AVG Zen Software Review

TrustedReviews met adult with AVG during MWC 2014 and got a hands-on demo of a elementary new app designed to take all a snarl out of your online remoteness settings.

The convolutedness of Facebook remoteness settings and a miss of a lay-man’s believe of only what, and how much, information is being collected by companies and in sold amicable media sites is a contention tech reporters mostly have. What happens when Facebook adds a new underline that is automatically on? How about being means to perspective accurately where you’ve been regulating plcae story in Google maps (not attempted it yet? Have a demeanour here).

AVG Zen 1 It’s a small frightful though AVG are attempting to make it reduction so with a new giveaway AVG Zen app. AVG Zen is designed to bond your intelligent inclination and safeguard they stay private and secure.

 In hint it’s unequivocally simple. You bond all your amicable media profiles in one app and it tells we what your remoteness settings are for any in a elementary layout. An amber exclamation symbol suggests a environment we competence wish to residence while a grey one informs we that you’ve looked during that environment and motionless you’d like to keep it on. A immature close signifies we have incited that environment off.

 The elementary trade light complement is a same opposite all forms of form and a daub sends we directly to a settings page for that particular environment (on Facebook for example) so we can simply spin it on or off.

 An combined reward is that AVG will guard amicable networks and forewarn we if a new environment has seemed so we won’t get blind-sided by an astonishing remoteness environment we were not expecting.

Profiles can also be common among family members so we can confirm what a stable turn of remoteness is for your family and pull those settings to others around a app. It will afterwards be adult to a particular to duplicate those settings or keep them as is. It’s ideal for a some-more technically savvy member of a family to have assent of mind that everybody is protected. AVG Zen

I’m looking brazen to perplexing it out on my possess inclination as good as flitting on settings to my immature nieces and relatives who adore amicable media though never unequivocally cruise a information implications.

AVG Zen will be accessible for giveaway during a finish of Mar 2014.

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