Audeze iSine 10 Headphone

What are a Audeze iSine 10?

The iSine 10 are a genuine bauble – and not usually given their styling brings to mind TIE Fighters or that window in Return of a Jedi. These are a initial earphones to fist non-hybrid planar captivating drivers into what’s still (just about) an in-ear design.

In further to a customary 3.5mm cable, a iSine 10 can be bought with a Lightning wire as good (for £399/$399), definition iPhone owners don’t skip out. In fact, a Lightning cable’s inline 24-bit DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) indeed gives a iPhone an audio boost.

However, these earphones underline a concede that rather boundary their appeal…

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Audeze iSine 10 – Design

Yeah, so… These are weird, eh? But they’re a good weird. Geek chic, if we will.

The 30mm planar captivating motorist in any earbud means a massive outdoor partial of a iSine 10 is flattering vast and sits usually outward your ear. A branch with a rubber tip usually protrudes inside your lughole like you’d pattern from any customary noise-isolating ‘phones.

You get 3 sizes of tip in a box, that is substantially all we need, given these don’t rest on achieving such a accurate fit as correct noise-isolating earphones do.

Audeze iSine 10 1

Two pairs of cosmetic earhooks are granted – nonetheless a usually disproportion between them seems to be that one is transparent cosmetic and a other black. These usually shave around a bottom of a branch and can be rotated to get a right fit. There are also dual opposite sizes of rubber in-ear stabilisers granted as an choice to a hooks. These fit a same approach yet snuggle into a top partial of your outdoor ear.

However, a iSine 10 are roughly light adequate (20g per side) that we could happily select not to worry with either. we used a cosmetic hooks usually given we get paranoid about in-ears creeping out.

Another side outcome of a outrageous drivers is that they need room to ‘breathe’, and so a iSine 10 are open-backed – they have an open grille behind a drivers. That grille has been incited into a genuine pattern feature, though, with a healthy dollop of sci-fi panache. It unequivocally does remind me of a TIE Fighter.

The open-backed design, of course, means these aren’t noise-isolating. They trickle like a leaky thing. As such, they’re unequivocally usually suitable for a same arrange of listening situations in that you’d use open-backed over-ear headphones – so mostly usually in a comfort of your possess home, with no one circuitously to be angry by a tinny song murmur out.

There’s also zero during all reward about a feel of a iSine 10 – they usually seem unequivocally light and unequivocally plastic. But that’s totally intentional, in sequence to keep that weight down and safeguard they’re as peaceful as probable for prolonged listening sessions.

Audeze iSine 10 6The discretionary Lightning wire with built-in DAC costs an additional £50/$50

Two wire options are available, with a 3.5mm ‘ribbon’ chronicle as standard, and a some-more worldly Lightning wire with an inline 24-bit DAC for use with iPhones and iPads if we compensate a additional £50/$50. When regulating a latter, there’s also an iOS app that enables we to tweak a EQ during listening.

Audeze iSine 10 – Sound Quality

I did a infancy of my listening with an Astell Kern AK70 feeding files by possibly a Chord Mojo or Chord Hugo DAC headphone amp. Most of my digital song library is still done adult from CD-quality FLACs and 320kbps MP3s, nonetheless we threw a peculiar Hi-Res Audio lane during a iSine 10 too.

Audeze iSine 10 5

The initial thing we notice about a sound of a iSine 10 is that smashing spatiality we get from loyal hi-fi headphones. The open backs and vast drivers mix to send a soundstage out over your ears and fizzing and shimmering around your head.

The usually other in-ears I’ve listened that offer this arrange of knowledge are a outrageously costly Noble Audio Katana, that cost around 5 times a cost of a iSine 10.

Starting with a ethereal acoustic hold of Joe Purdy on his ‘Canyon Joe’ album, a iSine 10’s top mid-range and extended three-way gave a extensive clarity of realism to that peaceful guitar and vivid harmonica. It had mostly a same outcome on his drawling vocals, nonetheless a three-way valid a small oppressive and intense during times.

Possibly given of a singular small-ish driver, a iSine 10 tended to get utterly hard-edged around vocals when there was a lot going on. With something like ‘Slapped Actress’ from The Hold Steady’s ‘Stay Positive’ album, Craig Finn sounded some-more stretched than he should.

However, fortitude and transient-handling by a mid-range is outstanding, and a drum is pretty parsimonious if not utterly deep. That rumbling bassline during a behind of Gorillaz’ ‘Clint Eastwood’ doesn’t make your tummy shake like it does with a unequivocally best headphones, yet we positively know it’s there.

The longer we listened to a iSine 10, a some-more we appreciated one sold aspect of them, though: comfort. Where we competence wear over-ear headphones during home for an hour or dual before wanting a mangle and fanning my sweaty ears, we could wear a iSine 10 all day though a problem. That’s a surprisingly vast deal, and unequivocally helps make adult for some of their sonic deficiencies.

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Should we buy a Audeze iSine 10?

The iSine 10 are a noble attainment of engineering on one palm – cramming loyal planar captivating drivers into (kind of) in-ear monitors is a genuine achievement. On a other hand, a need for those drivers to be means to breathe by open backs unequivocally boundary their appeal.

Don’t come to a iSine 10 meditative they’ll be your commuter or bureau earphones. Not usually do they trickle sound that’ll provoke people around you, yet they let so many outmost sound in that you’ll hardly hear a song if you’re roving a bustling train.

However, if we do many of your listening in a remoteness of your home, and are ill of extended listening sessions with over-ear headphones removing we all prohibited and sweaty, these are a solution. There’s zero else utterly like them – detached from a some-more upmarket iSine 20 and a top-end Audeze LCD-i4, that is.

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The iSine 10 sound unequivocally considerable for a money. Just remember they’re open-backed headphones in a opposite form cause and you’ll be fine.

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