AuriQ Announces a Release of Pivot Billions, a Saas Solution That…

Today, AuriQ announces a recover of Pivot Billions, a cloud-based SaaS resolution that can investigate billions of rows of information in real-time by a spreadsheet-like user interface.

The business comprehension (BI) and analytics marketplace has attempted and unsuccessful to keep gait with a increasing final of vast information by formulating a far-reaching accumulation of collection that guarantee a ability to try and investigate vast datasets.

In annoy of such tools, enterprises find that effective, real-time research of datasets incomparable than a hundred million annals confront substantial opening limitations.

“During a growth of Pivot Billions, we worked with several tellurian enterprises that were incompetent to routine a vast datasets they indispensable to analyze,” settled Ko Ikudome, CEO of AuriQ. “After piloting Pivot Billions, they were means to immediately benefit real-time prominence into this vicious data, ensuing in poignant time and cost savings.”

AuriQ’s user interface resembles spreadsheets, including their renouned focus tables — creation a apparatus permitted to many business users. The solution’s quick and interactive drag and dump capability enables non-technical users to investigate and perspective vast datasets from mixed perspectives, ensuing in better, some-more suggestive insights.

AuriQ is charity a giveaway hearing of Pivot Billions to competent craving organizations. Interested organizations might ask a hearing around a Pivot Billions website during

About AuriQ Systems, Inc.

Since the pregnancy in 1996, AuriQ has been formulating high opening information research solutions to make the clients’ information some-more visible, permitted and actionable.

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