Samsung S24D590PL do so simply demeanour really tough indeed.

There are 6 control buttons, incompatible a energy button, all of that are dark behind a front corner and indicated by small white blobs on a front. Each symbol is effectively context sensitive, yet it’s oh so easy to strike a wrong one and finish adult doing a conflicting of what we want. The OSD looks utterly good and provides copiousness of options, yet many of them are buried next rather too many layers of abstraction.

Asus PB287Q 12

There are also a integrate of setup quirks to navigate. The Asus PB287Q defaults to DisplayPort 1.1, that means you’re singular 30Hz until we capacitate 1.2. That’s reasonable enough, yet we’re undetermined because Asus’ ‘VividText’ mode is on by default. We suspect it’s meant to make content demeanour sharper, yet it usually creates it demeanour angled and oversharp. It’s totally nonessential on a 4K monitor, or any guard for that matter.

To a PB287Q’s credit, however, aside from ‘VividText’ a default settings demeanour flattering good. It’s also really simply to arrange and disassemble, with a singular screw to bind a bottom to a monitor’s arm.

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