Atlas Wristband Review

Hands on with a Atlas Wristband aptness tracker

The Atlas Wristband is one of a oddest-looking aptness trackers I’ve attempted on. It’s like a Withings Pulse O2 solely with a arrangement positioned horizontally.

Beyond a singular design, though, there does distortion an intriguing wearable that lifted over $600,000 on Indiegogo. Available to pre-order for $250 (around £160), it offers many some-more than your normal aptness tracker, all though carrying to be tethered to a smartphone. Whether you’re a swimmer, a curtain or spend many of a time in a gym in a weights section, we should find something that appeals with a Atlas.

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If we cite your trackers to be neat and watchful however, demeanour elsewhere. While a silicone tag is slim and feels gentle to wear, it’s a plane OLED arrangement that sticks out like a bruise thumb. Speaking to CEO Peter Li, a preference was done to make it easier to review when you’re operative out. I’d determine with a indicate Li makes, though it only doesn’t make for a really superb design. It’s a splendid and easy-to-view shade during least, and touchscreen support is going to be enclosed in a final chronicle as an additional approach to pierce by screens.

Around a display, you’ll find an on-off symbol and a lonesome Micro USB charging pier to energy adult a 120mAh battery. That should be adequate to get we by 7 hours of workouts. One of a many startling facilities is that it’s waterproof adult to 50 metres, so we can go swimming with it and it can indeed lane strokes as good as analyse continuation in a pool.

Powering a Atlas are dual 32-bit ARM M4 processors, while a sensors used to lane transformation sound really familiar. There’s a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, that Atlas says can offer 3D suit tracking to brand activities like opposite varieties of push-ups or dumbbell reps. A light-based visual heart-rate sensor on a behind can send BPM (beats per minute) information in a identical conform to a TomTom Runner Cardio sports watch.

There are 3 opposite modes we can use a Atlas in. Freestyle marks real-time information on things like repute count, sets, heart rate, calories burnt and form recorded. The Coach mode will let we collect from a operation of routines accessible to perspective by a messenger app. It’s here that we can utilize a crafty moving smart-timer feature, that has a ability to record active time, resting time and a volume of time spent doing an exercise. This creates certain that you’re doing a repute scrupulously and not slacking nearby a finish of a set. For simple information tracking, a Watch mode will keep we adult to date on step count and stretch during a day, like a customary pedometer.

One of a issues with tracking exercises is that not everybody does press-ups a same way. Li says a resolution to that is preloaded information from veteran trainers to recognize a opposite methods. The Atlas also has a ability to learn new exercises and movements. With a assistance of users uploading exercises, it will also be means to support new exercises to supplement to a database.

As already mentioned, we don’t have to have a smartphone to use a Atlas, though there’s a messenger app for Android and iOS that syncs over Bluetooth Smart. Here we can demeanour during new flesh groups worked and infomation on how fast a heart recovers after certain exercises. There’s also a ability to share examination information to review with other Atlas users. Third-party app support now includes MapMyFitness and Fitocracy, though a open API means others have a ability to supplement compatibility.

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Early Verdict

The Atlas is one of a many feature-packed aptness trackers I’ve seen. Apart from a Indiegogo-funded GymWatch, there’s not a high-profile wearable now accessible that can offer a ability to guard weight training and exercises in a approach that a Atlas promises to. The intelligent timer is a good underline and a float tracking is a good combined reward as well.

My categorical emanate is with a design. It’s like a protoype that still needs some finessing, notwithstanding a clearly clever build quality. There’s really going to be an seductiveness in something like a Atlas, I’m only endangered some competence be put off by the quirky looks.

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