Battlefield Hardline PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Visual Comparison – Xbox One Comes Out With Better Results

Battlefield Hardline, like all prior terrain games, will be a initial chairman shooter underneath growth by Visceral Games in partnership with EA Digital Illusions CE. The diversion is published by Electronic Arts and will be accessible shortly globally opposite all vital platforms including a PlayStation, Xbox and a PC. The diversion has finally launched in some tools of a creation and will be accessible in others in a integrate of days.

According to a research of a game’s beta chronicle on PC, PS4 and Xbox One by Gaming Bolt, we some unequivocally engaging comparisons to offer to a viewers. What’s engaging to note was that a diversion was remarkable as a teenager ascent from a progressing recover of Battlefield array i.e. Battlefield 4. Somewhat ancillary matter to this would be a explain of a Visceral Games in that recover they pronounced that systems using a Battlefield 4 would not have a problem using a Battlefield Hardline.

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Xbox One Screenshots Look More Lively Than PS4

In a eyes of many, a pivotal to Battlefield on stream gen platforms is Frostbite 3. Frostbite is a diversion engine grown by EA Digital Illusions CE and can be used on a far-reaching operation of games. With a recover of Frostbite, DICE combined in several facilities to a diversion including HDR audio and Destruction 1.0. Version 1.5 introduced Destruction 2.0, majorly improving sourroundings production and improving DirectX 11 support. The improvements only kept rolling in interjection to newer versions of Frostbite.

Although Battlefield 4 wasn’t as large an alleviation on a prior chronicle of a game, it still brought improvements to a Battlefield table. Similar is a box with Battlefield Hardline, that has progressing been reliable to be 900p on a PS4 while a Xbox One chronicle is during 720p resolution. Hence, all a promises of 1080p during E3 2014 were proven shabby in time.

Hence a Xbox One’s hardware capability was proven to be defective to a PS4, that can run a diversion on a aloft fortitude i.e. 900p. But apparently, fortitude aside, a finish product of a Xbox One diversion is improved on a beta than a PS4 where a Xbox One graphics peculiarity looks improved according to a cinema we will showcase below. But no one can disagree that Battlefield Hardline valid that a PS4 was some-more hardware able than a Xbox One where GamingBolt claims that a diversion averaged 57 fps on a PS4 as compared to an normal of 53 fps on a Xbox One. You can have a demeanour during a screenshots below.

  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-9-2
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-12
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-11
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-10
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-9
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-7
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-6
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-5
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-4
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-3
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-2
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-15
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-16
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-17
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-18
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-1
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-14
  • battlefield-hardline-ps4-versus-xbox-one-13

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And Additionally, a PC screenshots for comparison.

  • battlefield-hardline-pc-1-2
  • battlefield-hardline-pc-2-2
  • battlefield-hardline-pc-3
  • battlefield-hardline-pc-4
  • battlefield-hardline-pc-5
  • battlefield-hardline-pc-6

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So basically, as we can see that a Xbox One screenshots demeanour some-more sharp-witted as a outcome of improved striking digest though though PS4’s graphical capability is not being questioned here. Frostbite 3 has still kept adult with a lightning conditions of a diversion that unequivocally come into play in dim conditions where a diversion outshines a rest since of a Frostbite engine.

Visceral has betrothed to support a PC chronicle with a wider operation of options. The exam settings of Gamingbolt for a PC was an i7 with 16 GB RAM and opposite striking cards so as to see particular opening of a Graphics cards. The following were tested with a framerates as stated:


  • Radeon R9 290X – 88 FPS
  • GeForce GTX 970 – 84 FPS
  • Radeon R9 280X – 62 FPS
  • GeForce GTX 770 – 59 FPS

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The diversion fundamentally requires a good CPU and a midst tier GPU to run during a good ability that includes a good framerate with a decent pixel density. All in all, a diversion can run during decent peculiarity on a consoles though a altogether striking peculiarity could be improved with some some-more familiar graphics. It is an alleviation on a prior recover of Battlefield though distant from a series in gaming. Better optimisation for aloft pixels could be a pivotal for a developers in destiny and would really acquire a diversion some additional warranted points. In a consoles, a PS4 wins in terms of fortitude though a hardness digest creates Xbox One demeanour better, though a apparent leader in terms of graphics is a PC that leaves a consoles behind in all departments.

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