Audio-Technica AT-LP60BT Gadget

What is a Audio-Technica AT-LP60BT?

The LP60BT is a bill plug-and-play turntable with a disproportion – we don’t indeed have to block it in to play it. Built-in Bluetooth means we can tide your vinyl directly to a wireless orator system. Welcome to a 21st century in all a mocking retro-modern glory.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60BT – Design and Features

The LP60BT has a unequivocally compress footprint. It looks and feels unequivocally many like a 1980s midi-system turntable. The distance could be a genuine reward if you’re looking to save as many space as possible, and a plasticky build is to approaching during this price, yet this arrange of dull-as-dishwater styling should’ve died out with burble perms and shoulder pads.

I perceived a black version, yet it’s also accessible in white and we suspect we might’ve felt opposite about a looks if I’d had that one instead. Maybe.

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Audio-Technica ATH-LP60BT 9

The LP60BT also shares many of a complicated (in a 1980s) preference facilities of a midi-system turntable, with auto-start, auto-return, and a symbol to lift and reduce a needle. Such things have roughly been mislaid in time.

Other controls on a rug embody a symbol to switch between 33 and 45rpm speeds, a start button, stop button, a push to toggle between 7-inch and 10-inch annals – so a auto-start knows where to place a needle – and an LED-lit symbol to activate a Bluetooth.

Around a behind is simply a 3.5mm stereo outlay that’s switchable between a pre-amplified line outlay and a phono outlay for plugging into a apart phono theatre or dedicated phono submit on any amps that still have such a thing.

The platter is a belt-driven, cast-metal object that’s admittedly some-more substantial, and expected to beget a some-more fast flywheel effect, than a inexpensive platters on those midi decks of old. It’s surfaced by a felt pad with a vast Audio-Technica trademark on it. Bit DJ-ish for my liking, yet 18-year-old me would’ve favourite it.

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Audio-Technica ATH-LP60BT 10

The tonearm is a elementary steel tube with a cosmetic counterweight during one finish and during a other a cosmetic headshell that binds a moving-magnet cartridge with a plain stylus. Neither a arm nor a cartridge are upgradable, yet a stylus can during slightest be replaced, for around £15.

According to my digital gauge, a tracking force of a cartridge on a exam representation was set during 3.8g, that is a small extreme and competence means some-more wear to your vinyl than we competence like. If we listen to a same annals over and over, we competence start to reduce them a small over time with a LP60BT – some-more so than with a scold hi-fi turntable such as a Flexson VinylPlay. For infrequent users it’s substantially not critical adequate to worry about, though.

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Audio-Technica ATH-LP60BT 8

The LP60BT comes with a dirt cover attached, and there’s a 45rpm record adapter that sits in a turn basin created into a back-left of a plinth.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60BT – Performance

Setting adult a Audio-Technica LP60BT is roughly as elementary as it gets. Having placed a platter on a spindle, we strech by one of a holes in a platter to offshoot a expostulate belt around a engine pulley, place a pad on a platter, and afterwards you’re prepared to bond a turntable to your sound system.

There’s unequivocally no reason to buy a LP60BT forward of a customary LP60 if you’re not going to use a wireless connectivity, so we interconnected it around Bluetooth to a Denon DRA-100 network receiver that was connected by a pre-outs to my categorical hi-fi system.

Audio-Technica ATH-LP60BT 7

Pairing is finished by fixation a LP60BT subsequent to your Bluetooth-enabled device and holding down a turntable’s Bluetooth symbol until it flashes purple twice, after that it alternates blue and red to imply that it’s in pairing mode. It afterwards lights plain blue to weigh that it’s paired. Quick and simple.

Setting a scold speed and record size, we only pulpy Start and let a rug do a rest, automatically lifting a tonearm and overhanging it over a record before dropping a needle kindly into a lead-in groove.

There was a bizarre knowledge of conference a song popping sensitively off a vinyl itself about dual seconds before entrance out of a speakers. That check mixed with me, so afterward we done certain we forsaken a lid as shortly as we strike Start.

The LP60BT sounds surprisingly musical. Tunes rebound along nicely, with a fulsome sound that creates all utterly savoury – zero we listened to done me expression or sigh. Digging by a smoke-stack of aged 45s, we picked out Pacific Gas Electric’s “Staggolee” – certainly one of a good B-sides – and a LP60BT unequivocally let that musty blues loose.

Audio-Technica ATH-LP60BT 11

Where a LP60BT falls brief of “proper hi-fi” turntables is a miss of fact and subtlety, and in a bigotry of a soundstage. With insinuate acoustic recordings we only didn’t utterly make that romantic tie or grasp that clarity of being with a performer, and grander recordings didn’t sound showy adequate to truly douse me.

That said, a Bluetooth turntable isn’t expected to find a approach into quite high-end audio setups that can take advantage of that additional scale and subtlety. The fact that it creates vinyl sound comfortable and fun will be adequate for many owners.

Audio-Technica ATH-LP60BT 6

Should we buy a Audio-Technica AT-LP60BT?

The LP60BT is a super-convenient, super-simple and compress vinyl solution. It sounds flattering good for what it is, and a combined advantage of Bluetooth streaming creates it a neat bill choice for modern, infrequent record fans.

If you’re a small some-more critical about your vinyl and your hi-fi, though, I’d advise spending that bit additional for a considerable (and upgradable) Flexson VinylPlay.


This Bluetooth-streaming turntable sounds some-more appealing than it looks.

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