Au Energy Chooses Envysion Managed Video Solution to Manage Risk…

AU Energy Leads a C-Store Industry with detriment percentages by regulating Envysion

“We’ve been means to urge a detriment impediment strategies even more, that has not usually kept a costs down, though severely benefited a employees and managers…”

Au Energy, owners and user of Shell gas stations and preference stores in a San Francisco Bay area, announced they are stability their partnership with Envysion to diminish detriment and guilt as they grow their line of preference stores, while stability to cringe their detriment percentages—already some of a lowest in a c-store industry.

The association now owns and operates over 130 stores and employs approximately 1,200 people. To date, they’ve relied on Envysion’s Managed Video resolution to successfully examination and raise reserve and cash-handling procedures, examine incidents and complaints, and sight managers and employees. But as they rigging adult to supplement 10-12 some-more stores over a subsequent 12 months, a association could double or even triple a series of employees. Working with Envysion gives Au Energy a ability to continue to observe worker function opposite any plcae and confederate profitable video notice into existent point-of-sale systems as a association beam their operations.

With a company’s managers doing from 6 to 10 stores, and any informal manager overseeing from 3 to 6 ubiquitous managers, they collectively bear a daily shortcoming of observing, identifying, and disciplining any breaches in association policy. But even with all managers customarily regulating a Envysion application, a association understands there could be an uptick in risk, theft, and guilt that comes with a incomparable store footprint.

“When we supplement some-more people to an operation, afterwards we boost a possibility of any small emanate slipping by a cracks,” says Matthew Makarem, Loss Prevention Manager for Au Energy. “That’s because we bumped adult a efforts to safeguard store procedures are being particularly followed, brand burglary and other POS problems quicker, and passage any bad function in a blossom before it gets most bigger. To do so requires specific in-store processes complemented by an efficient, well-coordinated, behind-the-scenes monitoring complement that usually Envysion can provide.”

Envysion takes detriment and rascal impediment to a subsequent turn by enabling a clever investigate of how store procedures are being followed so that Au Energy leaders can examination policies, boost operational efficiency, sufficient promulgate changes to a field, and make improved employing decisions going forward.

“The inner complement we’ve been means to rise with Envysion has helped us forewarn a suitable crew immediately whenever there is a voided transaction, for example, or a money drawer non-stop though a sale—something that we’d wish to call evident courtesy to,” Makarem explains. “As a result, we’ve been means to urge a detriment impediment strategies even more, that has not usually kept a costs down though severely benefited a employees and managers by spotlighting accurate in-store concerns and revelation an accurate story about them.”

It’s this insider’s perspective into POS issues that has helped keep Au Energy’s quarterly and yearly detriment impediment to underneath 1%, and a association has ambitions to kick that series any year regulating a discernment gained from Envysion.

About Au Energy

Family-owned and operated given 1978, Au Energy now operates Shell gas stations and over 130 preference stores via a San Francisco Bay Area, priding themselves on splendid stores and dedicated use professionals while offered high-quality fuels.

About Envysion

Envysion® is a heading provider of managed video and detriment impediment solutions that capacitate grill and sell operators with present and actionable insights for augmenting profitability 10-15% by extended function of absolute video-driven business intelligence. Envysion® has remade video notice into a vital government apparatus that provides present and unfiltered business insights to users opposite operations, detriment prevention, selling and tellurian resources. Envysion’s endowment winning height fast beam to 1,000s of locations and 10,000s of users though straining a IT dialect or network.

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