Atlazo Closes $3.4 Million Seed Financing Round; Deal Led by Tech…

Tech Coast Angels (TCA) sealed an oversubscribed $3.4 million Seed financing spin for Atlazo on Friday, Jun 7, 2019. TCA’s San Diego section led a transaction with $2.5 M entrance from a angel network’s members.

Atlazo, formed in San Diego, brings together innovative and energy-efficient AI, a stretchable bio-sensing interface, and wireless connectivity in a singular System-on-Chip for a wearable medical and Internet of Things (IoT) market. The company’s products use corner computing, charity speed and potency in IoT. Although many corner computing technologies on a marketplace currently are image-focused, Atlazo’s exclusive record is on signals.

This understanding outlines one of a largest initial raises from TCA in a angel network’s 22-year history. Pradeep Mishra, a TCA San Diego member, led a deal. With his credentials and trust of semiconductor record both during Qualcomm and his possess startup, Mr. Mishra was intensely tender by what he saw during an financier overdo event presented by San Diego-startup incubator, EvoNexus. The association had shown a faith in itself: it had upheld itself for dual years and had combined and certified a exam chip before to reaching out for financing.

“We weren’t certain that TCA would be meddlesome in semiconductor technology; that they focused on program and network technology,” pronounced Dr. Karim Arabi, owner and CEO of Atlazo. “But after a initial display during TCA, we were assured that there was a vast seductiveness from peculiarity people who accepted a hurdles and joining compulsory for hardware and semiconductor record from both an entrepreneurial and experiential level.”

“Atlazo truly had a whole pattern – team, tech and traction,” pronounced Mr. Mishra. “The executive group has a stellar credentials in heading vast teams in low energy chip design; a record was unequivocally modernized with a health-on-a-chip IoT height solution, generally deliberation a hurdles and joining compulsory in chip technology; and it was positively strange to see how many bid and a poignant swell made, but lifting outmost funding.”

“Atlazo is one of 17 semiconductor startups that have incubated during EvoNexus; we trust we are a usually tech incubator on a world to launch so many chip companies!” pronounced Rory Moore, Co-Founder and CEO of EvoNexus. “A infancy of a house members, advisors and mentors have domain expertise, privately low semiconductor backgrounds, enabling us to assistance startup teams commercialize new record into viable products that are fundable–vectoring teams to emanate a business indication and market. we am unapproachable that EvoNexus has had a purpose in a launch of another superb association for a region.”

Dr. Arabi continued, “Our interactions with Tech Coast Angels were unequivocally positive. They unequivocally do their task — we went by many questions during a meetings with a members and they did their possess due diligence. That’s what we wish in an investor. They stranded to schedule, kept their timeline and a knowledge is that TCA committed timely and we have been unequivocally happy.”

Atlazo will use a supports from this financing spin to take a product to consumers for productization, build a subsequent era product, and grow a sales, selling and RD efforts.

About Tech Coast Angels:

Tech Coast Angels is one of a largest and many active angel financier networks in a nation, and a heading source of appropriation for seed-stage and early-stage companies opposite all creation industries in Southern California. TCA members are accredited investors who away deposit in startup companies. Companies go by well-structured, transparent, and time fit screening and due diligence. As founders and executive-level business leaders, TCA members yield companies with some-more than only capital; they also minister counsel, mentoring and entrance to an endless network of investors, customers, vital partners and management. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

About Atlazo:

Atlazo is a personality in energy-efficient AI semiconductor and program pattern for corner computing applications targeting a fast flourishing conference aid, hearable, wearable and ultra-low energy health IoT markets. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, a association is dedicated to addressing a tellurian direct for some-more arguable health tracking and audio by bringing together cutting-edge innovations in energy-efficient AI and stretchable bio-sensing interface in a singular System-on-Chip (SoC) solution. Atlzao’s products offer manufacturers a height for fast growth of innovative hearable and wearable medical products dramatically shortening costs and time-to-market, while improving peculiarity of care.

About EvoNexus:

EvoNexus is Southern California’s heading startup incubator with locations in San Diego and Irvine. We capacitate encouraged entrepreneurs to spin their transformative technologies into fundable, commercially-viable companies. Since 2010, $1.7B in appropriation and merger outcomes have been achieved by EvoNexus startups. A sum of 26 EvoNexus startups have been acquired given 2013. EvoNexus is upheld by vital corporate sponsors in technology, life scholarship and heading zone use providers. EvoNexus companies suffer incubation of adult to dual years in Class A offices and dry lab spaces to emanate formidable products, secure financier appropriation and launch their inventions into critical markets. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

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