Beko ASGN542B Fridge Freezer

What is a Beko ASGN542B?

The sleek, shimmer black Beko ASGN542B is a complicated corresponding US-style fridge freezer braggadocio immeasurable capacity, ice and H2O on tap, and A+ appetite potency for low regulating costs. It delivers on all of these promises with ease. The fridge is outrageous and good laid out, a H2O supply can be plumbed in or fed by an inner tank, and a controls are elementary and intuitive.

Those looking for an equally outrageous freezer will be a tiny unhappy as a slight breadth and space taken adult by a icemaker do revoke storage volume. Technically, everywhere bar a freezer’s tip shelf tested unequivocally good with unequivocally unchanging cooling throughout. Add to this surprisingly low regulating costs for a corresponding fridge freezer and a Beko ASGN542B is a genuine winner.

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Beko ASGN542B – How does it look?

If you’re looking for kitchen wow-factor and something a tiny different, you’re in luck. The Beko ASGN542B is a immeasurable corresponding fridge freezer, glowing in a full gloss-black finish. About twin acres of it. At 91cm far-reaching and 179cm tall, that is a whole lot of character statement.

The all-black demeanour is given a stylish brushed immaculate steel control row above a ice/water dispenser and a vividly phony standing indicator bar. This shows 5 states of play, from a warning a doorway has been left open (red) to observant that a fridge is in low appetite holiday mode (yellow). When all is good a bar is green. There is a plaque to note these colour codes that we will have to remember if we wish to mislay a sticker.


The bar itself competence be some-more for uncover anyway, as a categorical row shows LED indicators for temperature, warnings and modes. we also gleam a digits and icons clearly from underneath a immaculate surface. It’s a neat trick, definition when a arrangement turns itself off, a row looks like purify immaculate steel with usually in a categorical indicator bar illuminated.

On a downside a shimmer black and immaculate steel of a row have a captivating captivate to fingerprints, so this is not going to be a low upkeep finish if we have a bustling family.


Grasp possibly of a orderly inset handles and a applicable doorway swings open with a solidly built feel. Both doors are propitious with antibacterial doorway seals to revoke a possibility of food decay and stop any intensity black cover build adult over time. Unlike tangible US corresponding appliances, Beko has secluded a hinges. This gives a apparatus a purify demeanour and revoke a space a doors invade when open – ideal for fixation tighten to side walls.

You are presented with a stunningly illuminated interior whichever doorway we open. Both fridge and freezer compartments are side-lit with a prolonged LED frame light that floods a area with crisp, white light. It works outstandingly good in a fridge for educational many of a compartment’s tip reaches.

In a freezer, a light looks good empty. The flare is set a satisfactory approach behind into a cell so when we have your freezer pressed to ripping with produce, a light gets all yet obliterated. It would have been so many improved to have a flare nearer a front of a cell to equivocate this happening. Still, as a lot of US-style freezers don’t have a light during all, it should be during slightest saluted for that.


Beko’s NeoFrost opening during a tip of a fridge cell hints during this machine’s twin cooling systems directed to strech a ideal heat and steam conditions in both compartments. Both compartments get their possess fanned atmosphere cooling to keep an even heat around and make for totally frost-free operation.

The whopping 368-litre net cold storage space is set out over 4 potion shelves, 3 drawers including Beko ‘EverFresh+’ drawer, and 4 vast doorway pockets. Beneath a midst doorway slot is a fountainhead for a H2O dispenser with a pop-up fill strap robbing a slot above of a tiny space. The fountainhead is on a conflicting doorway to a dispenser with secluded inner siphon and plumbing. Fit and finish is good adult to a cost surfaced off with a chrome handle bottle rack.

The 176-litre freezer space is a tiny some-more mundane, separate over 5 shelves, twin drawers and a integrate of shoal doorway pockets. Unfortunately, ice and H2O mechanism, ice store and a doorway dispenser itself emanate a outrageous gush on a freezer doorway that means a shelves are all utterly shoal front to back. That is not surprising for a corresponding with a ice/water dispenser so we pays your income and takes your choice.


Beko ASGN542B – How many can we fit in?

If we need some-more fridge space or chilled-food storage coherence than a Beko ASGN542B offers, you’re substantially regulating a restaurant. It’s a immeasurable volume of space, and a blueprint is good. Of a 4 shelves, twin offer tractable tallness to a mid-way between a twin shelf heights. It’s a vast aged burst between tangible heights, yet it does give a space some additional flexibility.

You get a unequivocally singular contingent of drawers, all of that slip out on correct rollers rather than simply slide. The smallest drawer during a tip is a near-zero-degree drawer for beef and fish. Below this we get Beko’s ambitiously patrician EverFresh+ salad crisper drawer. By closely determining temperature, atmosphere upsurge and humidity, this storage area is claimed to keep fruit and unfeeling uninformed for adult to 30 days.

Below that is a comparatively paltry ‘normal’ deep-section salad drawer, completing a green-grocer’s value of dilettante veggie storage.


The fridge doorway is no reduction good appointed. Low down (but still high adequate to strech easily) we get a immeasurable bottle storage doorway bin with copiousness of abyss and good tallness side wall to keep 2-litre bottles and immeasurable divert cartons in place. At a tip of a doorway is a flap-covered dairy cell and shallower slot next that with a removeable egg tray.

A second immeasurable bottle slot median adult a doorway looks surprising in that it has a H2O fountainhead for non-plumbed use of a ice and H2O dispenser. A filter tube protrudes into a doorway slot space with a cover flap. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, we will need to flow H2O into a fountainhead delicately regulating a jug with a good pouring spout, as a opening isn’t that far-reaching and we need to navigate around a doorway slot itself. Don’t be tempted to fill a drawer right up, though. As we found out, stuffing a fountainhead any aloft than a lid formula in H2O pouring down a inside of a door. You will do that earlier or later, guaranteed.

The third emanate with a enclosure is that it is unequivocally small. About 2.5 litres, to be precise. By a time a ice builder had borrowed a litre and you’ve had a integrate of eyeglasses of H2O it will need refilling. Again. And again. That is no easier than simply gripping a 2-litre bottle of daub H2O in a fridge.


Thankfully this Beko offers a ability to rectilinear in a ice and cold H2O dispenser and embody an in-line filter. Speak to your tradesman for a pack and a tame plumber for installation. It will be good value it. Otherwise regulating a Beko non-plumbed, a H2O fountainhead is usually unequivocally useful for gripping we in ice.

Over in a freezer there is no removing divided from a volume of storage space that a ice builder is holding up. That brings your net solidified food storage down to 176 litres, conflicting 5 shelves and twin drawers. While that is still a practically immeasurable volume of space, it is no some-more than a high 60cm-wide normal fridge freezer competence offer you.

All 5 shelves are comparatively shoal front to back, loosing during slightest 10-12cm from their intensity abyss interjection to a ice builder assembly. On a and side, there’s many reduction possibility of equipment removing mislaid in a ghastly recesses of any shelf, even if a side lighting is blocked by produce. Below a ice builder public are twin doorway pockets, both of decent abyss and labelled for ice cream. We approve of that too.


Beko ASGN542B – How loud is it?

The Beko ASGN542B isn’t a quietest of fridge freezers by complicated standards, yet it’s still whisper-quiet compared to models from 10 years back. Under normal regulating conditions it totalled around 43dB, that is accurately what was settled on a appetite label. No problems with that, and frequency overt compressor noise.

The same can’t be pronounced for a H2O and ice dispenser. This runs an electronic siphon that moves H2O from a right-hand doorway to a left-hand by a machine. That happens when we direct H2O or each integrate of hours automatically to refill a ice brick tray. The siphon runs during around 50dB yet during slightest usually for a few seconds.

Noisier still is a resource that twists a ice cubes out of a tray and drops them into a storage bucket below, available smoothness around this dispenser. It’s destined given a need to furnish a immeasurable apportion of ice, so we don’t run out when a Pimm’s is flowing. Be prepared for creaking ice and dropping ice brick sounds when we slightest design it. In a passed of night that is positively going to be a kitchen surprise.


Beko ASGN542B – How good does it perform?

This corresponding Beko got lumbered with contrast around a twin hottest weeks in June, when even a environmental cover was struggling to keep a heat during an ambient 19°C to replicate a normal kitchen many of a year round. However, it generally clear itself good conflicting a severe figure of a corresponding model, as gripping high skinny chambers with a singular doorway cold is a lot trickier physically than normal block or rectilinear compartments.

The continue did meant that a cold H2O and ice dispenser came in unequivocally useful indeed. Both worked admirably, with a premonition of a limited-volume H2O container. You get a choice of rather dull ice cubes or dejected ice. As ever with dejected ice dispensers, design pieces of dejected ice to be jettisoned into a dispensers season tray and into a room as good as your glass.


We installed adult a Beko with 0.5kg of furnish per 10 litres of fridge space and 1kg of solidified food per 10 litres of freezer space including 2 litres of room heat H2O to copy fresh-to-frozen cooling. We indeed had to go selling to get adequate furnish to bucket a sweeping fridge compartment. During contrast a phrase, “I could live with this fridge”, was used, that is a good publicity to a refrigerator’s unsentimental storage solutions.

Despite a calm weather, a heat in a fridge remained remarkably unchanging if maybe a tiny aloft than ideal, given that we set a controls to 4°C. In fact, usually a midst shelf averaged 4°C, with a EverFresh+ drawer averaging 6°C and a bottom drawer 7°C. Unusually a tip shelf and bottom drawer averaged accurately a same 7°C.

These rather towering temperatures are substantially one or maybe 2°C aloft than positively ideal to keep your food in tiptop condition. Yet given a 30°C daytime temperatures during a time of testing, we’re going to cut a Beko some tardy on that one. Besides, if we have an interior fridge thermometer that suggests a same formula as us, only poke a controls down by a grade or two.


Temperature pitch around a compressor cycle was remarkably good for a corresponding indication that generally uncover whopping fluctuations as warmer atmosphere rises by a high compartment. No shelf or drawer sundry by some-more than 1° grade possibly side of average, with a EverFresh+ drawer in sold display unequivocally fast temperature.

We can’t criticism too many on how a airflow and steam control will change a longevity of fruit and vegetables stored in a EverFresh+ drawer yet gripping a heat this fast is always a good start. Certainly, during testing, some internal strawberries did final a best partial of 2 weeks in this cell – despite Jackie carrying to dob them with chilli oil to stop me eating them during a test.

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The Beko’s high freezer cell showed a conflicting trend to a fridge, in that many shelves and drawers run around 2° revoke than a -18° C heat set on a thermostat. The midst shelves and both drawers all averaged -20° C, +/- only 2° C around a compressor cycle. The tip shelf valid a tiny warmer during an normal of -17° C with a many wider pitch around a compressor cycle. This meant that a shelf heat bounced between -20° C and -12° C.

That energetic operation of pitch is not massively cryptic to solidified foods, unless a appetite happens to destroy when it is during a warmest partial of a cycle… Which is coincidently accurately when we ran a 3 hour appetite disaster test. As such a tip drawer heat went above 0° C after only 2 ½ hours and was scarcely 2° C by a time we switched appetite behind on.

The midst shelves fared improved nonetheless even they reached -7° C during a finish of a test. Both drawers remained next -10° C for a generation of a appetite outage. Other than a tip shelf a destroy exam formula are not too bad given a environmental cover was regulating during 23 to 24° C, as opposite to a common 19° C. Only a tip shelf is a genuine concern, so we would advise non-temperature vicious dishes be stored in a tip reaches of a Beko’s freezer in box of a appetite outage.


Beko ASGN542B – How many will it cost to run?

The Beko’s A+ rating is unequivocally good for this distance of appliance, quite corresponding models that are a trickiest figure to cool. Again, a Beko was adult conflicting prevalent continue conditions and a cover regulating during over 22° C during a day, so we were awaiting some aloft than expected appetite expenditure figures.

Which we didn’t get.

In fact, a ASGN542B incited in a truly excellent set a appetite formula given a continue and a fact that a ice dispenser got good used and we kept opening a doorway in hunt of strawberries. On average, over 2 weeks it was regulating around 0.8 kWh of electricity per day, that would proportion to absolutely underneath 300 kWh for a year. At an normal cost of 15p per kilowatt hour, that is underneath £45 per year in regulating costs.

Given a outrageous ability fridge space, unchanging heat fan cooling and built-in ice H2O dispenser, that is unusually good for a corresponding fridge freezer.

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Should we buy a BEKO ASGN542B?

Eye-catching style, outrageous fridge space, plumbed in or tank-fed ice/water dispenser and generally considerable technical tests make this great-looking corresponding fridge freezer a genuine leader from Beko. The icemaker does revoke freezer ability rather and a freezer’s tip shelf warmed rather fast in a power-cut, yet we simply can’t disagree with a ASGN542B’s style, fridge space and comparatively low regulating costs for a corresponding model.


One of a best corresponding fridge freezers we’ve tested, blending style, low regulating costs, good opening and winning features.

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