Balluff SmartCamera Delivers Robust Vision in a Simple Package

The SmartCamera simplifies altogether usability in an differently formidable universe of vision-based technology, while still delivering a strong collection of facilities like stretchable connectivity and discerning on-board picture estimate tools. The camera, a latest in in a line of Balluff collection designed to innovate automation, combines a appetite of a HALCON duty library with a morality of a BVS-Cockpit user interface.

“Minimizing time of deployment and expelling a over-use of plant resources to confederate prophesy record is critical. The wizard-based programming collection concede for fit set up, and elementary adjustments can be done on a fly,” pronounced Balluff Marketing Manager Wolfgang Kratzenberg. “The SmartCamera is also a many connected camera available. With an on-board IO-Link master in further to Ethernet/IP, Profinet, TCP and UDP communication, this camera can be integrated into any vital control network.”

Balluff’s joining to prophesy as a resolution includes charity a full line of accessories compulsory to residence applications in a industrial production environment. This extended charity includes: optics, lighting, displays, ascent hardware and appetite reserve along with a far-reaching operation of IO-Link products that can be directly tranquil by a SmartCamera.

About Balluff Inc.:

Balluff Inc. is a U.S. auxiliary of Balluff GmbH, Neuhausen, Germany. Balluff is a heading retailer of networked IO-Link control complement architectures that clear a intensity of a IIoT and Industry 4.0. Balluff offers a far-reaching operation of intelligent IO-Link and industrial Ethernet sensors in a accumulation of technologies including inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, and captivating as good as magnetostrictive linear position sensors, captivating fasten linear encoders, industrial RFID systems, and industrial prophesy systems. Balluff provides cost-saving, process-enhancing solutions to appurtenance builders and manufacturers to control, regulate, automate, assemble, position, and guard manufacturing, assembly, and wrapping sequences. Industries served include: automotive, packaging, food processing, beverages, tire, primary metals, required and choice energy, semiconductor, plastics, and liquid power.

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