Beko ASD241 Review

What is a Beko ASD241?

This vast corresponding fridge freezer is a cheapest American-style indication we’ve tested – one of a many affordable on a market, in fact. But while a cost is low, a underline count is positively not. From a outward a demeanour and feel is that of a distant some-more abundant product and a cold H2O dispenser and ‘twist and serve’ ice-cube makers are good touches during this cost point.

The inside is no reduction lush. You get an estimate 65/35 separate in foster of a fridge with a beast 364 litres of chiller space. This offers a forced atmosphere system, called Neofrost by Beko, for unchanging frost-free cooling and a dedicated low-temperature chiller drawer ideal for beef and fish. The freezer space offers 5 shelves, dual drawers and 4 slim doorway pockets for smaller items. The A+ appetite rating is to be saluted, as is a anti-bacterial cloaking on a doorway seal, that should revoke a rave of black cover over time.

Beko ASD241

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Beko ASD241 – How does it look?

It competence be cheaper than many costly rivals, yet it doesn’t demeanour it. Our exam indication was embellished silver, nonetheless it’s also accessible in black or full immaculate steel for around £100 more. It has brushed immaculate steel handles and a mirror-like LED arrangement that scream peculiarity and style, while a controls are touch-sensitive buttons built into a LED panel. These concede easy heat composition as good as Quick Fridge and Quick Freeze functions that boost cooling for a brief generation of time if we have usually filled a fridge with uninformed products.

Tugging on a doorway handles does spirit during a Beko’s some-more bill underpinnings, however, as they flex a tiny as we open a door. The in-door H2O dispenser is utterly shoal and compress yet this does meant it doesn’t eat too many into your fridge space. The dispenser uses a tiny H2O enclosure reason underneath one of a doorway pockets and is filled by pouring H2O by a flue built into a doorway pocket. The H2O isn’t filtered and runs out rather slowly, yet a crater push cuts off well, though too many drips.

Beko ASD241

On a inside a Beko AD241 is crisp, purify and white with potion shelves and an glorious turn of furniture. The splendid LED lighting strips down a sides of both fridge and freezer cell do an glorious pursuit of educational any dilemma save a unequivocally reduce recesses of a freezer when it’s full – that isn’t unusual.

If we leave possibly doorway open for too prolonged an alarm sounds and a lighting kindly pulses on and off to remind you. The doorway pockets and bins are intelligible cosmetic with a removable chrome handle bottle shelve in a fridge.

Beko ASD241 – How many can we fit in?

In terms of storage space per bruise spent, this Beko is an comprehensive beast and will happily reason a week’s value of food for even a largest of families. The 65/35 separate offers 364 litres of chiller space and a decent 190 litres of freezer space. The latter is scarcely vast as American-style freezers mostly get a skinny finish of a ability deal. For instance this Beko offers over 20 litres some-more freezer space than a favourite corresponding model, a Samsung Food ShowCase, that won Best Fridge Freezer in a TrustedReviews Awards 2014.

Beko ASD241

The fridge space offers 4 potion shelves and a removable bottle rack, dual low unfeeling drawers and one low heat cell suitable for fish, meats and cheese. Like many corresponding models a bottom drawer loses some space creation approach for a compressor, and gains a bit behind by entrance right out as distant as a door.

On a doorway we get a low bottle shelf and a shallower tray above as some of a space is attacked by a drinks complement on a front. A offer doorway slot has a H2O chiller underneath and during a tip we get an enclosed doorway slot that slides brazen as a lid is opened. We weren’t assured there was good understanding of use to this mechanism, nonetheless a enclosed cell could be home to equipment that competence differently smell-out your whole fridge, such as Camembert.
The freezer’s dual low drawers work good and a 5 shelves offers copiousness of gait to squeeze in solidified foods. The Twist and offer ice brick trays do eat adult a satisfactory bit of freezer volume, though. They are set towards a behind of a cell and we need to entrance a doorknob and trays from a front – so we can’t unequivocally put anything in front of them. We can see a lot of people stealing these and going behind to customary ice-cube trays to recover a space.

The freezer doorway pockets are another good touch, nonetheless they are usually a few inches low so don’t design to get many of your weekly emporium in them. Given a Beko’s healthy freezer ability and a good separate of drawers, shelves and pockets, this would make an ideal choice for a incomparable family.

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Beko ASD241 – How loud is it?

While a cost tab would prove something that sounded some-more like a tractor than an electric car, a Beko is flattering quiet. While not utterly worrying a 40dB sound exam threshold like many of a some-more costly American-style models have done, it indeed totalled 1dB reduction than Beko’s claimed 45dB sound rating.

As it is a well-insulated and appetite fit appurtenance from a A+ rating, this means that a compressor doesn’t indeed run for unequivocally prolonged when it’s on, either. So a important opening all round, if not super silent.

Beko ASD241

Beko ASD241 – How good does it perform?

Overall, this Beko posts a plain set of results, if not as accurate or unchanging as some models we’ve tested.

As usual, we filled a Beko with 1kg of solidified food per 10 litres of claimed freezer space and 0.5kg of furnish per 10 litres of chiller space, and set a heat to -18 degrees C and 4 degrees C respectively. Eight heat probes were separate between a compartments during top, center and bottom of any and special probes for a room heat to solidified exam (2 litres or room heat water) and a low heat chiller pull of a fridge. Two days of contrast and measuring, opening a doors around half a dozen times per day, and a formula were in.

The Beko’s freezer constructed a unequivocally considerable set of results. Although a normal atmosphere heat came in a tiny low during -20 degrees – that would use some-more appetite than if a appurtenance was honestly during -18 degrees – this heat remained unequivocally unchanging via a compartment. It was also unequivocally fast by a compressor cycle during usually /-2 degrees. Our room heat food representation took a extensive 20 hours to strech -18 degrees, indicating that it would be good value regulating a Beko’s Quick Freeze duty when we are solidified room heat produce.

The Beko runs a brief defrost cycle any 5 hours or so, where a inner freezer heat rises to -15 degrees. Combined with a somewhat low atmosphere heat normally, this indeed kept a solidified food representation during accurately -18 degrees via a test. Perfect! The 3 hour destroy exam showed sincerely good insulation, with freezer atmosphere heat reaching -6 degrees and a solidified food removing adult to usually -10 degrees, indicating a food protected time of during slightest 8 hours in a eventuality of a appetite failure. Not a unequivocally best, yet flattering good.

The fridge cell was a tiny some-more inconsistent, yet zero that would aver putting off intensity buyers. Over a march of a two-day exam period, a tip shelf and bottom drawer both averaged accurately 4 degrees yet during that generation swung around a satisfactory bit during 2/-3 degrees (top shelf) and 2/-1 degrees (bottom drawer.)

Beko’s chiller pull heat was also on a wilder side of fast – overhanging between -1 grade and 4 degrees any few hours. But once again, a averaged outcome was a unchanging 2 degrees over a whole generation of a test, that is tighten to ideal.
Beko ASD241

BEKO ASD241 – How many will it cost to run?

Beko’s claimed 484kWh of electricity per year would cost we around £72.60 per annum, that is not bad for such huge cooling capacity. In practice, we found this big-chiller used even reduction than settled during around 451kWh per year, that equates to £67.65 per annum.

Heavy family use in a prohibited kitchen would positively strike adult a costs a tiny above a heat tranquil 18-degree exam trickery and would explain a difference. That said, many of a fridge tests have shown fridge freezers to use some-more electricity than a makers claim, so this is a good outcome for a large Beko.

While clearly not as spare as some of a top-specification American-style machines that cost £40 to £50 per year, a comparatively bill seeking cost some-more than creates adult a difference.

Should we buy a BEKO ASD241?

The Beko ASD241 offers glorious value for income for a perfect capacity, good finish, useful facilities and good appetite efficiency. While a bill roots do uncover adult a tiny in a build peculiarity and somewhat non-static fridge temperature, a altogether package works unequivocally good and unequivocally is utterly fantastic value.

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