Audiofly AF140 Headphone Review

What are a Audiofly AF140?

Audiofly has been offered earphones in Australia and a US for a while now, yet it’s usually recently done a pierce on a UK. The Audiofly AF140 are high-end triple-driver earphones that cost £249.99, yet are distant from a many costly models in Audiofly’s arsenal.

These are a many permitted tri-driver span in a line-up, with a low-end energetic motorist providing that ear-pleasing regard we frequency get with pristine offset armature earphones. As such, they don’t have utterly a methodical and ideally distant sonic signature that some of we competence be after.

However, with a rather easy-going tone, healthy mids and flattering minute treble, they offer an intensely pleasing listen.

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Audiofly AF140 – Design and ComfortWhile we find a Audiofly AF140 sound friendly, a pattern isn’t. Rather like a Shure SE535, and a classical UE Triple.fi 10 earphones, a fit is rather involved.

Rather than withdrawal we to simply block them into your ears, a Audiofly AF140 need a bit of moulding in sequence to get a right fit. The wire fires adult and out of a earphones, trailing over your ears, rather than streamer true to a ground.

Some people seem to hatred this character and how fiddly it creates a fit, yet there are legitimate reasons for it – hence because we’ve seen it so many times in high-end earphones. It helps to equivocate microphonic sound caused when a wire rustles and bounces off your clothing, by dampening any vibrations during a indicate of your earlobes. Microphonic sound is frequently a problem in IEM (in-ear monitor) earphones, exacerbated by a good fit in your ear canal.

So before we have a go during a Audiofly AF140 for their funny-looking – yet indeed utterly customary – design, bear this in mind.

The pivotal to removing a AF140 to feel right is to hook a semi-rigid earpiece stems around your ears. You can means to be a bit severe with them, in a experience. After they open behind a little, a stems some-more or reduction keep their shape, definition you’re effectively customising a earphones for your ears.

As good as shortening microphonics, a pattern also helps keep a Audiofly AF140 in place. Similar designs are used among sports headphones and we could feasibly use these for running. We’re not certain how we feel about sweating all over £250 earphones on a unchanging basis, though.

There’s also one other unsentimental emanate with a Audiofly AF140: they’re some of a many tangly earphones around. Or during slightest partial of them is.

The wire has a two-part structure, a bottom of that is thick, fabric-coated and substantially defence to tangling. It’s a rubbery braided bit adult tip that’s a issue. It seems to get tangled adult in itself and a earpieces each 5 minutes, and untangling is an ungainly routine interjection to a figure of a earphones. Patience is needed.

Audiofly AF140 – Accessories

To assist any fit problems we competence have, a Audiofly AF140 come with loads of opposite tips. There are usually 3 sizes – small, middle and vast – yet with single-flanged Silicone, dual-flanged Silicone and Comply froth to select from, many people should have no problems.

We should also note that a sound orifice of these earphones is positively tiny, a bit like a Shure SE range. This means that, notwithstanding their size, they should fit people with unequivocally slight ear canals – not something we can privately report to, with ear holes a distance of alleyways.

Also bundled are a 6.3mm adapter, aeroplane adapter, lift box and shirt clip.

The thing to note here is that there’s no inline remote. If we listen to song by your phone you’ll have to control your tunes directly.

The Audiofly AF140 wire is also totally non-removable, so we need to be additional clever when regulating them if we wish them to final for years.

Audiofly AF140 – Sound Quality

There are many difference used to report headphones and, like decorous booze critics, some of them make we wish to switch off instantly. Without wanting to do a same to you, a Audiofly AF140 competence be described as ‘musical’.

“What on earth else is it going to be?” we might good ask. We meant low-pitched as against to analytical: it’s a enrich with fundamental criticisms in this case.

The Audiofly AF140 are well-spoken and warm-sounding, with a healthy tinge that creates vocals in sold sound gorgeous. That tonality comes roughly exclusively from a mid-range, that – like a Shure SE425 – is unequivocally utterly excellent.

We don’t find these earphones utterly challenging: they wish we to suffer song rather than benefaction sum you’ve never listened before. However, their display of a mid-range zone, where vocals live, is great. Natural mids and good texturing in this area are only ideal for delivering stripped-down outspoken performances.

The Audiofly AF140 also offer a good far-reaching and involving soundstage, that is naturally a certain no matter what you’re listening to.

There are some elements we don’t adore utterly so much, though.

Audiofly indispensable to detached a AF140 from a higher-end AF160 and AF160, that use triple offset drivers rather than a dual-armature, single-dynamic combo found here. As a result, a AF140 have a unequivocally comfortable tinge that unequivocally has too many mid-bass, that can seem to burden adult a sound a small with resonance-prone acoustic instruments.

Some of we will simply find this additional ‘warmth’ to be a positive, yet we demeanour for unequivocally accurate subdivision and imaging in an earphone of this calibre. And a AF140 doesn’t utterly accommodate expectations with all material. This mid-bass gush can also seem to supplement flab to a differently good drum performance. As a whole, a drum response doesn’t have a fortify of a best £250 earphones.

We’re also not wholly happy with a Audiofly AF140’s three-way extension. While top-end fact is good, a strech is flattering conservative, definition that tingly honesty we get with some of a best high-end earphones is absent. We’d offer some examples, yet favourites such as a Phonak PFE232 have been discontinued, and a Shure SE array creates identical three-way roll-off moves. It’s not altogether a good time for high-end in-ear models, many as a headphone marketplace as a whole has stretched massively in a final few years.

Should buy a Audiofly AF140?If you’re looking for anxiety earphones that are going to slice detached your song and expose dark inlet you’ve never beheld before, a Audiofly AF140 substantially aren’t for you. The thick mid-bass and deliberately shy three-way don’t concede for that arrange of rarely debate presentation. And during times we found that disappointing, generally in a overly comfortable tone.

However, we can suppose many preferring this arrange of proceed to a quite methodical earphone. The sincerely tractable character is unequivocally pleasing if you’re not listening with vicious ears and suffer a small fake regard with your audio.


Higher-end earphones for people who’d rather have a warm, tractable tinge than a many true audio reproduction.

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