Asus ROG Centurion

What is a Asus ROG Centurion?

Asus’ ROG Centurion gaming headset comes versed with 10 dissimilar audio drivers to broach 7.1 approximate sound. It’s good built and offers adult an immersive gaming experience.

There’s poignant compromise, however, as a Centurion feels bulky, requires a series of cables, and is costly – labelled during an eye-watering £219/$190. I’m not assured that everybody would announce it income good spent.

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Asus ROG Centurion – Design, Build and Features

The Centurion is one of a incomparable headsets I’ve tested – and weighing in during 532g, it positively isn’t a lightest either. The tip territory of a headset is assembled from a well-spoken grey plastic, with a soothing leather-like wipe that adjusts to fit to your head.

The sides of a cans adopt a some-more ‘gamey’ aesthetic, with an bright ROG trademark (sadly, this isn’t RGB) and tiny sum that resemble Mayan tramline patterns. The ear cups are done from a soothing froth and come coated in cloth. I’d cite to have a small some-more froth here; in use a headset pinches a little. I’m certain this will revoke over time, yet it’s something that wasn’t an emanate with a Astro A50’s.

On a and side, a weight of a ROG Centurion didn’t infer as many of an emanate as I’d anticipated, and altogether a headset is tolerably gentle to wear for brief periods. we managed about an hour or so of gaming before carrying to mislay a headset to revoke conduct fatigue.


The microphone is vast and non-detachable, yet can simply be changed into any position, or can be folded divided entirely.

The headset itself is giveaway of any buttons; a section is tranquil with a enclosed USB connection box and DAC. It’s a unequivocally cheap-feeling box, with an disdainful use of scratchy plastics. It’s functional, though, with volume wheels for particular channel adjustments, preset EQ modes and LED lighting adjustments. It isn’t a easiest thing to use during first: some of a settings aren’t self-explanatory – what does ‘spectrum’ do, for instance? Once you’re informed with a complement it’s won’t be an issue, yet you’d be correct to keep a primer to palm initially.

To make things easier, Asus includes a program apartment to let we fine-tune these settings. The ROG Sonic Studio is a giveaway download, consisting of many sliders that can be practiced to particular preference. Presets exist, yet we can also emanate your possess form for a some-more tailored listening experience.

Asus ROG Centurion – Audio Quality

The sound peculiarity on a Centurion is a somewhat churned bag. Asus’ preference to exercise mixed drivers into any ear crater formula in a headset that can truly reconstruct in-game sounds from all directions. This leads to a many some-more healthy approximate gaming experience.

Other than a weight penalty, however, this appears to have a unpropitious outcome on a tender clarity of a sound. To be clear, it isn’t a deal-breaker – altogether audio peculiarity is some-more than equitable – yet if we listen to song mostly afterwards we might find yourself awaiting some-more from a headset that costs this much.

The sound is utterly bass-heavy (even after calibration), and sounds a small murky in general. I’ve attempted a accumulation of genres, and have never been wowed by a Centurion. To be honest, I’m a small disappointed.


A helper this isn’t then, yet it does have an ace adult a sleeve – gaming. If we can accept a combined bulk and cost that loyal approximate sound brings, afterwards you’ll be gratified with a Centurion’s gaming capabilities.

Booting adult Gears Of War 4 was a good exam for a headset, and we wasn’t disappointed. The bass-heavy sound signature works a provide here, with copiousness of weight behind any shotgun blast. Gears relies heavily on actor recognition and greeting time, and therefore carrying a additional spacial recognition from a 7.1 audio unequivocally does help.

However, in my knowledge it isn’t as game-changing as a selling spiel would have we believe, and it can’t contest with a extensive set of dedicated 7.1 speakers. In addition, some games might not advantage as much; if we usually play plan games such as Civilization, for example, I’d drive we towards a some-more normal stereo setup.

As for a microphone, it left a lot to be preferred out of a box. Recordings had a muffled ‘digitised’ peculiarity to it, and sounded flattering poor. Asus have given expelled a firmware refurbish that has bound this issue. The post-update recordings sound comparatively purify and giveaway of static, though many snippet of any nasally audio. It’s still not ideal though, and it’s not all that opposite from headsets costing half a price. You can adjust a audio with a ROG software, yet a disproportion it creates is limited.


Should we buy a Asus ROG Centurion?

The Centurion is a important gaming headset. It has a intensity to boost actor greeting times in parsimonious fight encounters, and has a sound signature that can be practiced to fit a player. It’s also comparatively gentle for a headset of this calibre, and even comes with a accessible mount on that we can hang a device.

But notwithstanding a strengths, it’s a large and massive headset that costs a lot of income and doesn’t have a a best sound or microphone peculiarity out there. It’s also wired, with dual thick cables and a connection box compulsory to work. It’s a large compromise, and we don’t consider that many will be means to clear a drawbacks for a consequence of loyal 7.1 audio.

A improved gamble for 7.1 is a SteelSeries Siberia 840, that is a small some-more costly yet delivers improved altogether performance.

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A gaming headset that offers loyal approximate sound, yet during a poignant cost.

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