Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back Headphone Review

What are a Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back?

The Audeze EL-8 is a latest span of headphones from a American association that’s fast building a repute for creation gorgeous, high-end headphones. Like a Audeze LCD-X (£1,400) we reviewed behind in December, they don’t come cheap, yet during only bashful of £600, they’re a company’s many affordable yet.

Available in open-back and closed-back models – we’ve reviewed a latter – both use a same planar captivating record as a LCD-X. You can pattern a same lush materials, a somewhat some-more unstable pattern and sound peculiarity to make audiophiles purr.

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Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back – Design and Comfort

So what does £600 get you? A beautifully fabricated span of headphones improved matched to regulating during home than holding on your commute. They’re bold, yet a bit too large to travel around with. For a pattern that uses steel and wood, Audeze gets a change and treads that glorious line between something that’s ornate and stylish.

At 480g, they’re heavier than your standard large headphones, nonetheless nowhere nearby as massive as a LCD-X. It’s a kind of weight you’ll notice if you’re wearing them all day. It’s a outrageous bumbling ear cups, though, that meant they’re going to mount out. A long-haul moody is a some-more wise unfolding than a sight tour to work.

Plugging them into a phone or a inscription would do them a good harm as well. These are clearly designed for being plugged into a high-end setup or removing reason of a headphone amp to get a unequivocally best out of them.

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The altogether weight is reduction conspicuous fibbing on your bed or on a lounge and they’re gentle interjection to a soothing stuffing underneath a tip of a headband, safeguarding a partial of a conduct many receptive to conduct fatigue.

The tractable wipe is done from steel trailing down to a round hollow that lets we turn a cups inwards and outwards. Next is a oval-shaped steel ear plates with spun-metal finish. In between a plates and a soothing leather-covered ear cushions lies a frame of wooden veneer. It’s a prosaic surfaces, a minimalist proceed and a clearly strong build in a pattern that we can unequivocally conclude here.

Inside a box, you’ll find a prolonged 2-metre headphone wire with a 3.5mm jack and a ¼-inch adapter for when we need to block into your costly sound system. At a other finish of a wire you’ll find dual gold-plated plugs that demeanour a lot like Apple’s Lightning connectors. They simply shave into a ports underneath any ear crater and will both need to be plugged in if we don’t wish to separate a sound. These are exclusive cables, so we suppose they won’t be inexpensive to reinstate if damaged. But during slightest they can be replaced.

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Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back – Sound Quality

Like a LCD-X, there’s a lot of Audeze tech to speak about here. The many critical is a motorist design, that goes some approach to explaining a distance of a EL-8. Audeze uses planar captivating drivers rather than a energetic kind we find on many headphones. What that means is that they use larger, agree drivers and captivating fields in a bid to broach wider magnitude response, low exaggeration and altogether improved sound quality. Audeze has also introduced new Fazor record placed around a captivating structures to keep a audio fact for a cleaner, some-more minute sound.

Bottom line, these sound illusory and are an comprehensive fun to listen to song with. If we wish that healthy sound with a grand soundstage, we got it. Want that illusory top-end, and tricky-to-master well-spoken midrange? That’s in contentment too. These cover a full sound spectrum with unqualified ease. Moving from a bassy flog in up-tempo music, to a instrument and outspoken subdivision in live performances, a EL-8 adjust roughly seamlessly.

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You’ll conclude a loyal qualities from hooking it adult to a headphone amp or a DAC listening to Hi-Res Audio or a CD-quality streaming use like Tidal. Even though those, you’ll still glow during a sound that resonates from these headphones. From a MacBook Air, a LG G3 and a Galaxy S6 with a right audio quality, you’ll remove a small of a finesse, yet not adequate to bushel what is altogether such a silken experience.

External sound restraint is also glorious interjection to a closed-back design. We’ve drowned out many an sourroundings contrast them, yet for some reason, notwithstanding those sealed backs, they also trickle utterly heavily. That’s another reason you’d substantially not wish to take them on a sight or lay in a still bureau with a volume cranked adult even tolerably high. We dismay to consider how leaky a EL-8 Open-Back contingency be.

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Should we buy a Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back?

If you’ve got £600 to spend on a span of headphones, afterwards you’ll adore a EL-8.

The doubt to ask is if we can get a same sound peculiarity for even less. Compared to something like a £200 Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7, that we also used during testing, a EL-8 delivers a some-more healthy sound in comparison to what’s still an glorious span of commuter-friendly headphones.

Compared to a £350 Oppo PM-3 we recently reviewed and gave a full 10 out 10, afterwards there competence be an evidence to contend we can get it for less. Oppo uses a same planar captivating motorist tech and delivers likewise healthy sound peculiarity all in a intelligent design.

If you’re formulation to use a EL-8 primarily in a comfort of your possess home, afterwards we won’t be unhappy with what they can offer. For something a small some-more useful when you’re divided from a expensively fabricated sound system, afterwards a Oppo PM-3 could be a high-end headphones to spend your income on instead.


For £600, we get what we compensate for. Fantastic sound peculiarity packaged into a beautifully crafted design.

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