AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme Review

What is a AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme?

In my time contrast constraint cards, I’ve seen a horde of inclination with many pros and cons. When we wish to record footage myself, however, we scarcely always spin to a Elgato Game Capture HD 60 for a palliate of use and portability. While there are many alternatives out there, nothing have transposed it – though a AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable came close, interjection to a PC-less capturing options.

It’s no warn afterwards that AVerMedia’s latest indication has managed to take a climax from Elgato, cementing itself as my go-to device for all my capturing and streaming needs.

The AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme combines many of a predecessors’ best qualities into a single, neat box of wonders that creates a capturing routine an breeze. It offers an array of additional facilities – and, many importantly, an knowledge that’s totally latency free.

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AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme

AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme – Design

The AVerMedia Live Gamer Exteme has a neat design, finished like a crowd of cheese, with an extraneous finished from well-spoken black plastic. It might not be a lightest of all a constraint inclination around – weighing in during 186g – though a Live Gamer Extreme is positively easy to carry, distinct many of a rivals.

Adorning a tip of this small box of wonders is a potion defense safeguarding a “LGX” logo. That potion defense can be private should we wish to customise a tip of your Live Gamer Extreme. Want your trademark or YouTube channel name emblazoned on a front? Then a Live Gamer Extreme gives we that option.

Underneath a cover housing sits an LED light, that indicates either or not you’re recording. Around a side of a Live Gamer Extreme you’ll find a 3.5mm audio jack for
connecting a microphone or another audio-capture device. On the
opposite side, there’s a USB 3 hollow for hooking a section adult to a PC, along with a member hollow for both a PlayStation 3 cable
and a member wire adapter. Also enclosed are both an HDMI
in and out.

You’ll find all you’ll need to get started in a box. A USB 3
cable, HDMI wire and a member wire adapter capacitate we to offshoot up
your PS3, and we also have the
option to constraint footage from retro consoles should we have their
correct member adapters. There’s also a 3.5mm jack wire and a PS3-specific wire that connects directly to a console itself.

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AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme – Game Capture

All footage prisoner sits during a buttery well-spoken 1080p and a support rate of 60fps – flattering most customary today, though ignored by many of a Live Gamer Extreme’s competitors.

The categorical underline here, however, is a ultra-low latency charity on uncompressed video, giving we a choice to play and constraint footage true from your console to your PC, though wanting to initial pass by a TV or outmost monitor. This is charity by a AVerMedia U3, though with a Live Gamer Extreme we have options. If we wish to make use of your 42in LED TV while recording afterwards we can, though we can also use your mint 5K guard if we simply wish to use a one screen.

AVerMedia’s capturing program is accessible as a giveaway download, but
you’ll also find a token inside a box giving we a giveaway six-month
subscription to XSplit. A renouned streaming suite, XSplit is simple
to use and offers some good facilities including picture-in-picture,
so people can see your pleasing face while gaming, as well
as 3D fonts and more.

The 3.5mm inputs concede we to bond to a mic to
record explanation by a section itself. You don’t need to
worry about a explanation merging into your diversion audio, however, given it creates a
apart audio file. That allows we to have finish control of the
mixing post gaming session. It’s also probable to insert an outmost audio
source – your iPod, for instance – so we can brew this into your tide or
recording session. This turn of control is superb,
essentially permitting we to furnish a final product true from the
Live Gamer Extreme itself.

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AVerMedia have finished some good things with a Live Gamer Extreme, formulating a constraint label that works amazingly well, while charity a horde of options that will support for all kinds of users. The ability to constraint footage both with and though pass by is an comprehensive leader in my book. Capturing to SD label would have been a good addition, though a Live Gamer Extreme unequivocally has turn a constraint device to beat. It positively won’t be withdrawal my side for utterly some time.

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