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Babel Health, LLC, a provider of an integrated apartment of Risk Adjustment program and services to supervision health plans, is gratified to announce that it has been authorized as an Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) Preferred Vendor. ACAP is a inhabitant trade organisation that represents not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans with some-more than twenty million enrollees, collectively.

The ACAP Preferred Vendor Program provides streamlined entrance to pre-qualified vendors in areas of seductiveness specific to ACAP skeleton and their membership. Each businessman contingency be endorsed by an ACAP-member devise and afterwards reviewed by ACAP Board members for use levels.

“Babel Health is respected to have been selected as an ACAP Preferred Vendor,” pronounced Robert Dunn, Chief Executive Office of Babel Health. “We are vehement to be means to support ACAP members in their risk acquiescence and correspondence efforts by a unique, cloud-based program solutions with self-service, hybrid and BPO smoothness models.”

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Babel Health provides an innovative, customer-focused proceed to a whole risk composition acquiescence routine for health plans. The company’s integrated SaaS ETL (extract-transform-load) information government height provides health skeleton with full clarity and control of a underlying information for business discernment and vicious day-to-day business preference creation opposite all lines of business. Unlike other solutions in a marketplace, Babel enables a business to take control of an unusually formidable routine and provides user-friendly entrance to a information in sequence to solve a business problems fundamental to risk composition submissions. In addition, a Babel group is committed to ceaselessly improving a customer’s knowledge by product enhancements, streamlined processes, transparent communication and reliable interactions.

About ACAP

ACAP represents 61 nonprofit safety-net health skeleton in 29 states, that collectively offer some-more than 21 million people enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare, a Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and other open health programs. For some-more information, revisit

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